Raghav Faces New Danger. Light Of Love 15 February 2023, Wednesday: Episode 33-34


Raghav checked the bill book and asked Pallavi who is Lion, Pallavi said I don’t know, do you remember your every customers face, Raghav said I own a showroom how is that possible, Pallavi said exactly how will I remember then, Raghav pulled her close, and Pallavi said leave me, Raghav said Lion is a unique name, how come you not remember the face, Pallavi asked him to leave her, he is hurting her and Raghav said sorry. Pallavi checked her book and found the bill dated 2 days back and said he bought our famous Ekat saree, Raghav said I just want to know who he is.

Pallavi said he was young like you, may be a little elder, he wore jeans jacket and glares and wore gloves with lion on it, Raghav said I don’t know him and he sent a bomb courier, Pallavi said it was an alarm, Raghav said the car I booked for you, was blasted by him, come with me. Pallavi said I can’t, I have to sell the stock and I have only 24 days left, Raghav gave her money and said I will buy 70 saree from you, now come.

Sulochana was on a with Asha and said yes now the wedding is postponed so I thought let’s shop more, and I think Dada Vahini will come back early and then we can arrange the wedding. She saw the shop was closed, she asked nearby and found Pallavi leaving with Raghav. Sulochana said how will Raghav focus on Amruta if he is always behind Pallavi.

Pallavi was thinking in the car that Raghav is asking for help, this matter looks serious, Raghav and Pallavi got to his home, Raghav was irritated by Pallavi and said I wish I wouldn’t need help from her, Pallavi went inside, Raghav saw a car parked in front of his house.

Pallavi was shown photos by a private detective, she got confused and Raghav yelled at her, Pallavi said I am helping you but in return you are showing me attitude, do your thing alone bye, Raghav calmed himself, stopped her and said sorry, Harish walked in with a sketch artist, Raghav asked Pallavi to describe.

Pallavi said to Raghav, she finds all this fishy, are you connected to the underworld, Raghav said look, I have lot of enemies and this person is troubling me and my people so I want to do something, Pallavi started explaining and then said Harish ask your boss to go shower and they both smiled, Raghav said I will freshen up and come back.
Raghav saw the car was still parked in front of his house.

Milind told Sulochana few vendors are charging extra but have agreed to postpone, Sulochana said who will pay the extra charge, anyways have water and started giving him massage so as to get the keys from him, she slowly removed it from his pocket and left.

Raghav showered and came back, he held Pallavi’s hand and saw marks on her hand because he had held her hand too tight and applied ointment, Pallavi thinks is he really that caring or something else, Raghav said don’t think much, I am doing this because you are helping me.

Sulochana went and opened Sharda’s room, walked in and said this is the right time to take the papers and before Milind find out, I have to take the property papers, Milind heard noise from Sharda’s room and said this must be surely Sulochana and he walked in but Sulochana hid, Milind went out and came back again, he caught Sulochana and asked her to give him the keys back.

The Sketch was ready, Raghav asked who is he, Pallavi said he is only 30% similar, Raghav said okay the car will drop you, Pallavi said no thank you, I will take auto, your cars have RR and very annoying.

Raghav saw that Pallavi had started coughing near the car and similarly 2-3 other people too, he rushed to the car and saw a note for him.

Precap: Raghav read the note, welcome to my trap, he found out that the car was filled with gun powder and saw a man approaching him with fire


Raghav found a note in the car with his name in it, he got in and read the note “welcome to my trap Raghav Rao” Raghav found out that the whole car was filled with gun powder and tried to get out, he then saw a man approaching him with fire, he tried to get out, broke the glass, jumped out of car and caught the stick with fire thrown at the car, he recognized the man had come earlier as a courier boy.

Amruta said to Sulochana, who eats bread butter for sinner, let’s order, Milind said why order, ask your mother to cook, Sulochana said I did whatever I can, kitchens responsibility is for Sharda and Pallavi’s, Pallavi walked in and said why are you eating bread and butter, I ordered food for everyone, the doorbell rang, Pallavi said I guess it is here, Sulochana said god people don’t go under their responsibility, we have you but still we have to order food, Milind said unlike you, she is not making us eat bread and butter, Pallavi said online food delivery has made life easier and I was very busy today, Amruta got a call and she left.

Milind thanked Pallavi for the food and asked about her day, Pallavi said weird day, I will tell you while we have coffee, Sulochana said how do you get busy with closed shop and anyways you are interested in only one man, Milind said enough, Sulochana said I don’t want your food and left. Milind said let her go, she will have weight loss.

Milind told Pallavi that Sharda’s jewellery has been kept in the locker, Sulochana heard that and said the property papers must in the locker too.

Raghav was angry and asked Swami to find lion, Swami said don’t worry, I have taken the car into custody, will get back as soon as I find something.

Pallavi was with the other shop tenants, she convinced them not to strike against the mall as it will be helpful for their shops, a man in south Indian attire walked to them and said I agree with her, the mall will bring employment too, everyone agreed and said we will think about it and left. The man introduced himself as Abhijeet Krishna’s brother from Mysore, Pallavi said yes I know you, Abhijeet said Krishna had to leave with her mother for medical treatment to Vizag, she sent me to help you. Abhijeet insisted Pallavi on allowing him to help her and Pallavi said okay.

Raghav was watching CCTV footage and saw a man but didn’t find anything and said I wish Farhad was here and asked Harish to quickly get the details.

Sulochana found the lockers keys, Amruta walked in, Sulochana showed that to Amruta and said come with me.

Sanjay visited Deshmukh saree Emporium for the mall inspection, he asked her to deposit 60,000₹ token by the month ending, Pallavi asked him for extension, Sanjay then asked her to talk to the committee head and details are behind the Pamphlet, Pallavi checked and found Raghav Rao.

Raghav yelled at Swami for not finding the details, Pallavi then walked in and Raghav got irritated, Pallavi asked him to sign a statement to extend her time for deposit and said please. Raghav said okay you said Please, then I have to and asked for a pen, he tore the paper and said you are zero and always will be, you are no special to me and think about closing the old shop not opening new one.

Pallavi got back angry, Abhijeet heard Pallavi and showed her his phone and said Khadi udyog is organizing a competition and the winner will earn 50,000₹. Pallavi said thank you, even I will participate and leave.

Sulochana and Amruta got the papers, Pallavi walked in from behind and said I am cooking dinner don’t go to bed empty stomach.
Sanjay called Pallavi and said Raghav as agreed to her request.
Pallavi called Raghav and said I don’t want your favor, keep your extension with you, let me see who throws me out of Hyderabad.

Raghav was told that the car’s owner is found.
Swami met Pallavi and asked her to come to the police station for a case, Pallavi asked for mandar’s case, Swami said we found a car with registration on your name and it was filled with gun powder.

Pre cap: Pallavi asked why was Raghav here, Swami said Raghav had lodged a complaint. Pallavi met Raghav and yelled at him for making a fool out of her life…Read more

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