Light Of Love 1 February 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 11


The episode started with Pallavi gets calling for Mansi to come home quickly as Rahul’s family has organised Satyanarayan Pooja, Pallavi said she can’t, Sharda said Krishna will look after the shop, Mansi said if you don’t go, even we won’t, Pallavi said the last time you made me swear on you, now it’s your turn so go and Sharda said okay. Pallavi said oh God, Mansi left what will I do now, let me ask Ragini

Farad told Raghav that Amma is having dehydration and is puking a lot, she is suffering from food poisoning and if she doesn’t stop puking she might need to go to the hospital, I got medicine but she isn’t taking it, Raghav went inside and said Lemon water won’t help, have glucose and gave it to her.

Amma pushed it away and said Kirti ask him to leave, Raghav said I won’t leave my Amma in this state and go, scold me later but now please come with me, when you get better go where ever you want to, Amma said I will never come to that house, Raghav said she never listens, Kirti you please tell her, after she is fine you can go, Kirti said Amma, Raghav is right it’s all for your health.

Raghav said I am not a bad person please agree. Amma said okay but on one condition prove you are not a bad man, every day I hear something bad about you and i feel ashamed that I gave birth to you, for 2 days I want to hear nothing about you and then I will come and if you lose I will never see your face and Raghav said agreed.

Ragini told Pallavi that her mother in law is unwell, Pallavi thinks, how will she manage. Milind, Amruta, Sulochana were in a car, Milind said why did Dada Vahini go in an auto even Mansi went with them, it’s all because of your ego, Sulochana said okay then come lets go with him. Sulochana saw Pallavi buying lot of vegetables, Sulochana said you guys go ahead I forgot the gifts for Rahul’s family, she pulled Amruta out and asked Milind to go ahead.
Amruta and Sulochana followed Pallavi and heard Pallavi talk on a call about food and old age home, Sulochana said oh new way to earn money but I won’t let her.

Raghav was very excited said there will be tulsi outside the home and daily rangoli and this will be Amma’s room and off white room, fresh flowers come lets go, Farhad said you look so good smiling keep smiling, Raghav said even I want to.

Pallavi reached home and started cooking but found the gas is finished and she asked people for extra cylinder, she thinks, was Krishna right for my sake, did I spoil their function.
(Sulochana and Amruta went home from the back window and placed on the gas and finished both.).
Sulochana and Amruta looked at Pallavi say let’s go home, Rahul’s family might be waiting.
Pallavi said think something Pallavi, she found an old Chula, she asked for some woods around and market for wooden logs to burn, Pallavi by mistake dashed into a man and saw him carrying lot of boxes and asked him to give it to her.

Raghav asked Farhad is everything fine with Amma, Farhad said yes, I am hiding and keeping an eye on her and showed him Amma and Kirti through a video call, Raghav saw Kirti trying to feed Amma phirni, Raghav said I loved phirni, Amma used to make some for me on my birthday.

Farhad said Amma is coming to our house and he hanged up call, Raghav called back and asked why did you disconnect the call, Farhad showed him Amma looking at them, Amma said I haven’t forgiven you, I am coming for kirti because she is worried about me, she thinks I will do better there and this Phirni I make it for my own people or guest, you are nothing to me.

Raghav said Amma you said yes that is fine for me because once you come you won’t go, I miss you Amma.

Pallavi burnt chula and started cooking and the made food ready, Sulochana and the others walked in, Sharda asked what all is this.

Precap: Amruta said there is no electricity in our house, Pallavi said I will go check. Pallavi saw a shadow and said you, they all started looking for Pallavi…Read more

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