Pallavi’s House On Fire. Light Of Love 1 March 2023, Wednesday: Episode 51-52


The episode started with Sulochana asking Pallavi to kill her and enough of her drama, Milind slapped Sulochana and said enough of your drama, we have the truth, you have spoiled my daughter’s life and now you won’t stay in this house get out.

Farhad said to Raghav, you saved Pallavi today, Raghav said I didn’t, I just cleared my name and enough of Pallavi, Farhad said calm down. Rama asked Farhad why does Raghav look happy, Farhad said he saved Pallavi today, Rama said has he fallen for her, Farhad said I don’t know but she can bring the truth in front of everyone. Raghav got a call from Harish regarding Jaya and he left.

Pallavi asked Milind to forgive Sulochana, Milind said it’s a sin and not mistake, Milind pushed Pallavi and she hurts her head, Pallavi asked Milind to calm down, Milind said she will destory the family, if I stop today and you are begging for this woman who spoiled everything she won’t stay, that’s it and she collapsed, Vijay said Sulochana look, you kept blaming her and today she is the only one who is standing for you.

Siddhesh said our Pallavi always has her family first, Sharda said Sulochana by hiding the kid’s mistakes you thought you were saving them, that was your biggest fault, Sulochana said enough, my Mansi is fine and I will talk to Asha, don’t give me lecture. Mansi walked to Sulochana, threw her wedding saree and cut them into pieces, Mansi said nothing can be sorted like this Lehenga, you are only responsible for ruining my life, just you.

Pallavi thinks, Raghav I wont spare you, you ruined my families happiness.

Raghav reached Jaya’s house and Jaya walked to him, Raghav said Harish said you had a fracture, Jaya said it was just a sprain, Raghav scolded Harish for wrong information and called a doctor, Kirti looked and said oh kheer, is it for Raghav, Jaya said no, nothing of such kind, Raghav saw Kheer and smiled, he said Amma is it for me, Jaya said no, Raghav said he helped Pallavi today and told the whole story.

Pallavi saw Amruta sitting alone in the dark and walked to her and said I had doubt it was you and so I was trying to keep things inside, I understand things have changed in today’s generation but few things also aren’t ethical, you have limits, don’t take advantage of freedom.
Amruta said you are not my mother and don’t be, my sexual life, my body, you keep spending nights at Raghav’s house, dont teach me, Pallavi said Amruta stay in your limits, Amruta said I won’t, do whatever you want to, stupid and she left.

Raghav told Jaya yes, he called Rahul’s family too, Jaya said how could you share personal matter with in-laws, people will judge and break the marriage, Kirti said Amma Pallavi isn’t picking the call, Jaya said Raghav, you should go apologize to them. Raghav said I did a good thing, Jaya said good thing at the wrong time is wrong, Raghav said okay I will you take care.

Pallavi saw Sulochana and Milind sleep away from each other, Vijay and Sharda were tensed too and Mansi sitting alone, Pallavi said today was Mansi’s wedding she should have tears of bidai and not pain, I have to do something and bring back her smile.

Sweets arrived at Mansi’s house, Pallavi said I will manage, Milind said to Vijay distribute this to the poor and inform everyone that the wedding is called off, Vijay hugged Milind. Pallavi thinks, if this wedding is called off Milind will never be at peace and Sulochana will be questioned, I have to talk to Asha.

Raghav dashed at Pallavi’s bike and Pallavi scolded him, Raghav said it was a mistake, here is money to repair it, Pallavi said for you it’s very easy right, because of your selfishness Amruta has to face this and Mansi’s wedding is called off, you will understand this pain when something same happen to you. Raghav said I came here for something else, I will punish you for this and not wait for Karma. Pallavi said right, why wait for Karma when I myself can do something, she splashed mud on his car with her bike and said clean it, here is money.

Sulochana remembered the whole scenario and said Raghav and Pallavi, because of you two the whole family is against me, from today my only motto is revenge from you two.

Pre cap: Raghav said to Farhad, if it’s Pallavi I will destory her and her family.
Vijay threw Pallavi out of house.
Farhad said to Raghav you crossed the limits, you spoilt innocent Pallavi’s life. Raghav said she started first, she took a bate at Amma and Kirti.


