Grace Meets Charie In Her Plush Car. Legally Blind 9 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 22


The episode begins with Edward’s father saying you don’t have to sacrifice anything Grace, you don’t have to call off the engagement, Grace. I have eyes and I can see what is best for my son. What did I have seen that you have such a loving heart, and for that am sorry Grace. I know that you will be the perfect wife for Edward. Edward says thank you Pa, I really appreciate that. 

Grace is going to be a perfect wife, just like ma. Grace smiles and thanks Edward’s father. Grace’s mother and Edward’s mother come. Edward’s mother says so papa, start calling him paapaa. They all laugh. Edward’s father says I think I like that. His mom says enough of the drama, we have to start preparations soonest and don’t you worry Grace.

We will handle everything. First there have to be wedding coordinators, we have to call banks, and then a Church, solemn, beautiful Church, so what else do you want? Edward and Grace are having some moments together. Edward asks Grace, are you happy?

Now that you’ve seen my point. I absolutely love you and nothing is going to stop me from marrying you. She says thank you Edward. They put their heads together and have an eyelock. She says I love you Edward. They then lock lips. Wedding preparations begin. Their mates help them with preparations.

 They ask for the family picture of the bride and groom. They look into the picture and see Williams. They ask Edward who he is. And he says it’s Williams, his brother. The lady says but you never mentioned you had a brother. Edward says it’s a long story. Lady says condolences and Edward replies that he hasn’t passed away. 

Grace at home saying that she wished Charie was there with them. Nina says if Charie is not available, she will be the bridesmaid. Edward and her mother look through the family album. They mentioned Edward. Edward’s dad comes and says who did you mention? I have told you there won’t be any mention of that boy in this house. His wife says Anthony, we are preparing for the event and can’t we wish him here? Anthony says he is not part of this family anymore. The moment he decided to leave this house, so you stop mentioning his name then you guys stop thinking about him. 

Suddenly Williams enters and says I could here you guys talking about me. His mother runs to embrace him. His dad asks him out. But his mom tells him to calm down. Williams says this is how you greet your long lost son? Anthony says I said get out. His mom pleaded with him. Williams says he just came to see his mother, his brother and his father, for it’s been a long time. 

 Anthony says after all the pain you cause this family, you dare appear here? Williams says pa, you don’t have to rob it anymore. It was a mistake for me to do drügsss. I know your efforts and I wasted it all but I am sorry, I am so sorry. Anthony says you ruin my trust in you, you ruin every dream I had for you. Edward says look Pa, he is here, let’s give him a chance. Anthony leaves, Edward and Margaret hugs Williams. Grace’s mother is crying bitterly. Grace walks and asks what’s wrong. She was crying about the disappearance of Charie. 

Charie is seen getting out of her car into her apartment. It appears she is living a lavish lifestyle. Edward calls on Grace to check if she is safe. Then Grace was waiting for a car by the roadside. A car stops by her. It was Charie. She looks at Grace and remembers what she has been through because of Grace.

The slaps and how Joel ignored her. She gets down from her car and goes to Grace. She never said a word. Grace says miss, she never replies and touches her but she hits her hand. Grace senses it is Charie and mentions her name but she ignores her. Grace keeps calling but she goes into her car and goes. 

Edward tells Williams that am so glad you are back, he replies to me too. They sat. He says I just wished the circumstances were different. They had a talk together and had some drinks. Williams gave experiences of how he messed up with drügs but is now tired of everything. He says I met this girl and I need love. Edward says the same happened to me. Grace, she is the woman who has completely changed my life and you know what? Am marrying her. Williams says are you serious? He says congratulations to him. 

Grace returns home and tells her family of how she met Charie but she left before saying anything. That night Nina shows her text to a speech app that would aid Grace. Edward and Grace walk to a restaurant. Edward says Grace it’s Charie. Grace holds her. She caresses her face and hugs her…Read more