Raghav Catches His Killer. Light Of Love 17 February 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 37


The episode started with Lion practicing his aim by shooting at apples on the courier boys head..

Raghav called Pallavi and asked her to come to his place as soon as possible and he made her hear drunk Amruta’s voice…

Raghav said to Amruta come I will play Holi with you and was about to apply color to Amruta but she fainted, Pallavi came in and Raghav applied the color to her instead.

Sometime back….

Raghav was watching a video on his phone and laughing. Harish asked why are you laughing, Raghav said Pallavi messaged me and she thinks I will reply her, she shows a lot of attitude and like other girls she has fallen for me too, Pallavi woke up and realized it was a dream, she checked her phone, didn’t see any reply and got very angry, she messaged him, can’t he reply why does he have to show such attitude.

Raghav had fallen on the ground, checked his phone and saw Pallavi was still typing, Pallavi received a voice note which said thank you for saving my life and I owe you one, stop typing your angry message, I am doing better now relax and Happy Holi.
Raghav got voice note from Pallavi Happy Holi and rest, you don’t need to play Holi. Raghav replied I know that, don’t try to be my mother, Pallavi replied I was showing courtesy but looks like you don’t need any.

Pallavi said I have to focus on saree for the competition.
Pallavi performed pooja and wished Bappa happy holi, she said I miss Aai Baba today, Milind walked to her and said I am not old like your Baba but I can help you today apply color to them, Pallavi applied him color, they saw Amruta going to her friends to play Holi, Milind tried to tell her not to go as there is death in the family, Amruta said it’s Sharda Kaku mother, why should it ruin my fun, Pallavi tried to tell her but Sulochana interrupted and scolded Pallavi, she asked Amruta to leave for party and left. Milind said Sulochana’s this attitude will spoil the kid.

Harish got Raghav last night CCTV footage, Raghav said I find this man very familiar. Lion back as Abhijeet called Pallavi said date of submission is postponed, do you need help, Pallavi said no not really you just come pick saree tomorrow for submission and he said okay.

Lion started practicing his aim by shooting apples on the courier boys head, he asked sir why are you doing all this, Lion said practicing for tonight.

Amruta ate bhang Pedha and was drunk, on her way home she saw Raghav’s house and said my future husbands house, let me apply color to him and she sneaked inside. Pallavi got a call from Raghav, Raghav said come to my house as soon as possible and he placed the phone on speaker.

Pallavi heard Amruta’s voice and said he is my husband, I want to increase my love and bond let me meet him, I am the owner of this house, Raghav said just get her away as soon as possible or I will put her behind bars. Amruta was yelling at the help, she placed on music on her phone and started dancing.

Milind was on a call making arrangements for sangeet and wedding, Pallavi rushed and said it’s urgent, I will tell you later and she left. Sulochana said she surely must be going to meet Raghav Rao, when Sharda and Vijay come, I will tell them everything.

Raghav got down to Amruta and said get out, Amruta said first apply color then I will go, Raghav said just wait and watch, now you will fear holi, Amruta fainted, Pallavi came there and Raghav by mistake applied her red color. Pallavi tried to wake her up, Raghav said she won’t wake up, she had too much bhang, Pallavi said let me book a cab, Raghav said it’s Holi today, all will be in this state, my driver will drop you. Raghav helped her pick Amruta and Pallavi took her to a cab.

Sulochana bragged on a call and said I have told everyone that no one will play Holi as there is death in the family, she then saw Pallavi bringing Amruta, Sulochana looked at Pallavi and thinks, looks like she played Holi with Raghav.

Pre cap: Abhijeet switched off the light at Pallavi’s house, Pallavi called Raghav said she needs help and wants him to lend his hall for a night to make sarees. Pallavi then went to Raghav’s place with Abhijeet…Read more

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