Legally Blind Episode 30: 18 August 2022, Thursday Pt1 On Adom Tv

“William offers Grace his help to catch the culprit and give her justice because he has the contacts”

Tonight’s Episode begins with Grace answering the call and it’s Edward who apologizes for keeping long at his business meeting.
William calls Edward to find out if Grace is in the office because he is in the area and wants to drop her off, Edward said he is in a meeting but Grace is in the office.

The rap£ victim whose case Edward is handling comes to the office to see Edward but meets Grace as they talk about what she is going through and Grace also tells her to trust Edward and she thanks Grace as she leaves.

Grace is left alone in the office, she calls someone to come pick her up but can’t get the strange caller out of her mind. William packs outside the firm. He enters the building staring at Grace.

He approached her and when she asked who is there William said it’s him and Grace asked what he is doing there and if he is there to see Edward but William said he is not there for Edward but Grace.

He asked if Grace was rap£d and she thinks he would rap£ her too. A scared Grace tells him to go but he holds Grace tight as she screems he said baby doll as Grace continues to screem breaking a flower vase.

Williams knocks her to the ground about to abu$e her again but Grace pier¢es him neck with a glass as he falls to the ground with blood oozing from his mouth and it turns out William was just dreaming. He gets a call from Charie and refuses to answer only thinking about Grace and asks himself if Grace is tormenting him and why he can’t get her out of his system.

Grace is informed that someone is waiting for her outside and William watches as she enters her car.

Nina consoles Marissa to not cry over charie as Grace arrives home. Later Grace asks Nina if Marissa is okay and she tells Grace that Marissa is crying because of Charie and Grace comforts Nina.

William joins charie in b£d and she is worried about him but he tells her there is nothing he can’t handle so she should sleep. Charie then receives a call from Grace and asks why she is disturbing her but William hearing that it’s Grace takes the phone from Charie asking how he can help Grace so she can come to the restaurant to talk to her sister. He then tells charie Grace will come talk to her at the restaurant.

The Next day, Grace visits Charie at the restaurant to talk to her. As they were talking Williams looks at Grace from afar.

Grace tries to talk some $ense into charie but she tells her she is wasting her time so she should leave and they can never be okay so she should stop fantasizing that they will ever be okay and she should show herself out as William follows Grace shocking Charie.

In the car, Grace cries over her fights with charie. William comes to her and apologizes for what happened between her and charie and everything will be okay while admiring her. He offers to wipe her tears but Grace pulls away, he also asks Grace if she wants to go somewhere because he is free but Grace says she is meeting Edward but thanks him for listening to her.

William tells charie he was just comforting her sister and Charie said he should be comforting her instead since she is his girlfriend and why does he care so much about Grace.

William tells her they have an agreement and she is supposed to be nice to her family and she should try harder because that’s what he is doing with his family and if she can’t do that then they should end the partnership. Charie said they are working on the plan together so she will try to be nice.

At a restaurant, Edward talks to Grace about charie and Grace believes she is still making charie feel unl*ved but Edward tells her is not true because regardless of what’s going on she has always cared about charie and Grace said like him and William.

Edward said the only difference with William was that he was doing dru9s but now he said he is clean and asked if Grace now trusts William since he was comforting her the last time and Grace said she guess so and Edward said he understands her and eventually it will happen but no pressure.

Grace and Diana talk about the tattoo of her attacker and if she can remember it then it will be of great help so Grace tries to remember that paiπful night but she doesn’t seem to remember the tattoo and Diana asks her if she remembers her atta¢ker but she couldn’t but Diana believes it’s progress and she will eventually remember.

William and his friend visit a bar, he tells William to get rid of the girl(Grace) but william doesn’t want to. Willam recognized a friend of his Marcos who has a similar tattoo as his and is very high on dru9s since he still has some dru9s on him William takes him to his car to sniff some but he is still haunted with what he did to Grace.

Grace and Edward visit a church and she tells him she was trying to remember her atta¢ker earlier but nothing came of it. Edward tells her to not worry because she wants to schedule their wedding and marry her as soon as possible.

A lady approached them and after reading Grace’s palm said danger is looming around her and Grace becomes scared as Edward takes her away.

In his car, William thinks about Grace, wakes his friend Marcos up to get out of his car but when he sees his tatoo he tells him it’s a nice tattoo.

William tells Grace he knows she is still thinking about what the lady said but there is nothing to worry about and Grace said that these few days she has been so scared. Edward said it’s because she keeps remembering what happened to her and how charie keeps robbing it in her face but he will always be there to support her.

In bed, Grace becomes restless after remembering her nightmares and everything that charie said to her. She then visits a church in the morning, William comes to the same church sitting behind Grace and watches as she leaves.

Grace asks if William is there and what he really wants from her and William said he just came to church so it’s a coincidence but Grace said the coincidence is becoming too much so asked if he is stalking because first it was the office, then the therapy center and now church so what does he want from her.

William said he just wants to help her and what he wants from her is information so he helps her get justice because he has the contacts but his family cannot know and he might have known who the ¢ulprit is so she will never sleep once the person is out there so she should let him protect her and Grace tells Edward already helping her but William insists.

Outside William tells himself he has laid the bait so waiting for Grace to accept it.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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