Legally Blind Episode 34: Tuesday Pt2, 23 August 2022 On Adom Tv

legally blind on adom tv

Outside the church he asked Grace if she remembers her atta¢ker but she said no because baby doll is all she remembers. The lady who read her palm earlier approached them and gave Grace a necklace for protection putting it around her neck telling her to never take it off as William looks at the lady.

Charie calls someone to find out if William is there but she is informed he is not she then calls William who hangs up on her saying he is busy.

William visits his friend Marcos who is still high on dru9s. William tells him about what he did to Grace making him say her name as her records it.

At home, Marissa tells Grace the necklace is indeed for protection to prevent bad luck as they pray together as a family.

William joins charie in bed drunk. Later when Charie sees him fast asleep she checks his phone and sees that he has been calling and texting her Grace.

In the morning, Charie visits Edward’s office to tell him Grace and William are having an affair but Edward said he doesn’t believe it so she should never say things against her sister like that. Charie then asks him where Grace is now and Edward said she is in church and charie said she saw text messages of them meeting there but Edward doesn’t believe it’s enough reason to say they are having an affair because he trusts Grace and charie asked why she is keeping it a secret that they have been meeting.

William records his conversation with Marcus and plays it to Grace asking if she recognized the voice and if he is the one. Grace becomes frightened so William asks her to calm down because he is there to comfort her holding her arms.

Charie arrives there with Edward and seeing the scene charie begins to atta¢k Grace until Edward stops her from hurting Grace and tells Grace he believes her and takes her away.

William holds charie to stop her from fighting with Grace but when Edward leaves with Grace he theh leaves charie and runs after them.
He catches up with them and starts apologizing to Grace and Edward for what happened. Charie arrives there asking why he is apologizing to her and starts insulting Grace for going after her boyfriend telling Edward to check his girlfriend.

William tells her to stop it because he is just helping Grace uncover her rapi$t shocking Edward as he played the recording. Edward said unbelievable and asked Grace why she didn’t tell him and she apologized saying William said he has the contacts.

Edward tells them he still can’t believe it and asks William apart from the recording what other evidence he has and William said the one in the recording has a s£xual hara$sment case pending. Edward tells him that the recording alone isn’t enough so it will be better if they have a witness in the bar that saw the man abu$ing Grace and William said he is the witness because he knows Marcus and saw him with Grace at the parking lot that’s why she looks familiar to him.

Edward tells him he has been handling Grace’s case all this while so why didn’t he tell him and William said he wanted to be sure and Edward just can’t believe it asking if he is willing to be a witness and William said he made a promise to Grace so he intends to keep it.

William,Edward and Grace visit the police station to report Marcos. The inspector tells them civilians can’t be present when Marcus is arrested so William promises they will get him.

Grace, Marissa and Charlie all wait home for news. Marissa finds it strange that William knows her Grace’s atta¢ker but Charie defends William.

The police arrive at Marcus house accompanied by William and Edward. William tells Edward they should go back to the car and wait for the police.

Marcus exited through the back door and tried to hold Edward at guπ point telling him to get down from the car but he was shot and arrested by the police as William rushes to ask Edward if he is okay…Read more