Legally Blind Episode 28: Tuesday, 28 August 2022 On Adom Tv


The episode begins with Grace and Edward speaking. Edward walks to her. Williams tells Edward he has something to discuss with him. Edward says he will talk to him but first she has to drop Grace off. He goes with Grace. Williams is drinking and drenched in thoughts. He mistakenly drops a plate in the kitchen. 

Cherry goes to him and asks if there is any problem? Williams ignores her and goes. Grace is with John, when Edward came with Sabrina who was still battling her case. Williams gets down from his car and ponders over what happened to Grace.  

The lawyer of Sabrina’s accused r@pist bashes Edward for trying to change Sabrina’s mind on taking another decision with her case, he argues that what happened between Grace and his client wasn’t r@pe but it was consensual s3ks. 

He lashes out at Edward saying he knows his track record and the person who is a real r@pe victim is his wife, Grace. He starts counting what occurred to Grace. Even though Edward asked him to stop, he kept hitting at that. Grace recalls and starts screaming. Williams was coming that way when he heard what was going on and left. Edward calls him but he goes. Williams gets into his car. He feels guilty about what he did to Grace. He starts cursing himself. 

Grace is crying. Edward says he feels like punching that lawyer in the face. Williams asks his friend a question about a guy who r@ped a girl and he wanted to get rid of her so he dumped the body but later this girl showed up… Grace in the house crying about what happened the day, they consoled her. The next day at work, Williams visits Grace and tells her he was there that day and heard everything.

He tells him he wants to help her with her case, Williams starts asking questions if she filed a case against the r@pist? He inquired if he also remembers the person who did that to her? And if she saw him?  Edward comes there. Williams says he just wanted to make sure Grace is fine after what happened that day, and now that he knows the truth, nothing changes, she is still his soon to be sister in law. Edward asks Grace to take the day off. 

Williams in his car when Charie calls and asks him why he is not yet back. He tells her she is in a meeting. She asks what kind of meeting it is, Williams shouts at her and says he is doing something important and hangs up.  He says Grace, are you pretending not to know me? He remembers what happened when he dropped Grace into his car to get rid of her. Grace was by the road side when John came there. He asks if she is fine, and she replies yes.