Light Of Love 13 February 2023, Monday: Episode 29-30


The episode started with Pallavi seeing Raghav again, standing in front of her house…

Pallavi said to Raghav, I don’t have a habit of digging into people’s life, don’t come in…

Pallavi said to Amma and Kirti, I have a special guest please meet and Raghav was shocked to see them….

Pallavi asked Raghav why is he inside and asked him to leave….
Raghav’s bracelet fell in the mehndi, while removing it, some of the mehndi got on to Pallavi’s hand, Vijay saw it and got very angry….

Sometime back….

Pallavi said it was a new day to fight Raghav and win over him again. Pallavi was with the vendors having a discussing regarding the pouches.
Pallavi got a call from Sharda, Sharda asked what happened, Pallavi said baba, Sharda said focus on your work and not baba. Krishna asked Pallavi, why is she worried. Pallavi said I am but soon everything will be fine, anyways did you send the samples to Raghav’s place, Krishan said yes, he had sent someone for the same.

Pallavi asked and checked the pouch, Krishna said, I sent that too, Pallavi said, that was for the tailor and not Raghav, it doesn’t have a logo, anyways I am going to that side of the city to get some sarees, I will collect that on my way and will go home directly.
Pallavi left and Krishna said Raghav shouldn’t have challenged her, now she is on fire to fight.

Pallavi met Farhad and asked for Raghav, Farhad said he is performing Pooja and will take about an hour, Pallavi said yes, he will require that amount of time as he commits so many sins, Pallavi told him she was about to check the pouch, Farhad said wait, I will get it for you, Pallavi heard classical music and wondered who was listening and she walked towards the music. Raghav was practicing and had Amma’s picture in front. Pallavi became surprise.

Farhad called Pallavi, gave her the bag and said Raghav is not a bad person, his situation made him this way, Pallavi said everyone has their own hurdles but that doesn’t give you any reason to trouble someone, Farhad said you are correct and for the first time someone is fighting him, please don’t give up ever, Pallavi said never and left.

Mehndi function began, Pallavi came home. Mansi asked her to get ready quickly and come, Pallavi said sure, Pallavi saw Vijay standing alone where as all the men were together chit chatting, Pallavi said to Milind, I got everyone kachori and asked Vijay if he is still upset, Vijay ignored her and left.

Raghav slapped a man and asked where are the diamonds,the man said I don’t know, Farhad asked Raghav what’s wrong, Raghav said there were diamond’s in this bag, he had to deliver it and now he said they aren’t there, Farhad saw the bag and found out that he had given it by mistake to Pallavi as both bags looked the same, he then told Raghav about it.

Pallavi got dressed, Sharda said to her, she is looking very pretty. Mansi was told that the darker her Mehndi the more would be Rahul’s love for her. Amruta said to Sulochana that she wants to write R on her hand and asked will Raghav come today, Sulochana said surely and Raghav probably should come today or else how will we have blasts.

Amma and Kirti walked in and Pallavi welcomed them and introduced them to everyone. Raghav reached Pallavi’s house, she saw him at the entrance and walked to him, Sulochana saw her and became very happy.

Pallavi asked Raghav what is he doing there, Raghav handed her the bag and said there was an exchange of bags, get mine without peeping into, Pallavi said I don’t interfere into others life, I will get it, don’t come inside. Raghav said quickly get it or else I will come inside and Pallavi left.

Sulochana walked to Raghav and forced him inside and forcefully introduced him to the guests, Sharda and Milind saw it, Sulochana walked to Kirti,Jaya said meet my special guest, Raghav saw Amma and Kirti and they both were shocked, Sulochana asked do you all know each other, anyways Raghav this is Kirti, Pallavi’s accountant and her Amma, Raghav took blessings, Amma as formality smiled and left.

Sulochana forced Raghav again and Raghav scolded her. Amma and Kirti were discussing how is Raghav at someone’s family function, Amma said whatever reason, good he came at least that will do him some good, Raghav smiled saying good to see Amma didn’t say bad about me today.

Pallavi saw Raghav isnt near his car and walked inside again, pulled him aside and scolded him for coming inside, Raghav said your aunty said I am special guest, I will attend the whole function, Pallavj said stop it, Raghav’s bracelet then fell in to the Mehndi, while removing it, some of the Mehndi got on to Pallavi’s hand and Raghav’s bracelet RR initials come on Pallavis hand, Pallavi wiped it off but the color stayed. Pallavi saw Vijay looking at her. Sulochana was also looking at them.

Vijay saw Raghav wearing his bracelet. Sulochana said good. I told Vijay that Pallavi invited Raghav and now there will be a big blast. Vijay got angry and left. Pallavi walked to him and tried to explain to him, Vijay said enough of it, you don’t listen to anyone, he started scolding her and Pallavi fainted.

Precap: Pallavi said I didn’t eat anything and due to weakness all this happened. Sharda said you will go to the doctor with Nikhil, Sulochana said she should have many reasons to faint.
Raghav said to Pallavi after you go I will make godown there, now get out, I have to eat my lunch,he then started choking on his food.


