Legally Blind Episode 23: Tuesday Pt1, 9 August 2022


The episode begins with Grace very happy to see Charie and hugging her. She tells her how much they cannot stay without her, especially their mother. Grace then invites her to her engagement party where she can meet with their mother and everyone. Charie pays for her bills and leaves, Grace calls her but she doesn’t respond and goes. 

Grace is stunned.  Edward is shown some wedding arrangements and he chooses. Grace is sitting thinking when Edward goes to her and tells her to stop thinking a lot about Charie. He then tells her to remember they have an engagement party to attend so she should be happy. She smiles. 

Charie is at home, she remembers how her mother gets happy with Grace after excelling in her exams. Her mother says she wants her to be a prominent person in future, like Doctor and other great professions. Charie comes to her mother and tells her she also wants to be an engineer. But she tells her there is no money so they have to help Grace go to school first before she can also go. That’s where she gets angry and leaves and her hatred for Grace and her family begins.

Grace is in bed when she has a nightmare. In her dreams she was ready for her engagement. The man who is to be her groom(not Edward) forced her. She remembers how she was molested, she shouts and gets up from sleep. 

The next morning Grace comes to work but she was lost to herself. The files and books she was holding fell down. People come to her aid as well as Edward. He asks if she is okay? Grace tells Edward about the dream she had. Edward tells her not to worry, for it’s just a dream she had. Grace tells Edward she is scared that it might happen again. Edward assures her that nothing will happen. She is safe with him. He then tells her to take the day off, and rest, he will take care of all her duties for the day. They hug. 

The day for the engagement arrives. Friends and families show up at the event. Grace looks stunning in her outfit. Edward and other guests complimented her. Edward then asks her if she is okay and she says yes. Grace’s mistress also compliments her beauty and tells Edward to take care of her. Edward says alright guests, I guess it’s time for my speech. 

He began, “Family, friends in my life I have only really loved two women. The first as you may know is my mother, she is over there in pink, hi there mom. The second I don’t want to talk about, and the third of course is my, Grace, you are beautiful tonight”. Flashback shows the first moment they met, the second and how he tried to win Grace’s love, the moments they’ve had together, to the day he proposed to her.

He continues his speech, “God has odd ways of bringing people together, in this case, he turned a very unfortunate tragedy into and opportunity, when I saw Grace, and since then, we’ve never parted ways, I had also like to add that she is absolutely amazing person, even our own relationship has been tested and what did she do?

She stood firm. You see the most special thing about Grace is that she sees more than what our eyes see, Grace sees with the heart. I am getting a little bit curious so I would like to ask my future wife on stage. Every clap.  Nina helps Grace on stage. Edward held her and said Grace, every day I thank God for you. Grace holds the mic and also gets her speech on her journey with Edward. 

Everybody claps for her. Edward’s friend John says you are a lawyer and now you are getting married. He asks how the speech was. He says great. Williams also shows up and says what’s up baby bro? They hug. He says look at you, Edward also says look at you and jokes that you are late. He asks where she is. 

Edward shows her. Grace feels uneasy with the presence of Edward. She remembers the dream she had and pours drink on her clothes. Edward introduces Williams to Grace. Grace remembers what happened that awful night. Edward asks have we met before? Grace says no, I don’t think so. Grace shoves him away…Read more