Light Of Love 12 May 2023, Friday: Episode 131-132


The episode began with Raghav and Pallavi narrating the whole truth about Sunny to the Deshmukh’s, Pallavi said Sharda Aai isn’t here, she is in Kolhapur with her brother, she would be happy to hear this. Milind said thank you, because of you two the real culprit has been caught, at least now people will know who is their own and who isn’t.

Mansi said, we knew that a long time ago, all this was just drama. Milind said Mansi, don’t follow your mother to the extent that you lose all your etiquettes. Sulochana said, if my daughter is supporting me, why are you offended. Mansi said, let it be Aai, for some people keeping quite is etiquette.

Vijay said, Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao, you have never changed still you beg, you said you won’t come back, why did you return then, what did you gain my finding out the truth about my son. Raghav said, shame on you, you found your son’s truth but still this anger. Vijay said, you made some Sunny say something by paying him money and want me to accept it. Mansi said that’s very true.

Vijay said, you are husband and wife, you guys are just the same, you and your drama, keep it for your Aai and uncle. Raghav was about to argue but Pallavi said, it’s of no use Raghav, we will return when Aai comes. Raghav said Vijay, you mad old man, you sure need therapy and left with Pallavi.

Raghav and Pallavi were in the bedroom and Raghav said, I have a surprise for you, he showed her their wedding picture frames in the bedroom and said, you were upset so I did this to cheer you up. Pallavi said, this picture was not good memory, we took good pictures, she removed the photo frame and placed them on a table and said, we will hang the new one later.

Raghav said, I have one more surprise for you and he handed her a box. Pallavi said, have you fallen in love with me and she smiled. She opened the box, saw a black gown and became confused. Raghav said, I always see you in sarees, this is for a change but if you don’t like it, I will return it. Pallavi stopped him, tied her hair and went to try the dress on.

Kirti said Sunny, I knew nothing about Raghav and Pallavi’s plan and Sunny said, your bhabhi has spoiled my whole life, I didn’t know it was Mandar, one mistake and my whole life is a mess, I am a murderer now, my whole life is a ruined. Kirti said, you are not alone, I will marry you, you will be out of this jail and we will destroy Pallavi together, she snatched my love and will never find one, I will return all the pain back to her and Sunny smiled.

Pallavi walked to Raghav in the black gown and Raghav couldn’t take his eyes off her. He leaned towards Pallavi, stepped on her dress and she stumbled but he held her in his arms. Pallavi said, I guess my dress zip opened and Raghav said may I. Pallavi turned around, Raghav held her by the waist and closed the zip.

While closing the zip, it couldn’t close. Raghav said, let me fix it and went to his drawer, he was struggling to open it, he lost his balance and struck his head against a nail on the wall. Pallavi walked to him and asked, what’s wrong? Raghav fell over her and she found out that he was injured by the nail on the wall. Pallavi, Farhad and Jaya took Raghav to hospital, Jaya prayed for Raghav’s wellbeing while Milind was informed about Raghav’s situation.

Pallavi went to change and came back to Jaya. Kirti came to them and said, this is all Pallavi’s fault, she is just bad luck, first she killed her ex-husband, now my brother. Pallavi said, I understand your anger but this is a hospital.

Doctor said, we are shifting Raghav to the ICU, he has lot of lost a lot of blood and there is blood shortage so arrange 4 bottles blood, there is no need for a surgery but he may face eye sight or memory issue. Farhad quickly left in search for blood. Pallavi said, Amma you stay with him, I will go look for blood too. Jaya said keep him for once and Pallavi said, I can’t see him in this state and she left.

Pallavi and Farhad searched for blood but found no one, Pallavi got a call from Krishna and Pallavi told her they found none yet. The doctors here suggested one blood bank so let’s see. Krishna said, but it’s very far and Pallavi said yes but I have to.

Milind was with Jaya and a nurse came to ask for the blood telling them Raghav needs it urgently. If we don’t get blood now, his life will be in danger, we checked the whole of Rao mansion and with the staff there but no blood matched. Jaya prayed for Raghav’s health, Milind decided to check the Deshmukh’s house for a match and he left Amruta with Jaya.

