Legally Blind Episode 41: Tuesday Pt1, 30 August 2022 On Adom Tv

“Edward is kidπapped and Willam sees it as an opportunity to get close to Grace and his parents”.

Tonight’s episode begins with Grace and Edward still in the garden, Edward assures her that soon everything will be okay. He calls someone to deliver something to Grace and tells Grace it’s a surprise.

Edward takes Grace home after she enters the house he receives a call from an anonymous person saying he has information about Marcus r@ping Grace so Edward rushes there.

When Edward arrives the man excuses himself for a while and Edward calls Grace to tell her that he just received information about Marcus and someone else is behind what’s going on and he tells Grace he is safe. As they keep talking on the phone another man hits Edward from the back and he becomes unconscious as Grace calls out his name but he is not answering and she becomes worried.

William arrives right there and Grace tells him she was talking to Edward but the line gets disconnected, Grace tells him to do something to help Edward.

William takes Grace to his parents and she tells them Edward left to meet an informant. William said he told Edward to be careful with the investigations of Marcus. Anton said whoever is behind these won’t get away with it.
William tells them he wants to take Grace to the police station to make a report so they should keep the phone lines open and he promises them he will find Edward as Grace keeps crying.

William brings Grace to the police station to make a report on Edward missing. William tells Grace to hold herself together.

Edward wakes up a room all tied up and it turns out he has been kidπapped by three men who beat and tear off his shirt.

William and Grace are still at the police station waiting for news, as Grace keeps crying and worried about Edward William tries to pull her in to get close with him but Grace resists and he assures her they will find Edward. Willam can’t help but keep admiring a crying Grace.

William brings Grace home and asked if Grace is sure she is okay and she said she is just worried about Edward and William said he can understand what she is going through but promised her he will do everything to find his brother and he will protect her so she shouldn’t cry since it breaks his heart to see her cry.

Grace and her family are so worried Edward has been kidπapped by criminals and Grace can’t help but worry about him, Marrisa assures her they will find Edward.

William tells Charie that Edward has been kidπapped by Marcus men and charie fears her family is not safe but William tells her he will protect her family.

Grace received a package from Edward a necklace with a cage of birds and a voice recording as a gift she becomes sad remembering Edward’s words and afraid he is missing but Nina tells her not to worry because they will find Edward.

Edward is being tortur£d by those who kidπapped him. Charie visits William’s parents and serves Stella some tea saying she knows how stressed she has been over Edward.
Stella receives a text message and when charie reads the text for her it’s from Marcus’s friends and Stella asks who Marcus is. Charie said it is the r@pist of Grace so Stella gets angry that Edward is in danger because of his girlfriend.

Charie arrives at Grace’s house with Stella she calls up William to inform her that Stella is very angry and she has come to Grace’s house so he should hurry and come…Read more

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