Legally Blind Episode 33: Tuesday Pt1, 23 August 2022 On Adom Tv

legally blind on adom tv

Tonight’s episode begins with Grace visiting Edward in his office at the Law Firm, Edward said he is just going over William’s contract and explains it further to her. Edward also tells Grace that William was doing dru9s two years ago, he also tells Grace about their upcoming double date he and her, William and charie, Nina and Marrisa and also his parents.

At home, Grace thinks of William’s words. Marissa asked if she had a problem but she said she is okay. After she leaves Grace continues to think about her encounters with William.

In the office, Grace continues to think about what William told her when the rap£ victim sobrina whosr case Edward is handling comes crying. She takes him to Edward’s office as she cries venting out her grievances after Edward leaves to get her a glass of water so she calms down. Sobrina then picks a pair of scissors in Edward’s office almost $tabbing herself but Edward comes on time to stop her as she tells Grace she just doesn’t know how to live after what happened to her so Grace comforts her and she finally drops the scissors.

Nina and Marissa bring Grace to Edward’s house after they leave to greet Anton, Edward ask if Grace is still thinking about Sobrina and tells her not to worry because he will make sure she doesn’t try commiting suicide again.

William arrives with Charie, Grace tells him she has come up with a decision and accepts his help to find the culprit. Charie interrupted them asking what they were discussing and William said he was telling Grace it’s time to eat. After Grace leaves William tells charie to be nice to her family and not brat out in front of his family because Grace is always nice.

At the dinner, charie tries to be nice to Marissa by dishing her food for her. Anton asked if they are okay now and charie said they are still in the process of fixing things because William told her to give people a second chance. Edward said it’s good to know so Grace asked charie if she can be her maid of honor which she accepts.

After Dinner, Anton thanks Marissa for coming. Marissa thanks charie for giving them a chance and even invites her home but charie said she will be busy at the restaurant. William seeing this from afar approaches them saying charie will come so Marissa thanks him.

Grace talks to charie too thanking her for giving them a second chance and she is proud of her and Charie said she will try but just to be clear she is doing it for herself and not for Grace but she still thanks Charie.

Grace is on her way to work when William calls to ask if they can meet around 7pm in the evening which she accepts, he also tells him to not tell anyone. All this while Williams was standing outside staring at her and after the call he tells himself “see you later baby doll”.

At the eatery, Grace tells Edward she will go somewhere after office hours. John comes there playing a recording of one of the cases he is handling. Edward then tells Grace that trust is the foundation of every relationship and she looks uncomfortable for not telling him about William’s help.

Grace meets William at church and doesn’t like lying to Edward but William tells her not to worry about Edward and he wants to know every detail so Grace tells him everything that happened to her that night as flashbacks are shown. Grace also tells him his rapi$t keeps saying baby doll while abusiπg her as she cries and William tries to comfort her by leaning on her and smelling her hair but held himself back…Read more