Pallavi & Raghav Gets Married. Light Of Love 15 March 2023, Wednesday: Episode 69-70

In episode 69 of “Light of Love,” Raghab prepares for his wedding while Pallavi arrives at his house. He takes her hand and shows her live footage of Nikhio being released, while Milind is still in the police station.

Meanwhile, Kirti calls Sharda, but Sulochana answers the call. Kirti asks why Pallavi agreed to marry Raghav, to which Sulochana replies that Raghav cannot marry her because he belongs to Amruta. Sharda overhears and immediately calls Pallavi, but her phone is switched off. Sulochana suggests going to Raghav’s house to cancel the wedding, but Sharda disagrees, saying she doesn’t trust Sulochana. Sulochana insists that she will leave Hyderabad if she is wrong.

Panditji asks Pallavi to change clothes, but Raghav says it’s not necessary and they should start the rituals. He asks Pallavi to fulfill the challenge, and she follows him to the mandap. However, she sees Nikhil on live video and becomes emotional. Raghav gets angry and insists they finish the wedding.

They begin the pheras, and Raghav puts a garland over Pallavi’s head and holds her hand to make her put one on him. Meanwhile, Sharda and Sulochana get caught in traffic on their way to the wedding.

In the precap, Pallavi arrives at Raghav’s party in a white saree, which Raghav questions. Pallavi responds by saying that Raghav shouldn’t be telling a widow what white means.

In episode 70 of Light of Love, Pallavi is confronted by Sharda and Sulochana. Sharda demands to know the reason for Pallavi’s actions and offers to fight for her if she has been tortured. Pallavi explains that she was thrown out of the house because of Raghav and cannot return until he is punished. Raghav then puts the Mangalsutra around Pallavi’s neck, causing Sharda to run away in shock. Pallavi thinks that she will give Raghav torture in return for buying her family’s happiness.

Later, Jaya arrives and Pallavi faints. Raghav takes her to bed and puts a blanket over her. Jaya questions Raghav’s marriage to Pallavi and he reassures her that they are together and he has arranged a grand party to celebrate. Jaya decides to call Sharda but her number is unavailable.

Meanwhile, Vijay is discharged from the hospital and Sharda blames him for losing Pallavi. She hears Pallavi’s favorite song on the radio and calls out for her, but Vijay breaks the radio and declares that Pallavi is dead to them.

Pallavi wakes up and Kirti and Jaya ask if she is okay. Kirti asks if there is a problem with the marriage, and Jaya reveals that she arranged the marriage to help Pallavi settle down. Raghav interrupts and says that everything is not sorted.

In the preview, Pallavi attends the party wearing white, causing Raghav to question her choice of clothing…Read more

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