The episode started with Raghav saying this Pallavi thinks too much of herself, I wont spare her, Raghav scolded Rama and asked him where is his racket, Farhad walked in and said here it is, Raghav said this is new, where is mine, Farhad said it’s yours, Rama got it repaired from his son, Raghav asked why did you do this for me, I never speak good to you, Rama said you just scold but you are soft hearted, you helped my wife for operation and paid for it too and my son, you helped for his education loan.

I know this is your favourite racket, you didn’t buy new one, so I got it repaired, Raghav said thank Jay and if his boss troubles you, let me know, Farhad said Jay’s father’s boss troubles him a lot, Raghav said what, give me his number I will straighten him, Farhad gave him the number and Rama smiled, Raghav said oh it’s me.

Farhad you and your jokes, Raghav started laughing. Farhad said you look so good when you laugh.
Raghav told Farhad about Pallavi’s incident and said she gave me 500₹ to clean the car, she has taken this challenge too seriously, shows me attitude but doesn’t know it’s dangerous.

Milind said to Vijay, I agree I couldn’t handle my family properly but my daughter’s, one has just had an abortion and Mansi has lost all hopes, I can’t see them like this, Vijay said calm down, you have done your best, it was in their destiny, we can’t change destiny, look at me, I lost Mandar, I couldn’t stand after that, I wish I could have stopped Mandar and not ask him to go, he had just gotten married and I said first deal with emergency but I didnt know I was going to lose him forever, even I had lost hopes then, it was our destiny and you have your daughter’s, Pallavi has gone to see Asha, she will come back with good news.

Raghav got a call, Raghav told Farhad to tell Harish that todays custom officer is very strict, Farhad said he sent a new boy, Raghav said this is tuff task, I want my diamonds and Farhad said okay.

Farhad called Harish and Harish said my boy isnt here, don’t worry I trust him. Nikhil arrived near Harish, Harish gave him a parcel and said the officer was so strict, Nikhil got 75000₹ and said I can’t work for sometime, I have a family emergency.
Harish said let me know if something is needed. Nikhil said my sister is handling it.

Milind banged Mansi’s door, Pallavi told Sharda that Asha refused to talk, they heard Milind’s voice and rushed to Mansi, they all asked Mansi to open the door, Sulochana said Pallavi if she does something to herself, I wont spare you, Milind said you move first, don’t go near Mansi. Nikhil opened the door, Mansi was sitting with her wedding saree and card, Milind rused to her and asked her if she is fine, Pallavi tried to talk to Mansi.

Mansi hugged Pallavi and started crying saying Pallavi everything is over. Pallavi said did you speak to Rahul, Mansi said I called Rahul to talk to him but Asha picked the call and she said Rahul is very angry, they are finding a new girl for him and if he marry someone else I won’t be able to live, I will die.

Vijay said Mansi, Rahul was part of your life and not your life, Milind said he is right, if Rahul wants to marry someone let him, we agree Amruta did a mistake, but you facing the punishment is wrong and I don’t want you to go there, Vijay said Milind is right, we don’t want our daughter in such family, Sulochana said what are you saying, Milind said quite, Mansi look at Pallavi, she lost Mandar but she has moved on so well, Pallavi said Mansi you have your own identity, Sharda and Nikhil say we are there for you and may be you have a brighter future, Nikhil said get up explore your life.

Mansi said who is Mansi Nikhil, Pallavi got Mansi, Milind and Sulochana’s picture and said look this is you, Nikhil said and you are such a brilliant photographer, Sharda said correct, Mansi said it’s all old, Sharda got Mansi her camera and said it’s time to explore, Pallavi said you have your new project, you are Deshmukh Saree Emporium’s photographer, you will shoot us our catalogue, Vijay said she is right, Mansi said how, Pallavi said like you use to, get up now let’s plan. Milind then thanked Pallavi.

Raghav checked the diamond’s and said to Harish, your new boy is brilliant, this will be India’s best collection, Farhad prepare for best catalogue photoshoot, Farhad said all done but the ethnic location you want, I was unable to find, Raghav said I know a place, let’s go.

Pre cap: Raghav met Harish and told them Kirti and Amma are arrested by the Police.
Vijay threw Pallavi out of the house.
Farhad said you destroyed innocent girls life, Raghav said she started first, whoever will try mess with Amma and Kirti, I will destory them…Read more

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