Light Of Love 1 February 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 14


The episode started with Pallavi tied to chair said please trust me. Raghav said I did once not again, a truck then approached Pallavi.

Sometime back….
Sulochana and Sharda were fighting with their husbands, they heard music and go out to see Mansi and Pallavi dancing, Sulochana asked what is this, Pallavi said Mansi said she wants to dance on this song in the wedding, Sulochna said which bride dances on such songs.

Sharda said correct, your dance should delicate, like Mehndi H Rachne wali, Sulochana and Sharda argued on that, Sulochana suggested Navrai song and danced, Pallavi then joined her, Sharda and Sulochana were upset, Vijay and Milind convinced them through the dance, Sharda and Sulochna danced together for Mansi.

The lights then went off, Pallavi said I will go check the meter room, Pallavi saw a shadow….
She was then tied to a chair on the streets and Raghav walked to her, Pallavi yelled for help and asked why are you doing this, Raghav said we are 10km away from Hyderabad, know one will help you, Pallavi asked why are you doing this, Raghav said you tell me, you were with Anjali to spoil my image, how much did she pay you.

Pallavi said I don’t know her, i just saw her once, Raghav asked then who added sleeping pills in my Rama Swami’s dinner, Pallavi said I didn’t and how do you know him, Raghav said answer what is asked, Pallavi said I did nothing please trust me, Raghav said I have done this mistake once not again, Pallavi begged to leave her she has done nothing.

Deshmukh’s was looking for Pallavi, Sulochana thinks, thank God you heard me, Sharda was panicing, Pallavi walked in, in tears and fainted.
She woke up scared, Shared consoled her and asked why are you so scared, Vijay asked where were you, and why are you so scared….

Raghav pulled Pallavi from getting hit by the truck and said I won’t let you die so soon but will torture you daily, last chance get out of this city….

Pallavi said truck accident, I mean I saw an accident, actually the meter was not working so I went to the electricity office and on my way I met an accident, Sulochna said the office is nearby, Pallavi said I went to the hospital with injury. Sharda was about to leave but Pallavi asked her to stay with her and Sulochana found something fishy.

Farhad asked Raghav to calm down, Raghav said I will torture her a lot but first arrange blood for Amma, Farhad said I have called people and that will happen.

Sharda played a song for Pallavi, Pallavi said you use to sing same song for Mandar right, Sharda said but he use to sleep quickly unlike you, Pallavi said please sing again and Sharda said okay.

Raghav rushed to the hospital, the Doctor said please come with us, Amma was forcing to leave and Raghav scolded her, Amma said I don’t want operation with this money, she collapsed and the doctor shifted her to ICU.

Sulochana pulled Pallavi’s hand and scolds her said where are you lost, you burnt the whole sabji, Pallavi apologize and Sulochana asked, thinking about yesterday’s accident, did you see the trucks number, Pallavi said I forgot, I will go give milk to Mansi or else she won’t eat and she spilled the milk by mistake, Sulochana insulted her and left.

Raghav threw the blood he brought in anger, he thinks about Pallavi and got angry. Pallavi thinks, what will she do now as Raghav is after her and Mansi’s wedding. She got a call from Krishna and she was in shock.

Pre cap: Pallavi’s shop was being destroyed, Jagdish told Pallavi he sold the shop to Raghav Rao, Pallavi then visited Raghav’s house…Read more

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