Legally Blind Episode 36: Wednesday Pt2, 24 August 2022 On Adom Tv

While having Dinner Marissa tells Grace to trust Edward but they all can’t believe Joel is defending Marcus.

Joel goes to talk to Diana at a restaurant about Grace explaining to her he didn’t have a choice but to defend Marcus but there is no evidence against him.

Marcus can’t seem to get the things Grace said to him out of his mind and also what William told him that he was the one who rap£d so he atta¢ked the police officers transporting him and escaped.

Marcus arrives home and calls up Joel. He then goes online to check Grace’s profile.

Grace visits the church to pray for justice and the lady who gave Grace the necklace meets her in church again and she thanks her for the necklace. She then tells Grace to be careful.

William and Charie watch the news of Marcus escape on the news while cooking and charie fears he will take r£venge on William.

Edward looks for evidence against Marcus when he sees the news about his escape from jail and worries about Grace’s safety.

Grace arrives at the office and we see Marcus also lurking around. A worried Edward calls Grace repeatedly to warn her about Marcos but she left her phone in the car so couldn’t pick up his calls.

Grace goes to the parking lot to get her phone from the car when Marcus arrives there looking at her. Edward calls up John to check up on Grace, he tells Edward her things are there but she is not there and Edward tells him to keep an eye out for Grace because of Marcus and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her.

Grace begins screaming knowing Marcus is behind her but he ¢overs her move and pushes her to the side making the necklace that the woman gave her fall down.

Marissa also worries about Grace after a plate breaks so tells Nina to call and check up on Grace because she might be in danger.
Marcus tells Grace not to scream and listen to him but she continues to scream until she calms down. Marcus tells her he didn’t rap£ her but before he could talk further and tell her who did a man on a motorcycle $hoots him as Grace shouts for help.

Edward arrives and a fearful Grace narrates everything to her but nobody seems to have seen the shooter and it turns out it non other than William.The police arrive to handle the situation.

William arrives home and charie asks where he has been but he shouts at her and then apologizes.

The police tell Edward and Grace that Marcus is comatose and Grace tells Edward she has a feeling that Marcus didn’t rap£ her.

Under the shower, William reminsces how he visited Marcus house to finish him off but he wasn’t home so he went through his laptop and saw Grace profile so connected the dots and $hot him at the law firm telling himself it’s the right thing to prevent him from telling Grace the truth…Read more

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