Legally Blind Episode 29: 17 August 2022, Wednesday On Adom Tv


“William continues to $talk Grace to find out if she suspects him while charie gets into another big fight with Grace”.

We begin tonight’s episode with William offering to drop Grace off so she can text her mom and he is doing it for his future sister in-law for¢ing her into his car, luckily Marissa arrives on time to get Grace out of the car so they both thank him as he leaves.

Marissa scolds Grace for getting into his car.
Marissa brings Grace to the therapy center and William arrives there too.

After the therapy Grace started feeling scared when a man approached them with a lovely gift basket, Marissa leaves Grace for a while to go make a phone call, in the packing lot her cellphone falls down and she begins to worry about Grace.

Grace leaves the therapy centre alone remembering the night she was rap£d while Marissa goes back to the spot she left Grace and since she isn’t there she begins to worry about her.

William follows the drops of flowers on the floor from the basket following Grace, he catches up with her holding her by the arm and a fearful Grace screams dropping the basket and starts to defend herself. Marissa also sees the flowers and runs to see Grace.

Grace continues to scream making a scene until William says it’s him so she calms down. Luckily Marissa arrives and is surprised to see William. William said he was just driving by and saw her and he knows where she is coming from since she is finding it hard to trust people and he doesn’t mean to be offensive but she is too paranoid and he only wants to be family to her because she is marrying her brother.
Grace then apologizes to him.

William said Grace can make it up to him by having dinner with him together with her mom so they accept his invitation.

At Dinner, William said he has been waiting to do this for long in order to get to know Grace well. Grace said she doesn’t want to judge neither does she want to be harmed that why she is on her toes so apologizes to him again.

William asked if she wants to talk about all her problems because he is all ears and he knows they have their issues with charie so he will help them even offering to bring them to his condo to meet charie and they thank him.

William brings Grace and Marissa home as Charie looked surprised to see them. when Marissa hugged her she stopped her asking what they were doing there. Charie asked if Grace is sulking up to William and the next thing that she will come up with is that William is stalking her and he is the one who a$sulted her as Grace cries remembering what happened to her as charie continues saying she is just playing the victim again .

Grace nearly atta¢ked charie but Marissa stops her and can’t believe why charie is been insensitive but charie said Marissa will defend Grace as always. Grace tells her to see reason and stop behaving the way she does.

William tells charie she owes her mom and sister an apology because she crossed the line but she refuses to apologize and leaves. Williams then apologized to them saying he will talk some sense into her. He then tells himself it is so good Grace doesn’t know it’s him.

Later in bed, William comforts charie in bed saying he had to win her family’s trust that’s why he brought them home. Charie asks if he likes Grace but he said no way and he doesn’t have to remind her why they are doing this and it can’t be successful when she is at loggerheads with her family so she has to reconnect with her family and help Grace recover so the plan should mean something to her since they are always partners.

At home, Grace and her family discuss how charie is behaving and how to make her see reason.

William and his friend visit the bar, he sees some girls and imagines one as Grace so starts admiring her and even approaches her and as they dance he tries to ki$s her calling her Grace but the lady tells him she is not Grace so he apologizes and leaves.

Marissa and Nina prepare food and tell Grace they are on their way to see Charie.

Edward arrives to take Grace to work. At work Edward talks to Grace to not worry because things will be better with charie so she should take it one step at a time and it’s good they now have William on their side and promises William is a good person.

Charie sets up the dinner table and William comes all dressed. Charie tells William that she is his girlfriend so asked who he is trying to impress all dressed up and William said her family is coming over so he has to look presentable since he is her boyfriend.

They arrived and it’s Nina and Marissa. Nina cries so much hugging charie and she is happy to see her sister too. William asks where Grace is and Marissa said she didn’t come and William looks unhappy.

Edward comforts a worried Grace who cries for her family.

The family dined with Charie and William. William asked what happened to Grace but Marissa doesn’t want to talk about it so William excused himself to his room and started crying saying Grace is playing games with him.

Williams calls up Grace with a strange number after Edward leaves her to attend to some issues. William didn’t say a word and is just happy hearing Grace’s voice while breathing heavily.

Marissa and Nina thank Charie for dinner and that they miss her but she said she is happy with William.

Grace hangs up after the caller didn’t say a word so begins to get flashbacks of how she was a$saulted so decided to call back but the number was switched off as William smiles.

Marissa begs charie to see reason because Grace is her sister and they are both her children but Charie asks them to go as she closes the door and her mom and sister cry outside.

Grace is bothered about the phone call earlier since the person was breathing as her rapi$t. She gets a call and panics out of fright…Read more