Legally Blind Episode 46: Monday Pt1, 5 September 2022 On Adom Tv

Grace called up William to find out if he has any information about Edward and he said the police haven’t updated them so she should calm down and she tells him to check with their private investigator too.

Cherie noticed William was talking to Grace and almost started another fight but William tells her to worry about getting close to his parents instead of fighting. It turns out it’s a cctv room with cameras planted all around.

Nina was trying to open the storage room when Grace arrives and sees her. William arrives too ringing the doorbell so Grace tells Nina to go open the door as she enters the storage room all by herself.

Nina opens the door for Williams and he said he is there to see Grace. Willam sees the storage room opened and wondered if someone found out his game, he then goes inside and sees Grace there asking what she is doing inside there and Grace said she doesn’t mean to be intrusive but this past few days have been tough so she just wants to search everything which angers and William. He tells her it’s nothing that concerns her but she is free to look around holding her hands to feel the things around her saying it’s just personal things and documents.

Grace pulls her hands and apologizes. After William escorted Grace out he breathed a sigh of relief telling himself that it was close while going to the screen to monitor the CCTV.

William watched the CCTV as Grace undressed herself in the bathroom. It turns out the night of the electrical explosion he planted the cameras all around the house including her bathroom.

As William is enjoying the view, Cherie calls repeatedly but he ignores the call. When he sees Grace coming down from the stairs he pretends to be seriously talking to the private investigator. Grace takes the phone and asks the investigator if he has located Edward but he said there is no information so Grace almost loses her cool and William takes the phone telling her to calm down and try to be patient.

William hugs a crying Grace when Cherie arrives, she gets angry and attacks Grace saying that who would have thought she will be depending on her boyfriend because she used to be the saviour of their family but now she is just helpless.

She starts insulting Grace and William tells her to stop it. Marissa and Nina hear their voices from outside and go to check on them as they all tell Cherie to stop it so she leaves.

William follows Cherie outside, asking why she did that and Cherie said she knows what she saw because he is just spending so much time with Grace and he is always checking in on them. William tries to explain to her the reason he is spending time with them is to manipulate them so they don’t suspect they are taking advantage of the situation and she knows how she persuaded his mom into giving him the company and they have to play their cards well because once Edward comes they will get nothing so asked if that’s what she wants.

Grace talks to Marissa about Cherie and how her anger steamed from losing Joel’s l*ve. The door bell rang when Nina opened the door It was Diana. Grace tells Marissa that they are going to the NDA about Edward when Diana tells her someone wants to help too and it’s Joel as everyone looks shocked.

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