Legally Blind episode 26: Monday Pt1, 15 August 2022


The episode begins with Grace putting on her bag and goes to Edward who was listening to her audio. They go downstairs together. He tells her not to worry about anyone. Williams comes to Grace and helps her pick her fallen object. As he mentions Grace’s name, she accidentally shoves him and Williams falls off the stairs. Grace goes downstairs and pleaded with Williams saying she is sorry. 

She shouts to Edward, Edward comes and Williams explains to him that it’s his fault, he tried to help Grace and she pushed him. Williams is taken to the hospital, doctor checks on him and then he gets discharged. Grace’s parents goes to the hospital thinking it was Grace who is hurt but informs them it’s Williams. 

Grace’s mom starts shouting on him. There Grace tells him it was her who pushed Williams downstairs. She feels embarrassed. Edward then tells them he will see to it that Williams get discharged, pay the bills and come back to get them. 

Grace then goes to Williams and says I just wanted to say sorry for all that happened these past days, it’s just that… Williams says that’s I am a bad guy? Grace says it’s not like that tho. As Williams was about to hold her, she objected.

 Cherry calls Williams and asks about trying to get close to Grace, he says sorry I just wanted to win her trust. He then hungs up. Williams then comes to Grace and asks if he has seen Edward, as he wanted to say goodbye. He sees Edward and says goodbye to him and thanks everyone for coming to see him. 

He sees them off. Charie sees Williams and calls him off, she nags. Williams says she should stop acting like a wife. She says sorry and says she can’t see him associate with them. He tells her to shut up and cooperate. Grace looks at the family album when her mother comes in, it’s just the usual Charie talk they had. At Anthony’s house, Edward brings Grace in.

Williams also comes when Anthony says what the hell are you doing here? Williams says you are welcome dad. He scolds him. Williams brings a gift to him and says dad, am just trying to gain your forgiveness, but if you can’t forgive me, maybe I should just stop it. He puts the box down and goes. Edward calls him but he goes. Edward says sorry to Grace. Grace then goes to Anthony to have a talk with him. 

Edward is looking into Sabrina’s case, he assures her once the evidence is built, they will then go to court. She sobs. Grace looks on and cries. Edward receives a call from Williams, he tells Grace that he’s received a call from Williams who is inviting them for dinner in his new restaurant. 

Grace was silent. She looks lost. Edward says Grace, she then comes back to herself. Edward asks what is occupying her mind. She tells him she is thinking about Sabrina, she asks Edward, what are her chances of winning? Edward says he’s not really sure but he will do everything in her power to help her. 

Charie sets the table. She asks if she is missing something. Williams says everything is perfect.