Light Of Love 10 May 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 129


The episode began with Farhad being told that Raghav and Pallavi will get a bail. Milind saw Farhad and asked him, where is Raghav and Pallavi? Farhad replied, they both are locked up. Milind asked, why both of them? Farhad responded, my worry is, it will be problem if I don’t get them bail now, they will be locked up all weekend. Milind said, I can help you with a lawyer, come with me.

Pallavi was having problem with mosquitoes there and Raghav said, this is a jail cell. Pallavi said, but still people live here, it can be a decent right, God please don’t send Lizard and cockroaches, while talking, the light went off and she couldn’t find Raghav.

Raghav said, this was why I didn’t want my sister here, since the time Kirti found out she had been exposed, she kept lying, she also said she can’t drive. Pallavi said what! Raghav said yes, when Amma was sick I asked her to drive but she said she can’t. Pallavi said, how confident are you that Kirti can drive? Raghav said then how did she cause the accident because I saw her on the driver seat.

Kirti hugged Sunny, she was crying and said, I don’t want to stay in this house, now even Amma is against me. Sunny said, look the situation is against us and if the case reopens, we will be caught so let’s run away, I have some money, how much do you have? Kirti replied, I don’t but Amma might have. Sunny said, we will need at least 10-15 lakhs, we have to arrange the money as soon as possible.

Pallavi asked Raghav to tell her what exactly happened on 1st Dec and Raghav narrated, I was on my way to pick an important consignment and the police called me saying, Ved ran away. I knew he would come for me so I asked the security to look after the house and since Farhad was not available I went to pick up the diamonds, on my way back Ved was behind me, so I informed the police and they sent the patrolling van for Ved.

I was looking for Ved when Mandar hit my car, at first I thought it was me and so I came out and saw it wasn’t me but another car and i saw Kirti peep from the other driving seat. Pallavi then started thinking about Kirti.

Raghav saw Pallavi in tears and held her hand. Pallavi then asked what happened next. Raghav said, Mandar was alive but then Kirti had ran away so I rushed to Mandar. Ved reached there and as he saw Mandar, he said, this is Mandar Deshmukh I know him. I placed him in car, I found a ring on the road and picked it and left there.

Police caught Ved and took him away. I then took Mandar to the hospital, Doctor Janki took over the case, I admitted Mandar as Rajiv and i left as Janki said they were monitoring him, at 4am I got call from the hospital that Mandar is fine and his family took him home. Pallavi said, this is a lie.
Raghav said, from that day, Ved keeps telling me about this accident, I also keep thinking about it, I met the doctor too but she didn’t tell anything. Pallavi asked, did Kirti drive again? Raghav replied no and Pallavi thinks, something is still hidden.

Sunny called Kirti and asked if she did what he asked. Kirti replied, sorry but I can’t, how will I steal my mother’s Jewellery. Sunny said this is not the time to become emotional, if you don’t want to go jail then get them. Kirti said okay, tomorrow morning but Sunny said, are you mad, do it right away and Kirti said, okay don’t worry, I will.

Raghav and Pallavi got bail and Raghav thanked Milind. Milind said, I know it’s wasn’t you.
Kirti sneaked into Jaya’s room to get the keys and steal the jewelry, she heard Raghav’s voice and hid the bag beneath the sofa and she said, thank god you two are home.

Jaya saw them and was very happy and said, Pallavi today you stood by your husband. Raghav said, I will go freshen up. Jaya said, you must have had trouble last night. Pallavi responded, it was just for some time but the real culprit will go to jail for sure.

Pallavi saw Raghav in pain and asked, what’s wrong? Raghav said, I have back ache. Pallavi said, remove the shirt and go to the bathroom. Raghav asked, what do you want? Pallavi said, stop thinking nonsense and go inside, she noticed Raghav unable to remove his shirt and helped him unbutton his shirt, removed it and said, go inside I will come.

Pallavi got a bucket of water but Raghav said, I have already showered and there’s water here so why get it from outside. Pallavi responded, you are very impatient, sit down. This is hot water with salt, this will relieve you from your pain and steamed his back with a cloth.
Raghav smiled and looked at Pallavi. Jaya called out Pallavi and she left.

Kirti told Sunny that she is leaving soon. She saw there was no bag under the sofa, saw Pallavi’s leg and Pallavi holding the bag. She walked to Kirti and asked, looking for this?

Precap: Raghav saw Pallavi walking in a gown and couldn’t get his eyes off her.
Sunny said to Kirti, if you want to stay with me then stay, else I am leaving.
Raghav hits his head on a nail…Read more

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