Legally Blind Episode 40: Monday Pt2, 29 August 2022 On Adom Tv

Later, Edward teaches Grace how to get used to the house as William looks at them.
Grace becomes frightened after hearing a noise and Edward assures she is safe with him.

Grace remembers the night she was abu$ed and tells Edward how helpless she felt that night, Edward tells her he is always there for her and even if she is stuck in a nightmare he still l*ves her and will be always there for her in the darkest corners and uncertainties of life forever so she should believe that as they ki$$ William sees them from afar telling himself he won’t allow it.

Edward guides Grace around the house and Marissa thanks him. William chips in that he is also there to protect them. After Edward leaves, William tells Grace to be safe as he leaves too.

Marissa and her girls clean their photo frames and bond. Grace tells them to trust Edward.
The Next day, Grace tells Marissa she is going to work when Edward arrives to get her. Grace receives a phone call from someone thr£atening her as they all listen to the call. Edward calls back the number but it isn’t going through and they all get scared.

However, Edward tells them to not worry because he will increase the security detail in the subdivision and also he will look into the number who called Grace.

William visits his parents house and $teals the spare key to Edward’s townhouse that Grace and her family are staying. His parents see him and Stella is happy he came to visit. William tells his parents that Grace’s family is staying at Edward’s house and Stella said she hopes they are okay now.

Anton said Edward is just been a man and wants to protect Grace but William said he is not sure Edward can protect Grace and her family since they are in real danger and can’t believe Edward didn’t tell them the whole story because the suspect is part of a criminal group and they are thr£atening Grace’s family.

Edward calls and Grace tells him she has some deliveries but will be safe. Grace noticed the main door opening and gets scared asking who it is and William said it’s him. Grace asked how he opened the door and he said he has spare keys to keep them safe and check on them.

William then asked where Edward is and Grace said he is gone to work. William gets closer to Grace but she pulls away telling him to protect charie rather. Marissa and Nina arrive and she is surprised to see William there so asked why he is there and he said to check on them as he leaves.

At home, William can’t get over the ki$$ he witnessed between William and Grace earlier and also how Grace keeps preventing him from getting close to her. Charie asks William if he has a problem but he can’t understand how Edward is better than him and Charie suggests he should just help out Edward then.

Grace uses her laptop while thinking of William’s words regarding Marcus. Someone opens the door and she shouts asking who it is but Edward said he is the one and Grace said she is just worried but Edward assures her everything will be alright and she is safe there.

They take a walk in the garden and Grace thanks him for always being by her side, Edward assures her she has a very special place in his heart…Read more

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