Light Of Love 17 February 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 38


The episode started with Sulochana saying I know you went to Raghav’s house, Amruta told me everything, she went there to wish him and she found you there with him…

Pallavi reached Raghav’s home with Abhijeet…

Sometime back..

Pallavi reached home with Amruta, Sulochana and Milind walked to them and asked what is wrong with Amruta, Pallavi said she had bhang, Milind said what, Pallavi said she might not have eaten on her own, someone might have mixed it in her food and she ate it, don’t worry…. Sulochana said shut up, enough of your drama, today morning you were teaching Amruta lesson and look at yourself covered in gulal.

I know who applied you color and from where you are coming, you were at Raghav’s house, Amruta went there to wish him and she found you there, you didn’t want Amruta to know it so you gave her bhang, Milind stopped Sulochana, Sulochana said if she can do anything.

I can say anything and Pallavi pray to god that I don’t tell this to Dada and she asked Amruta to come with her but as Amruta was drunk, she refused, Sulochana said I won’t spare you. Pallavi tried to justify herself, Milind said I know the truth ignore her, Pallavi said I will look after Amruta, you look after Sulochana Kaku.

Pallavi checked the color on her and remembered the whole incident at Raghav’s house and wiped the color.

Pallavi woke up near Amruta and remembered about her saree and the competition starting at 8 in the evening. She rushed down to the hall and saw Abhijeet, Milind said he is here to see you, Pallavi introduced him as Krishna’s brother Abhijeet, Abhijeet asked Pallavi is all the work done, Pallavi said Sarees are not done not even a single saree, Abhijeet said I can help you, he asked for the washroom and left.

Abhijeet made a call and asked someone to cut the electricity connection, Pallavi checked around and said looks like the whole area’s connection is cut.
Abhijeet walked to her and asked how will they work now, do you know anyone outside this area, who can help you, Pallavi remembered Raghav’s message that he owes her help for saving his life.

she called Raghav and asked him to lend his house hall for her to work on her saree tonight, Raghav said okay when are you coming, Pallavi said I am already outside your house, Raghav said have you set up a tent here, come here anytime, Pallavi said anyways this is Abhijeet, Raghav found him familiar and said boyfriends are not allowed, Pallavi said he is krishan’s brother, he’s here to help me.

Abhijeet saw his hoodie photo from the restaurant on Raghav’s table. Pallavi asked Abhijeet to begin with the work. Raghav saw Pallavi’s mess and got annoyed, Pallavi asked Raghav to catch a saree for a minute and make markings, Raghav looked at Abhijeet and thinks I have seen him somewhere. Pallavi got close to Raghav, Raghav smelled her hair and she scolded him.

Raghav said don’t blame me, you brought your hair right in my nose, I am not helping you now, Pallavi said okay then I am moving the furniture and asked Abhijeet to help, Abhijeets gun fell down, Raghav got annoyed by the noise and saw Abhijeet all in sweat and asked why is he so sweaty.

Pallavi said it’s a heavy table, Raghav said heavy and pulls with one hand, Abhijeet pushed the gun with his leg under the sofa, Raghav saw Abhijeet rubbing his feet and realized it was the same thing done by the person in the hotel and thinks is he lion and taking Pallavi’s advantage to kill me.

Raghav slowly took a picture of him, Pallavi saw Raghav going to the kitchen and asked will you get me something like coffee, tea or something to eat too please, Raghav said okay and went to his office, he then checked his computer for data.
Pallavi told Abhijeet that Raghav is very bad, she was looking for needles but couldn’t find it, Abhijeet hid them and asked her to ask Raghav for it.

Pallavi walked to Raghav and asked where is the tea and why did you come here, anyways I want needles box, Raghav said might be somewhere in the house, find it, Abhijeet then got his gun.
Raghav saw LION upside down and read No.17 and figured out from the old pictures that it’s Ved.

Pre cap: Ved (Abhijeet) was pointing gun on Pallavi’s head, Raghav said Ved leave her it’s between us...Read more

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