Raghav Reveals His Wife To The World. Light Of Love 16 March 2023, Thursday: Episode 71-72

LIGHT OF LOVE EPISODE 71: When Kirti asks Pallavi if Raghav and she are okay, Raghav walks in and says, “No, I got here on gun point.” Kirti laughs and says, “Amma, it’s a joke.” Raghav then smiles and says, “Pallavi will never be scared of me.” Pallavi said yes because of her situation and she will get everything she wants in life. It was a practical decision. We don’t always fight.

Raghav hands Pallavi a sari and says, “I hope you will agree to that Mrs. Rao,” closes the door, walks over to her, and says, “People will investigate a lot about our marriage and the deal should be between us.” Raghav then says, “It’s welcome party for Amma and Kirti, so you will have to maintain my standards.”

Sharda says that Vijay’s stubbornness broke my house, which Sulochana enjoys seeing. Sharda asks Nikhil if Raghav was behind your arrest. Sulochana responds, “Amruta, I am so happy, Pallavi went out of house, Nikhil is useless and Dada and Vahini are broken, and this house will be mine and throw Sharda and Vijay out of this house. Amruta says you ruined my life. Rag

Raghav sees Vijay at the door and says, “Welcome, please come in, may be here for your daughter to bless her,” waiting to call Pallavi. Vijay responds, “I am not here for anyone here is shop keys, give it to your wife, I have no relation to that shop tell her it is a wedding gift and thank her to break my only dream.” You respond, “We have ego, no it’s self respect,” and Vijay leaves. Raghav asserts that lecturing to the entire family is beneficial.

Raghav shows Pallavi the keys and tells her what Vijay said. Pallavi tells Raghav that dreams don’t break easily and that I won’t let your dream die. Raghav says, “Regardless, you are still not ready quickly get ready.”

As Amma and Kirti are introduced to guests by Raghav, Kirti tells Jaya, “I am finding all this weird,” and Jaya responds, “I am thinking about Pallavi.”
Lawyer contacts Pallavi in her room.

The party is very well received by Raghav’s guests, who ask him to introduce his wife. Raghav responds, “I will get her.” Raghav calls Pallavi and requests that she hurry down.

Pallavi introduces herself as Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao after the lights go out and Raghav asks Farhad to check. She knows that everyone is waiting to meet Raghav Rao’s wife, so here I am. Raghav pulls Pallavi aside and asks her, “What nonsense is this? Doesn’t she know what white saree represents?” Pallavi responds, “Dare you trouble my Amma and Kirti go and change,” Raghav responds, “You married a widow,” Pallavi responds, “I am Deshmukh family’s widow,” Raghav responds, “You are their daughter,” Pallavi responds, “Until you came into my life and

Pre cap: Raghav was blackmailed to get me to marry him, Pallavi claims, and Jaya slaps Raghav. He sent my brother to jail.

LIGHT OF LOVE EPISODE 72: When Jaya asks Pallavi why she is wearing this saree, she replies, “Wait for some time.” Raghav then asks Farhad if he knew Pallavi was a widow, and Farhad replies, “No.” Raghav becomes tensed when Pallavi refuses to tell Raghav the truth, so Jaya yells at Raghav and asks him to properly converse with Pallavi.

Raghav tells Pallavi that she will change later and urges her to change. Pallavi responds, “I am not,” explaining that “whitr color is my favorite and my identity,” and that “all are dying here to know our story,” so let me tell everyone.
Jaya tells Raghav, “I hope I won’t be embarrassed by what she tells,” as Pallavi addresses everyone.

Sharda lights a diya and sits alone. Milind walks up to her with a cup of coffee and says, “It’s not like how Pallavi made it,” Sharda responds, “But it’s good.” Milind continues, “We were lucky to have Pallavi and again sacrificed for us.” Sharda responds, “She did stupidity,” “Couldn’t she tell us,” Milind responds, “How will she,” I was with her all Milind says that I just hope Raghav learns something good from Pallavi.

Pallavi says everybody should figure how did a working class young lady wed Raghav and for what reason is she sporting white, since I’m a widow, I mean before I wedded I was a widow, it was a shock for me too as are you, Raghav constrained me to wed him, sent my sibling prison to wed him, Jaya slaps Raghav, Raghav acknowledges he is simply envisioning things.

Jaya inquires as to Raghav’s nervousness, to which Pallavi responds, “The marriage was shocking for me because people asked me to forget colors and live a single life but these things never bothered me and my ex-in laws were always with me and gave me all the happiness.” Raghav then entered my life, and you know what he did, something that a normal man would never do, he in front of my whole family changed my whole life that night, so that night Raghav proposed to me Pallavi whispers to Raghav, “I had fun watching you wipe your sweat, now cmon show your greatness and not this anger,” as Jaya asks Raghav to leave.

Pallavi gives Raghav bangles, which he puts in her hand; she also gives him earrings, which he puts on her; a necklace; a saree; Raghav puts it over her head; a mangalsutra; Raghav puts it around her neck; sindoor; Raghav puts her sindoor on her; Jaya is happy; Kirti is confused.

Raghav tells guests to have fun and eat, and Kirti tells Jaya to eat because it’s time for her medicine. Pallavi thanks the lawyer as he approaches, then looks at Raghav before departing.

Pre cap: Pallavi gets dressed, and Jaya tells her, “You’re very pretty, come, I have a surprise for you.”
Jaya with Pallavi and Sharda. Sharda tells Pallavi that she is a mean and self-centered woman who destroyed the life of my daughter, and Raghav blackmailed her to accept his offer…Read more

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