Pallavi Accepts Raghav’s Proposal. Light Of Love 14 February 2023, Tuesday: Episode 67-68

In episode 67 of Light of Love, Raghav confronts Pallavi outside the court and offers to help her brother Nikhil get bail. He tells her that he can be the only one to give her brother bail and for that, she will have to marry him. Pallavi is taken aback by Raghav’s proposal and asks him why he wants to marry her, given their mutual hatred for each other. Raghav tells Pallavi that they are both equally helpless and that he is willing to do anything to get his family back.

Later, Raghav visits Amma and Kirti with sweets and informs them that Pallavi has agreed to marry him. Kirti expresses her doubt about Raghav’s intentions and warns Amma not to agree to the marriage. Meanwhile, Pallavi rushes to see her father, who is collapsing due to anxiety and asking for Nikhil. She assures her mother that she will bring Nikhil home soon.

Farhad meets Raghav and informs him about Pallavi’s online campaign against him. Raghav dismisses her efforts and tells the inspector not to release Nikhil. Krishna offers to help Pallavi but she tells her that there is only one option left – to marry Raghav. Pallavi believes that this marriage is not all bad and that she will be able to control Raghav after they get married.

In the pre-cap, Raghav warns Pallavi that the marriage will be a torturous journey for her, but she vows to break his pride with his money.

Episode 68 of “Light of Love” begins with Pallavi accepting Raghav’s deal for marriage, but with a condition that he releases her brother first. Raghav insists that the marriage and the release of her brother will happen simultaneously. Pallavi tries to assure Raghav of her trustworthiness, but he doesn’t believe her.

Later, Raghav is in his car thinking about Jaya while Pallavi is walking alone and thinking about the troubles her family is going through. Pallavi takes an auto to the hospital where her father is admitted. Sharda, her mother, asks if Baba has eaten, but Pallavi learns that he hasn’t. She reassures Sharda that her brother Nikhil will be released the next morning, and that she has used her lawyer’s connections for this.

Sharda expresses her gratitude towards Pallavi and assures her that everything will be fine soon. Pallavi breaks down and requests for one of Sharda’s sarees. Sharda assures Pallavi that she can have all her sarees and that she will always be there for her.

Meanwhile, Raghav returns home and finds his cupboard half empty. Farhad tells him that he did it for Pallavi, which makes Raghav angry. He warns Farhad to never touch his things without his permission.

Pallavi visits her father at the hospital and takes his blessings. She leaves, and Vijay wakes up and asks if anyone has come to visit him. Sharda tells him that no one has come and asks him to go to sleep.

Pallavi wakes Krishna up and hands her a book with details of their shop. She expresses her uncertainty about the future and how her father might not accept her after the marriage. Krishna reminds her of the promise she made to Mandar, and Pallavi acknowledges that she fulfilled her promise.

Farhad informs Jaya and Kirti about Pallavi’s wedding and asks them to come along. Jaya is excited and immediately starts getting ready, while Kirti asks Farhad if Pallavi’s family is invited.

In the pre-cap, Raghav tells Pallavi that the marriage is torture for her, but she promises to break his pride with his money…Read more

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