Legally Blind On Adom Tv Full Story Plot and Cast

legally blind on adom tv

Legally Bling On Adom Tv. On 18 July 2022, Adom Tv debuts its newest gripping series from GMA Network, Legally Blind. Its premise sheds light on relatable matters that are true to life particularly women who are victims of rape, the effects of drug abuse, pressures and rivalries within a household, but more importantly on unconditional love that binds families together and the indisputable resiliency of Filipinos amidst life’s challenges.

Legally Blind On Adom Tv Story Summary

The story revolves around the life of Grace Evangelista (Janine Gutierrez), a beautiful, hardworking, and responsible law student who eventually passes the board exam with flying colours. In a dreadful turn of events, she becomes a rape victim of an unknown culprit, scarring her forever when the distress and trauma causes her to lose her sense of sight. In spite of everything, she pursues her passion for law and eventually becomes a blind lawyer. 

Will her unwavering faith guide her in finding her perpetrator? More importantly, will Grace be served justice she rightfully deserves?

This drama series showcases Kapuso leading lady Janine Gutierrez’s skill and versatility as an actress, as she breathes life to the character of Grace Evangelista, her most challenging role to date.

Joining her in the series are multi-talented artists.

Mikael Daez is Edward Villareal, the handsome, rich, and principled man who will help Grace in her search for justice and will eventually fall in love with her.

Lauren Young is Charie Evangelista, the younger sister of Grace who is deeply envious of her. She is forced to quit school after her parents decided to invest their money on Grace’s law school fees.

Marc Abaya is William Villareal, the older brother of Edward. He is a successful businessman and married with a child on the way. However, he is easily tempted by his circle of friends.

Rodjun Cruz is Joel Apostol, Grace’s old love and boyfriend from law school. He will try to win back Grace’s heart again.

Completing the cast are Chanda Romero as Marissa Evangelista, the loving mother of Grace, Charie, and Nina who is forced to rely on Grace to be the breadwinner of the family when her husband becomes imprisoned. Therese Malvar as Nina Evangelista, the youngest sibling of Grace and a thoughtful, compassionate bundle of joy who looks up to Grace and keeps her motivated in life. Lucho Ayala as John Castillo, the best friend and confidante of Edward who is also his partner in the law firm. Ashley Rivera as Diana Perez, the cheerful lawyer best friend of Grace. Camille Torres as Elizabeth Guevarra, the career-driven ex-girlfriend of Edward.

Legally Blind: The Story

Grace is a promising law student who wants to clear her father’s name. However, on the night she and her boyfriend Joel celebrate their passing the bar exams someone spikes Grace’s drink. When Grace wakes up, she realizes that she is being raped. She manages to free herself from her assailant.

However, she accidentally crashes into a glass panel which permanently blinds her. In his jail cell, Grace’s father dies of cardiac arrest. Grace is devastated upon learning of her father’s sudden death. She goes into depression.

Soon after, she meets Edward, a kind lawyer who helps her investigate her kidnapping and rape. He stays by her through thick and thin, and eventually they fall in love and get engaged. However, as Edward uncovers the rapist’s identity, he discovers that it is his brother, William. Torn between his love for his fiancé and his brother, whose side will Edward take?

Source: GMA Network