Legally Blind Episode 37: Thursday Pt1, 25 August 2022 On Adom Tv

“Edward believes Marcus might be innocent so decides to investigate further while William resorts to weak tactics to make him stop the investigations”.

We begin tonight’s episode with Grace telling Edward that Marcus wanted to tell her something and Edward tells her they won’t stop until the truth is revealed.

William calls up Edward to check up on him and Grace and pretentiously asks how Marcus was k!lled but Edward tells him Marcus is not dead but he is in coma giving him the name of the hospital as William turns surprised hanging up. After the call he can’t believe why Marcos is still alive.

At home, Grace tells Marissa what happened and she just can’t believe it. Grace also tells her Marcus is at the hospital.

William arrived at the hospital to finish off a comatose Marcus while remembering how he $hot him earlier and can’t believe he is still alive and will do everything to prevent him from telling Grace he is her r@pist.

Unfortunately for William police officers are in front of Marcus room. He sees Edward coming out from Marcus home and Edward asks William what he is doing there. He said to visit Marcus but Edward said it’s only the immediate family that can for now.

Edward also asked William how close he is with Marcus because he wanted to tell Grace something important but William said Marcus is just a desperate man and will lie to save himself. However Edward said they have a feeling he didn’t rap£ Grace because all the events seem strange shocking William.
Edward tells him they will investigate Marcus and find out everything about him.

In bed,William can’t get what Edward said out of his mind so he started drinking. Charie asked if he had a problem and William said Marcus is a lying criminal but Edward is believing him so she should become close and sympathetic towards Grace and her family to convince her Marcus is the r@pist and if it’s possible she should manipulate Grace to believe that Marcus is the r@pist.

In bed, Grace remembers Marcus words and begins to cry as Nina tries to comfort her.

Grace meets up with Diana at a cafe, they overheard the guy who abu$ed sobrina so he exchanges words Grace. Grace tells him he deserves to rot in jail for taking advantage of an innocent girl as Diana tries to calm her down.

In the office, Diana tells her she needs to calm down but Grace can’t seem to see people abu$ed. She also tells Diana that Marcus said he didn’t rap£ her shocking Diana.

Grace goes to see Marcus at the hospital, remembering that night all over again and begins to cry asking him to wake up.
Charie comes to the hospital to see Grace.
Grace remembering everything that happened to her tried to cut off Marcus oxygen supply when charie entered and she apologized for what she is about to do because of all the pain she has been through.

Charie remembering what william told her to manipulate Grace so started comforting Grace telling her to let the law take care of Marcus and she shouldn’t do anything in rush because after all the pain she has been through she chose to move on so she can too and they are in it together as Grace thanked her…Read more

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