Raghav Vows Revenge. Light Of Love 1 February 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 13


The episode started with Farhad telling Raghav, Amma and Kirti will come with you to the award function, Raghav was about to take her blessings, the media surrounded them and Raghav hits a reporter.

Somtime back….

Pallavi fell into Raghav’s arms in his house, Raghav talked to her on Telugu and she answered in Marathi, she asked, doesn’t he know Hindi, Raghav said I do, Pallavi said I am here to return your money so without any lecture just take your money back, Raghav said come sit, Pallavi said please take your money, Raghav said okay give it to me.

Pallavi handed him the wrong packet by mistake and dropped her bag, Raghav helped her, Pallavi said here’s your money, Raghav said you are a good person, Pallavi said he is such a weird person, I should leave before he loses his calm, she forgot her comb.
Raghav got a call from Farhad to quickly come to Amma’s house.

Sulochana scolded Jagdish for taking thw money. Milind saw her upset and said looks like her other plan failed, now she will trouble me, Sulochana called Milind and asked for spices and added a lot in the sabji. Milind said calm down, you think bad about others and something happens to you in all your argument, Milind the dropped her phone down.

Raghav reached Amma’s house, Farhad stopped him and said look Amma and Kirti will come with you to the award function, Raghav walked to Amma, Amma said I am doing this for Kirti, Raghav said you are coming that is important, your presence will make it special, he was about to take her blessings.

A reporter came from behind and accused Raghav of taking advantage of a girl and forcing her to leave the town, he called him playboy, rich spoilt brat and Raghav collapsed, he shouted at Farhad to go to Amma and take her inside, the reporters started asking Amma questions, Raghav hits a reporter for misbehaving with Amma, Amma fainted and injured her head.

Pallavi and Nikhil read about Raghav over the news that he is a playboy and played with women.

Raghav was with Farhad and Kirti in the hospital, the doctor told them Amma is fine now, she had a panic attack and is also suffering from Pancrease infection and need to undergo surgery, Raghav said do whatever is required but keep my Amma safe. Kirti went to see Amma and started crying. Raghav slowly saw Amma, Amma asked Kirti did Raghav get her here and said I won’t stay here with his money, he is a cheat.

Raghav said Amma please listen, Amma said I gave you 2 days, you couldn’t, how could you do this to an innocent girl, you killed your father and brother, kill us too. Amma forced Kirti to take her away, Amma was given anesthesia by the doctors, Kirti then begged Raghav to leave and not trouble Amma anymore and Raghav left.

Deshmukh’s was watching Raghav’s story, Amruta said I trust Raghav, this is the right time to get close to Raghav, Pallavi said Amruta he is dangerous, Amruta said who asked you for advice, you are an extra furniture here, just stay out.

Raghav said I won’t leave anyone who did this to my mother.
Sharda asked Amruta to apologize, Sulochna said she won’t, she was saying the truth, Sharda and Sulochna got into argument, Vijay took Sharda away with him and Milind also took Sulochana away, Amruta blamed Pallavi and said because of you the whole sangeet practice also got cancelled, Mansi calmed down Pallavi and Pallavi said I have an idea.

Farhad told Raghav that he was given sleeping pills and showed the pictures of the media office, Raghav saw Anjali’s pictures and one picture of Anjali and Pallavi, Raghav said the whole drama was of Pallavi for Anjali. Raghav said Pallavi you shouldn’t have involved Amma, now I will make hell of your life.

Precap: Deshmukh’s was looking for Pallavi everywhere, Pallavi was kidnapped by Raghav…Read more

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