Raghav Proposes Marriage To Pallavi. Light Of Love 10 February 2023, Friday: Episode 65-66


The episode began with Raghav saying to Pallavi, you manipulated my mother to make her let me marry you. Pallavi relied, shut up, I know you are doing all this for the money you gave me, I will return your money back to you, stop saying such nonsense things, she got out of the car and called Krishna for help.

Jaya told Kirti about Raghav and Pallavi, Kirti said he always tortures the poor girl, Jaya said she isn’t a poor girl, I know Pallavi very well, she is capable of fighting back, she is different, she looks simple but has a strong will power, she is the only one who can answer Raghav and make him surrender, she didn’t listen to Raghav meaning that she can control him and bring him back on the right track. Kirti asked her, but what about Pallavi’s wish she never enjoyed happiness, what will she gain from this? Jaya relied, a home, a family, a life partner and society will stop judging her.

Haven’t you seen her family, Vijay threw her out of the house, Sulochana insults her all the time, Sharda happens to be the only one who fights for her and she wants Pallavi to settle so she can live her life, Pallavi will become equal to Raghav, Raghav is not that bad, he still has love in him. Kirti smiled and said, Raghav was always your favorite son and still is, Jaya said, he is my eldest son there is no way I can hate him.

Pallavi asked Krishna to get 5 lakh, Raghav called Farhad while going after Pallavi and told Farhad to inform all the money lenders not to give any money to Pallavi. He said, Pallavi I hate you a lot but for personal reasons I am marrying you.
Kirti asked Amma, you are only thinking about you and Raghav, what about Pallavi? Jaya relied, I am thinking as their mother.

Raghav said Pallavi hear me out, you want money? I have lot of it, you have no home and respect but with me you will get that and also you will get a shop in every mall and I won’t bother you again, I will also not ask you to leave this town. He then made a ring of money and said Pallavi it’s a win-win situation so marry me.

Pallavi said to him, shut up! I am not an item you can buy, stop putting a price on me, I will kill you. Raghav said I don’t like hearing no and I won’t leave you alone, you have to understand it’s a good decision. Pallavi said, I will kill myself rather than marry you. Raghav said I won’t leave until you say yes and Pallavi said, marriage is not a deal for me so leave me alone and if you come back again, I will kill myself and you will be responsible for it.

Raghav got home and saw Nikhil talking to Harish, Nikhil left taking money from Harish. Pallavi told Krishna about Raghav’s deal.
Raghav asked Harish about Nikhil and Harish relied, he is the one working for us.
Pallavi was in the hospital and Nikhil asked her, is everything ok? look I got you Puran Poli come eat with me and he made Pallavi eat it, Pallavi said wow this is very tasty, Nikhil also ate some and said it’s so good.

Pallavi laughed and Nikhil asked, are you fine, is Raghav troubling you again? Pallavi sent her mind back to Raghav’s deal and said to herself, I wish I could take Nikhil’s help and support. She said, Nikhil I am fine and thanks for the support. Nikhil said to her, nothing to worry about I am always with you.

Pallavi saw Kirti and thought of asking her about it. Kirti asked Pallavi, is everything ok? Pallavi relied yes. Kirti thinks, I guess Raghav asked her about the marriage or maybe not but then on the other hand, Pallavi decided not to worry Kirti and Jaya and told them she will go freshen up and come.
Jaya said, Pallavi may be angry but I will still ask her. Kirti said Amma, Raghav will never ask her to marry him, Jaya said believe me Kirti, our love will win over their hatred, they are both meant for each other.

Raghav told Farhad and Harish about his plan, after they were done, Harish left and Farhad said why don’t you think about the consequences, think twice or else it will be too late and he also left. Raghav said be careful Pallavi, tomorrow will be my day.

Precap: Raghav said Pallavi, this marriage is a torture journey and my hatred towards you. Pallavi also said, Raghav I will break your pride with your money.


The episode began with Raghav playing chess with Farhad and explaining to him his moves. Nikhil informed Harish that he was able to get out, Harish gave the suitcase to Nikhil and asked him to deliver it to an address, Nikhil said,you always ask me to deliver something, Harish said this is urgent, Nikhil said you look worried but Harish said everything is good, take care. Nikhil was waiting for pickup while Harish was keeping an eye on him. Farhad called an inspector and gave him information.

Pallavi walked to Nikhil and Harish informed Raghav about Pallavi. Nikhil asked Pallavi what she was doing there, Pallavi said she came to deliver an item and asked what he was also doing there? Nikhil said he came for a field visit,so she can go. Pallavi said I will wait for you. She got a call from Sharda and said I will come there, don’t meet him.

Pallavi got to the hospital and saw Raghav at the entrance. She asked him, what are you doing here? Raghav relied, I am going to talk to your parents about our wedding and Pallavi pushed his gift away. Sharda walked to them, Pallavi said you won’t go inside. The doctor walked to them and said Pallavi, he was here to donate medicine’s to you and you are asking him to leave? The doctor took the medicines and left. Sharda said to Pallavi, don’t talk to him just go inside, Raghav then left smiling at Pallavi.

Pallavi saw Nikhil being chased by the police and she rushed towards Nikhil in confusion. The police pushed Nikhil inside the police car and left, Nikhil was screaming, didi save me, Pallavi was running after the car but she fell down and Nikhil was taken away.

Raghav paid Harish and asked him to go to his hometown for some days. After paying Harish, he told Farhad to the call police and ask them not to torture Nikhil, they should just keep him under pressure.

Pallavi was informed that Nikhil had been smuggling illegal diamonds. Pallavi said, there must be a misunderstanding, he works for a digital marketing company. The Inspector said he started running when he saw us,it will be advisable to find a lawyer to get him bail.
Sharda was taking care of Vijay and he said, I want to write my will call Nikhil, I want to tell him he’s not a kid anymore.

Pallavi got a lawyer with the help of Krishna and she went to meet Nikhil. She said don’t worry, I know it’s a confusion but Nikhil said, those were mine, I went to deliver them I am sorry, I wanted to help you with money because we were in need of money, I am sorry please help me, I am scared, i will never do this again, don’t tell Baba. The lawyer took Harish’s number from Nikhil and asked for more details but found out Nikhil had none of the information he was seeking. Nikhil kept pleading to help him and Pallavi left.

Raghav was restlessly waiting for a phone call. Farhad walked to Raghav and said, Pallavi will do anything to save Nikhil and definitely she will succeed too. Raghav said she won’t and will be forced to accept my offer.

Pallavi was confused and said, what will I do now, how will I save him, what will happen when Baba finds out about this? Krishna asked her to calm down saying Nikhil didn’t know the risk, you are not the only one who is always at fault. The lawyer said, they have no proof and Nikhil is the culprit. Pallavi said I won’t let Nikhil face this, we have to find Harish.
Sharda said Nikhil isn’t answering the call. Pallavi told her that Nikhil had been arrested for diamond smuggling and assured her not to worry that she is working on getting him a bail. Milind asked what is happening where is he? Pallavi told Milind him everything, he then asked Sharda to go to the hospital and he took Pallavi along with him to look for the Lawyer but they couldn’t find him. Pallavi got a call from Krishna and he told her that Raghav has two men, one is Farhad and other is Harish and at the moment, Pallavi saw Raghav behind her.

Raghav said to Pallavi, this isn’t marriage but a torturous journey and my hatred for you.
Pallavi told him also,I will break your pride with your money

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