Raghav Agrees To Marry Pallavi. Light Of Love 10 March 2023, Friday: Episode 63-64


The episode started with Pallavi sitting alone outside the hospital, Raghav walked to her and think’s this is going to hurt you a lot, Pallavi looked at him and thinks now I am silent but soon I will be back. Raghav said Pallavi, you are a cheap girl, I stole things so you ran to my mother and you think I will cry and beg to you, I am bored of you, here’s 5 lakhs cheque and cash it, for me it’s a little amount but a huge one and left.

Kirti was on a call with Nikhil and asked where is Pallavi, no one knows where Pallavi is, Jaya said I am so worried for her, I hope Raghav didn’t put her in a new problem instead of apologizing.

Pallavi was thinking of all the things that happened with her, she looked at the cheque and remembered Raghav saying leave the city, Pallavi got a call from Nikhil and she said I will come soon.

Nikhil shouted at Sulochana, Sulochana said I have no money for you, manage on your own and go get money from Raghav, Pallavi stopped Nikhil from arguing with Sulochana and said thank you, we don’t need your help,all the bills are cleared and I used Raghav’s money for it and why not, he is the reason Baba is here, Sharda said you are right, Nikhil said to Sulochana, now go home and sleep we don’t need you, may be you won’t be able to sleep, Sulochana said stay in your limits and she left. Nikhil asked Pallavi to take Sharda home.

Pallavi dropped Sharda at Janak Amma house, Pallavi entered the house and said I wont come inside until Baba calls me, you don’t worry, Sharda hugged her and said go home, Jaya and Kirti must be waiting. Pallavi heard the door close and remembered the good times with her family.

Sharda said to Nikhil, she is getting food in an hour, Kirti called Sharda and said Pallavi didn’t come home, Sharda opened the door and saw Pallavi sleeping outside and said I knew this, she walked to Pallavi and started crying, Pallavi woke up and started crying too, Sharda asked why didn’t you go to Kirtis place.

Pallavi said I couldn’t, I want my family and hugged Sharda. Jaya walked in said you won’t find peace but will find comfort, I promise you will not feel alone, there you are like Kirti to me, I was so worried for you, Pallavi said I am sorry, Jaya said don’t worry and asked Kirti to take Pallavi home.

Sharda said to Jaya , I am worried Nikhil loves Pallavi but tomorrow when he will get married, will his wife accept Pallavi too.

Raghav was in his new house and placer Jaya and Kirti’s photo on the wall and said to Farhad, I wish they were here, Raghav shared his memory with Farhad and said I am so happy, I have my house back and gave Pallavi 5 lakh, she will leave the city, everything is saleable here and now finally she will leave this city.

I am so much at peace, he made a drink and said I felt so bad, I thought Pallavi was different but no she is the same, just for money, anyways call the interior designer to work at Deshmukh’s Saree renovation. Farhad got a call and was informed that Pallavi is with Kirti, Raghav said such shameless girl and broke the glass.

Jaya asked, Sharda widow, I thought Pallavi is your daughter, Sharda said she is my son’s wife and poor girl fights alone, so I keep worrying, she has her family but this society, my Pallavi is smart and strong but for the past few days has made me very worried for her, till now Sulochana use to trouble Pallavi, now Vijay has joined her.

Jaya said this can repeat, Sharda said this is why I want Pallavi to settle, Jaya said I understand even she must have wishes, Sharda said how do I make her understand, she never lived with Mandar, on thier first night of their marriage Mandar died, I want a good husband for Pallavi, Jaya said I understand your pain.

Pre cap: Raghav said, Pallavi this isn’t marriage but torture for you. Pallavi said Raghav I will break your pride


The episode started with Raghav and Farhad getting to Jaya’s house, Farhad said Raghav calm down, Kirti walked out and asked what’s wrong, Raghav said call her, Pallavi said he is talking about me, Jaya walked out too, Raghav said shameless woman, I asked you to leave Hyderabad after taking the money, Pallavi said I don’t agree to you and never had, Raghav said such a gold digger, Pallavi said dare you and you gave me money, I didn’t ask for it, you are the reason my father is in the hospital and so I used it for his care.

you taught me to use business mind right, never leave an opportunity and be happy that your money was used for a good deal, Raghav said you are a cheap woman, Pallavi said I learnt it from you, and am going nowhere, Raghav said I won’t leave you, Jaya liked Pallavi’s confidence and said Raghav I asked you to apologise to her, Raghav said Amma I won’t till I die and left.

Sharda was in the hospital, Pallavi walked to her and said I spoke to the doctor and they said Baba will be shifted to the normal ward, Sharda said it’s all because of you, we are lucky to have you, even after all the mess you are with us, Pallavi said why are you treating me like this and Sharda said sorry, Pallavi said go meet the nurse and Sharda left, Sulochana said I know the truth Pallavi, Pallavi said I can’t help what you think so keep it and she left.

Raghav was on a call discussing about Pallavi’s cheque, Farhad told him that Amma is here, Raghav rushed to Jaya and was very happy, Jaya said get me tea, Raghav asked Farhad to get the tea the way Amma likes, Jaya walked to her and Pallavi’s photo and said shift it to the right place, it’s not correct as per vastu and where is the Tulsi we had in the entrance, remove the sofa so we can have light.

Raghav said I will do everything, Jaya said me and Kirti are coming to stay here and all be as per my wish, Raghav got very excited and said will do everything as you say, I will call the interior designer, Jaya said don’t be happy I have a condition.

Raghav said all conditions agreed, Jaya said marry Pallavi, Raghav said wow she is planning against me, wants to loot me as my wife and so I didn’t want her to stay with you, look she is fooling you, she will be sure at the hospital, I will deal with her right away, Jaya pushed Raghav back and said I was not born today, that people will come and influence me, I just want a yes or no, Raghav said never, I won’t marry a girl who sent you to jail.

Jaya scolded Farhad for allowing Raghav believe that Pallavi did it, Raghav said you want me to get married, I have a girl, she is always behind me but not Pallavi, I will stop working, apologize but not Pallavi, hatred towards Pallavi is everything for me, Jaya said me and Kirti will never come here then.

Raghav removed a gun and said I will kill Pallavi, Farhad said enough, you never think of result, always behind Pallavi, control your anger or you will lose everything, you have lost everything that was good in you, I don’t take your decision but think twice, Amma and Kirti are important so decide their happiness or your ego.

Raghav thinks about Pallavi’s word saying he doesn’t have family and so he doesn’t understand the importance of family, Raghav saw Jaya with a bowl of Phirni and feeding him and said you are confused, Raghav said why are you doing this, I hate Pallavi a lot, don’t do this, Jaya said it’s your decision and no pressure, do what your father taught you and listen to your heart, it is never wrong, Raghav realised it was his imagination

Pallavi was on a call with Krishna said yes soon Baba will get discharge, Pallavi saw a car following her and she walked towards the car, Raghav pushed her inside the car and took her away, Pallavi asked him to stop the car, she fought him and said I will jump out of the car, Raghav doesn’t let her go and said shut up, come with me to the temple to marry and Pallavi was shock.

Pre cap;
Raghav said to Pallavi, this marriage is a torture journey for you. Pallavi said Raghav I will break your pride with your own money…Read more

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