Legally Blind Episode 45: Thursday Pt1, 1 September 2022 On Adom Tv

“William plants CCTV cameras all over the townhouse including Grace’s bathroom to monitor her while Cherie becomes jealous seeing Grace and William together”

William arrives at the kidπap location and tells the men to pretend to be calling Grace so Edward speaks to her, When Edward calls out Grace’s name there is no one on the line and he tells them to not hurt Grace. William watches as his brother is badly b£aten. He joins in and puπches Edward making him lose consciousness.

William arrives at the townhouse and asks a crying Marissa what’s going on, she says it’s Manuel’s death anniversary and William asks if they want a wake because he will handle it.

William decides to take Marissa and Nina out and Grace is left in the house all alone.
On a rainy night while in bed Grace hears Edward’s voice calling her repeatedly so she goes to check in the rain if it’s really Edward and all this William was hiding in the bushes around and playing Edward’s voice recording repeatedly.

Marissa and Nina are on their way home and they wonder why Willam never came to pick them up after they are done with their errands so Marissa begins to worry about Grace.

It turns out William intentionally took that video of Edward with him mentioning Grace’s name repeatedly. He then tells himself that he told Grace she will be his.

In the rain, William played another voice of Edward and when Grace turned thinking Edward is behind her she falls into William’s arms but pulls herself away when she finds out it’s willian telling him she just heard Edward’s voice and William said he is not there.

Willam’s evil plans are foiled when Marissa and Nina come home and Grace rushes to go speak to them. William tries to stop her but she leaves anyway to tell Marissa she heard Edwards voice but William said Edward is not there because if it was him he would have said something.

Marissa asked William why he didn’t come to pick them up and he said he was in the office and got held up so he is sorry. He also said he jumped over the wall into the house because he heard Grace scream and he immediately wanted to help her and tells Grace it’s not Edward but just a voice in her head.

Grace however insists she heard Edward’s voice but Marissa said she should listen to William because it’s not him. A crying Grace continues to say it’s Edward as Marissa hugs her and William smiles.

Grace goes to take a shower and feels someone is watching her so quickly leaves the bathroom, same time Marissa searches for William all over the house but he is nowhere to be found.

Cherie wakes up from her sleep and notices William is not home yet so begins to look for him.

Marissa sees William coming out of the storage room and asks what he is doing there and he said he just wanted to check on things so he is going home. Marissa thanks him and he tells her he will do anything for Grace and Marissa looks at him suspiciously.
At Breakfast, Marissa and her daughters discuss William and Grace still feels there is something off about William.

Cherie and William go to see his parents and Cherie demands from William to tell her everything because he is his partner. William said there are a lot of problems and since he is the manager he has to fix things. Cherie asked if he is working or stalking Grace and William said she is being paranoid so she should stop it.

Anton is bedridden so Stella takes care of him, Stella is happy to see Cherie and William, she asks William where Edward is and if he has found him. Willam said he is doing everything he can but Stella said it’s not enough.

William goes near a sick Anton and when he asks about Edward he said there are no leads yet. Stella said he should make it a priority and bring Edward home. William tells her to trust in him and not mention Edward in front of Anton.
Cherie also tells her to trust William since he is doing everything to find Edward.

Grace found out some device has been connected in their house and asked Marissa about it and she said William said it’s from the electrical company…Read more

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