Legally Blind Episode 42: Tuesday Pt2, 30 August 2022 On Adom Tv

Grace asks Stella if there is an update on Edward and Stella said she is there to update her if she really wants an update and that’s a criminal texted them that they have Edward. and also their family has been good to her Grace but her son’s life is in danger because of her and she should be the one suffering and why does it have to be Edward. Marissa interrupts saying Grace hasn’t done anything wrong so she should stop accusing her.

Edward is tortur£d and beaten up badly by the g0ons but his l*ve for Grace keeps holding him alive.

Marissa tells Stella her daughter is only a victim and hasn’t done anything wrong but Stella said none of this would have happened if Edward hadn’t met Grace and she regrets ever accepting her as part of her family.

William arrives and tells Stella to stop because she knows she is upset and they all are but she should calm down because he will find Edward. Stella said she has made her point clear if anything bad happens to Edward it will be on Grace’s hands and she should stay away from her family as she leaves with Charie and William looks at Grace.

Later, Marissa talks to Grace about Edward and hopes they find him and William tells them to not worry because he has everything under control.

The guy watching over Edward gets drunk and breaks a bottle so Edward uses the broken piece to try and untie himself.

Grace dreams about Edward arriving home but he begins coughing blood and collapses in her arms. She starts screaming so Nina comes to calm her down and she tells her about her nightmare of Edward.

Edward tries to untie himself when another guy catches him as they begin to fight and all the men join in to badly b£at and tie him up again.

William dresses up and tells charie that he will make everyone believe him, his dad, mum and even Grace.

Grace senses someone’s presence in the house and asks who it is and it turns out to be William. Grace said she thought it was Edward.
Luckily, Nina arrives and sees that one of the birds in the cage that Edward gave Grace is dead.

Grace worries about Edwards safety and tells William they should hire a private investigator to find Edward and William said of course.

William and Charie bring Grace home and William said he will go to the police station but Grace decides to go with and be directly involved in finding Edward. He helps Grace into the car and smiles wickedly with Charie as she is left behind so William goes with Grace.

In the car, William admires Grace and smiles.
They arrive at the police station and the police tell them they haven’t found any information yet. Grace loses her cool and willam tells her to relax because he is also worried but he has to be strong for her.

Grace tells William they should just hire a private investigator to find Edward since it will be faster and he said okay.
Later they visit a private investigator together and he tells Grace to be strong because they will find Edward. William asks if she is sure about what she is doing and Grace tells him they need to find possible options.

Grace holds her necklace telling herself they will find Edward, Grace mistakenly drops her necklace and walking staff, William seeing that the necklace is a symbol of their l*ve (Edward & Grace) gives her back the staff and keeps the necklace.

William then brings Grace to his parents, his parents ask if there is a lead on Edward and he said they are working on it. They receive a call from the kidπappers Stella tells them to not touch her son because they will do anything they want.They put Edward on the line to speak to his family and Edward does as he worries about Grace.

Anton gets a heart attack from all that’s going on so Stella tells William they should rush him to the hospital as everyone worries…Read more

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