Pallavi got a call from Jaya and Pallavi told her she was at KDSM, it’s their last hope. Jaya said, we need it urgently. Pallavi was informed by the staff that blood is available. Pallavi informed Jaya about it. The staff at the blood bank suggested that Pallavi go in their ambulance and she thanked them.

Pre cap: Pallavi was in the hospital. Mandar asked a staff, is there someone named here Pallavi? The Nurse replied yes, she went to the first floor and Mandar began looking for her.
Pallavi was with Raghav and was in tears, Raghav was unconscious. Pallavi said, I can’t bare your silent version, please talk to me, call me “Sari ka Dukan”(saree shop)


The episode begins with Pallavi sitting in the Ambulance and leaving for Hyderabad. Milind woke Vijay up and said, let’s go to the hospital. He asked Sulochana to get ready for the hospital too and that he needed blood for his friend and wanted to know their blood group. Vijay said he was A+, Sulochana she doesn’t know hers. Milind said, Dada you go to sleep, Sulochana will come with me. Vijay asked, what is your friend’s name and Milind fumbled. Vijay said, it is Raghav right. Farhad called sometime back and now you.

Sulochana, will you go? Sulochana responded, I will rather waste my blood than give it to Raghav. Vijay asked Milind, why worry so much for Raghav. Milind said, I am your younger brother, you have stop performing all your responsibility but I can’t, Raghav is a son in law of this house, and husband to that girl you called daughter once.

Raghav is reason you have a house, shop, food here and the one who gave justice to your sons death, you just said Pallavi is your daughter but I believe that she is mine too, she needs her uncle and so I am worried. At first I use to get angry at you but now I feel ashamed, he spits in front of Vijay’s door and said I guess you know what is this for and he left.

Pallavi got to the hospital and rushed to the doctor.The nurse said, Pallavi don’t worry, we are trying our best. Jaya hugged Pallavi and said, you are a gift to us thank you. Kirti then became angry. Farhad asked Pallavi, how did she get there so early? Pallavi replied, an ambulance… oh God, I forgot to pay the driver, I will be back soon.
Farhad stumbled on Amruta and Kirti saw them.

Pallavi saw the driver cleaning the Ambulance and was walking to him. Milind then called her by her name. The driver was Mandar. Pallavi turned to Milind and Mandar also turned around to see who it was but Pallavi then walked toward Milind so he was not able to see Pallavi. Mandar tried to see who Pallavi was but he got a call that there was emergency, Pallavi saw him leaving and shouted wait, your money.

Farhad asked Amruta to give him her used cup to throw away and they both smiled at each other.
The Doctor walked to Pallavi and said, Raghav has glitches in his body, we are keeping him under observation for 48hrs, it’s very crucial. Pallavi asked Farhad to take Amma and Kirti home so that they can rest so someone can always be with Raghav. Amma said okay and left. Milind said I won’t go, I can’t leave you alone. Pallavi said, I need you, so go rest a little and come back.

Pallavi walked to Raghav in the ICU and seeing his that condition, she started crying and remembering all the good memories with Raghav and said, Raghav please talk, please call me “Sari ka Dukan” (sari shop), there is so much, wedding shoot, Kirti’s wedding, get ready quickly, I want my Raghav back, if you don’t wake up, I will never talk to you and she hugged him.

Milind and Amruta got home and saw a division in the house. Vijay walked to them and said separation, now this house is divided in two house, people who support Raghav stay on the other side and I end all ties with my younger brother. Sulochana said, even I have the right to choose which side I want. Mansi said, I choose my Aai, because they care about family and not strangers.

Jaya was thinking about Kirti’s words, calling Pallavi bad luck and Kirti brought her breakfast. Jaya said, don’t be madly in love with that shameless boy so much that you don’t understand what is right and wrong before it is late, make the right decisions and she left.
Krishna visited Pallavi, Pallavi hugged her and cries. Krishna said, don’t cry, he will be fine, I know you must have not eaten anything please have breakfast. The Nurse asked Pallavi to complete the formalities at the reception.

Pallavi completed the formalities and left. Mandar came back to the hospital with a friend and his friend said, where will you look for her. Mandar asked at the reception for Pallavi. He said, I heard this name when I came to drop someone.

Precap: Krishna asked Pallavi to confess her love towards Raghav.
Pallavi was happy walking towards Raghav’s room to talk to him and she said to Raghav, I love…Read more

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