Legally Blind Episode 38: Thursday Pt2, 25 August 2022 On Adom Tv

Charie comes home with Grace. Marissa and Nina are happy to see them together and thank charie for caring for Grace. Grace also thanks her for being there for her earlier.

William arrives at the firm to take Edward out for lunch but he said he has to go do some in investigations about Marcus so William asks for the details and Edward tells him he feels Marcus is innocent so what if he didn’t rap£ Grace so he is gathering evidence and William tells him to be careful.

Willam continues to think about Edward’s words about Marcus being innocent when Charie comes to tell him she has made up with Grace but he seems off so Charie asks if he has a problem but he said he has no problem and he is just watching TV.

At home Marissa and Nina watch TV and she worries about Grace but Nina tells her to relax.
Edward and Grace are confronted by a man over Marcus. After he left, Edward tells her not to worry because he is investigating Marcus

At work, Grace thinks about Edward’s words when Willam appears admiring her and remembering what he did to her that night.
Grace dropped a document and William helped her pick it up trying to hold her hands in the process but Grace breaks free.

William said he is sorry for interrupting her because Charie wanted to invite her for dinner.
Edward appears and Grace rushed into his arms so Edward asked what the problem was and William said he came to tell them that charie has invited them for dinner and it’s a double date which Edward agrees.

At dinner, Charie tells Willam that she will try to talk to Edward to convince their parents to give him the family business and he will talk to Grace.

Grace and Edward arrive at the restaurant for dinner and Edward asks if she is okay since she is off but tells her not to worry about Marcus because everything is under control.

When Edward leaves to receive an important call, charie also pretends she is going to use the bathroom so it’s left with Grace and William at the table.

William goes to sit close to Grace asking how everything is going especially with Edward, Marcus and the investigations. Grace tells her they are still investigating Marcus.

Charie meets up with Edward on the staircase telling him that William has been feeling bad and thinks he is such a failure so she is begging him to talk to his parents to give him a chance. Edward tells her he can’t do much because at the end of the day William still needs to prove his worth to be able to run the business since that’s their dad’s legacy.

Grace tells William someone threatened them last night and William said the threats are real because Marcus is connected to gangstars and they can murd£r her. Grace said she will talk to Edward and William said they are criminals but if he was her boyfriend he would not waste his time on the low life criminals or leave his side as Grace looks scared.

Charie and Edward are back to the table and Grace says she wants to leave so Edward asks what William told her and charie asks if he is accusing William. William said he was just talking to Grace about the investigations, Grace tells Edward that William has done nothing wrong but she wants to go. Charie and William leave too.

Edward tells Grace to talk to him because he knows she is upset about something before she could speak William comes rushing apologizing for saying anything that upset her because they talked about Marcus and how much danger their lives are in because of Edward’s investigations so he need to stop what he is doing to protect his girlfriend because he is making a mistake but Edward disagrees so William hold him by the neck.

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