The episode started with Pallavi seeing Raghav serving and scolded him saying one day there will be news that you are serving in central jail, Raghav said I don’t care about you, Pallavi said if you are so interested wash utensils too, Raghav said I will wash you away, only 26 days left remember that…

Sometime back….

Pallavi woke up, Sharda asked what happened and scolded Vijay, Pallavi said to Sharda to not come in between her and Vijay, she said I was dehydrated, Sharda said you will visit the doctor, Sulochana said, you should many reasons to faint,
Pallavi said, I will rest later and I will be fine, Sharda said just shut up and go. Sulochana saw RR initials on Pallavi’s hand.

Nikhil asked Pallavi to wait, he will get the car keys. Pallavi saw Raghav serving the guests food and got angry, Kirti and Amma were watching him, Kirti said Amma he is doing this for you, Amma said I Know, I will let him change or else he will always be busy troubling people, anyways why is he here, Kirti said he is Pallavi’s shop owner.

Amma said look at his face so dull, Kirti said Farhad told me he is always behind Protein shakes as there is no one to scold him and give him food. Raghav thinks god knows what they are talking about me, I am just happy Amma is here.

Amruta asked Jaya to apply mehndi, Kirti forced her too.
Pallavi stopped Raghav and they both started arguing, Raghav said I am your special guest, Pallavi said then act like one, Raghav said I will do what I want to and he Pallavi to leave and not annoy him, Nikhil called Pallavi and said we have to go to the doctor, Raghav said people need doctor after seeing me.

Pallavi scolded him and said one day there will be news that you are serving in central jail, Raghav said I don’t care about you, Pallavi said if you are so interested wash utensils too, Raghav said I will wash you away, only 26 days left remember that, Pallavi said in your dreams, my shop won’t go from there.

Nikhil and Pallavi went to the doctor, Nikhil got a call from Harish to pick a consignment, Nikhil said okay,i will be there in 20 minutes. Nikhil told Pallavi he got a call from his boss and has to leave, Pallavi said there is no time for you, Nikhil said these boss just needs to complete targets, Pallavi said okay I am proud of you but don’t forget your studies, I will manage till then, Nikhil remembered Pallavi hiding things,he hugged her and left.

Pallavi visited the doctor, she saw the doctor’s diary and took a picture as she found the design very unique.

Raghav saw Amma applying Mehndi and was very happy, Amma was looking for Kirti, a man walked to her with kaju katli, Amma said I will have it later when Kirti comes, now I have Mehndi on my hand, Raghav said wait,he got kaju katli and said have some now and gave it to her, Amma looked at him in anger and left, Amma came back and said I shouldn’t have insulted food,she took a bite and Raghav was very happy.

Milind walked to Vijay and all party arrangements were done, Vijay said look at Raghav acting like he is some family member, ask him to leave, Milind said he is our shop owner, he will leave on his own, relax.

Sulochana was applying mehndi and said like Pallavi has RR initials on her hand, similarly make an M on my hand, Vijay got angry and left.

Pallavi got the design printed. Milind saw the design, Pallavi talked to him about shop in the mall and then showed him the new design, Milind said stay happy like this, god has blessings on you, Pallavi said I am worried about this 26 days, Milind asked what 26 days, Pallavi said forget that, tell me why are you, Milind said come stop Sulochana she is dancing on Alia’s song in sangeet. Pallavi smiled and said let’s go.

Raghav was in a traditional outfits, Farhad asked where he is going, Raghav told him to Pallavi’s house, Amma came and she was happy that I was serving people and Amma likes to see me dressed in traditional outfit.

Deshmukh’s was practicing for sangeet, Sharda walked to Pallavi and asked her what did the doctor say, Pallavi said stomach infection, Sharda said it’s stress, she saw RR initials on the hand and asked what is this, she took her away and gave her vinger haldi and asked her to show her how to dye a saree and Pallavi showed her, Pallavi said here is your saree all dyed. Sharda asked Pallavi to check her hand and showed that the initials were gone, Vijay won’t bother her too, Pallavi said you could tell me directly too and these initials mean nothing, me and Vijay’s relation is not that weak, he knows me better than you do. Sharda said okay.

Amruta called Pallavi and said, Mansi is looking for her. Mansi told Pallavi they have to win the sangeet, Rahul’s family has challenged them a face off between Maharashtra and South Indian, I want to win, Amruta said don’t worry, I am here, I am the best dancer and see no one will challenge me, Milind said you dance your bollywood and Pallavi will do her Kathak performance, Mansi said then we will win for sure because on Rahul’s side no one knows Bharatnatyam, Pallavi said but there is one man and he might challenge and that would be a tough competition.

Raghav got dressed for Sangeet and said Amma I am coming for you.

Precap: Raghav said I will make godown in place of your shop, get lost, it’s my lunch time, Pallavi then saw Raghav choking…Read more

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