Pallavi Puts Raghav In Hot Waters. Light Of Love 17 March 2023, Friday: Episode 73-74


This episode began with Raghav walking to the bedroom and calling out to Pallavi, he realized she wasn’t inside and saw his clothes outside. He then heard Pallavi in the bathroom and asked her to come out. He saw a book about hindu marriage, picked it up and found a note for him which stated “according to the rules of marriage we share everything, read section 498 if you don’t believe”

He read section 498 which states, if someone tortures his wife, it’s a non-bailable offense and must be sentenced to 3 years in jail. Raghav got angry, took his clothes and left.

He was so angry at Pallavi that he said, she is a widow and she had been working for her in-laws. Farhad said to him, Pallavi bhabhi sent this for you. Raghav asked, why is she your bhabhi and why are you taking orders from her? Jaya walked in and asked, why aren’t you with Pallavi? Raghav replied, I was here working. Jaya said, Pallavi is your responsibility now, have some time for your family, do office work In the office.

Pallavi saw Raghav without a shirt and she asked him, why are you in my room, can’t you close the door? Raghav replied, this is my house and this my room, find yourself a different one. Pallavi said, I will wait outside, hurry up. Raghav was annoyed while taking a shower and Pallavi went to the other room and started brushing. Raghav started singing while showering and Pallavi heard him singing.

Raghav called Reddy and said there is no water. Pallavi said good, she placed off her tap and the water in Raghav’s bathroom started flowing. Pallavi placed her tap again and the one in Raghav’s bathroom went off again, someone knocked at Pallavi’s door and said you and Raghav’s bathroom have a cross connection, due to that, we are facing water issue, so since he is showering please don’t put on the water from your side.
Pallavi went back and placed on the water, Raghav was covered in soap and he became annoyed.

Pallavi saw Mangalsutra on her table, Jaya walked to her and asked, what were you thinking about? Pallavi replied, nothing. Jaya said, wear this saree and Jewellery, we are going out. Pallavi got dressed and Jaya complimented her saying, you are looking very pretty, I have a surprise for you.

Jaya and Pallavi went to a park and Jaya said, we are here to meet someone and she pointed at Sharda, Sharda looked at Pallavi and Jaya said, now you know why I called her, you always wanted to see her like this right and get respect, I know everything was in a rush, since are already married we should accept them. Why didn’t you come for the wedding? Anyway, come to pooja today. Sharda said, you are mean and selfish, I shared my pain but I understand why you did this.

Jaya said what are you saying, Pallavi tried to interrupt but Sharda said, I know everything about Nikhil. Baba was right, you have become very smart and so bare the consequences, I was with you always Pallavi but not anymore, next time share your pain alone, Jaya you said Kirti and Pallavi are equals, so then would you have allowed Kirti to marry a man like Raghav, who blackmails to marry?

Raghav asked Farhad to check about the plumbing line, Farhad asked, where is bhabhi? Raghav said Farhad stop it, she is very frustrating. Farhad found it very funny and said, it’s fun when you get frustrated because of her. Jaya walked to Raghav and slapped him. Raghav asked, what happened? Jaya replied, I asked you to marry Pallavi but that doesn’t mean you should force her.

Kirti kept telling me something was wrong but I didn’t believe you, you blackmailed Pallavi to marry you. Raghav said Pallavi lied. Jaya said she didn’t even utter a word, I was wrong,I thought I was doing good to two people, but you spoilt her life, enough of your stubbornness and arrogance, Kirti pack out stuff, we are leaving right after Pallavi comes back from the shop.

Pre cap: Jaya said to Pallavi, I brought you here and I will not leave you alone.
Raghav saw Pallavi asleep and she had a lot of blisters on her hand, he applied ointment on it and Pallavi hugged him while asleep.
Raghav asked Farhad to take the vault keys, there are diamonds worth 35 Cr and Farhad said, the keys are with Pallavi.


The episode began with Jaya saying to Raghav, enough of your stubbornness and arrogance, Kirti, we will leave this house forever after Pallavi comes back from shop and she left. Raghav said Kirti talk to Amma not to go. Kirti said, she is right, you forced Pallavi, I feel ashamed to call you my brother, you have a sister, how can you treat other girls this way?

Pallavi said to Jaya and Kirti, leaving this house is not the solution. Jaya asked,is this what you are saying? Pallavi replied yes, because I know the pain that comes when you live without family and sorry to say, it was your fault, your intention was pure but Raghav did this for your love. Jaya said, I agree but Sharda is right, why didn’t you tell us, I am still sorry,I won’t leave you alone but promise me you won’t be scared of Raghav’s blackmails and sacrifice to his actions, promise me. Pallavi promised Jaya saying, I won’t let Raghav win with such intentions, I am always lucky, first Sharda and now you.

Milind asked Sulochana not to sit on Pallavi’s chair. Sulochana replied, she is not in this house. Vijay said, Sulochana is right, that girl won’t come back, take the chair Sulochana and Nikhil eat something before you leave. Nikhil said, I won’t sit here without Pallavi didi. Vijay said, first learn to stand on your feet before you talk. Nikhil said, sorry to say but you too aren’t doing anything, so sort your life first.

Sharda came in and said enough, Nikhil. Nikhil said, you guys have a problem with Pallavi so deal with it, I know what to do and what not to do, I know Pallavi was right and always will be. Mansi said of course, you will find her right because she has money and respect. Nikhil said it was better than being Sulochana’s puppet. Mansi said, stay in your limits, this house runs on my fathers money not on Pallavi’s money. Nikhil replied, good, I see Sulochana in you, I will speak here only when I become somebody and she left.

Sharda talked to herself and said, my house is breaking.

Raghav told Farhad to get the car and Farhad asked, what about pooja? Raghav replied, Pallavi has opened her mouth again in front of Amma. Jaya walked to Raghav and said I changed my mind, I will stay here. Raghav said thank you Amma. Jaya said, thank Pallavi instead, what you did was wrong, I am only here because Pallavi is in this because of me, Raghav asked,why do you favor her? Jaya replied, because she is not a cheater like you, Pallavi will come soon, don’t go to the office, we will do pooja.

Kirti told Jaya that Pallavi has a high fever and Jaya asked why didn’t she tell me? Kirti then went to call the doctor. Raghav was on a call with a client who said I will deliver South Africa’s rare diamond’s. Raghav told Farhad that they will have to go to the shop and that he needed the keys to the vault. Farhad said, the keys are with Pallavi. Raghav said, I won’t spare her and went to Pallavi’s room.

The doctor told Jaya that Pallavi has chicken pox symptoms and that she needs to be isolated. They should also make sure that the people who get into contact with her are those who have had chickenpox before. Raghav saw Jaya at the door and she told him Pallavi wasn’t feeling well. Raghav said, it’s her usual drama. Jaya replied him, everyone is not like you. Raghav said, okay I will ask the staff to take care of her. Jaya said,no you will take care of you, you had chickenpox too, you forced her to marry you, now take care of her, go inside and apply ointment to her, she has blisters, if you want me here then do as I say and left.
Raghav said, this Pallavi!!

He walked into Pallavi’s room and tried to wake her up asking her for the vault keys,he also said, here is ointment apply it and he started looking for keys in the room, he saw that all drawers were locked. He saw the blisters on Pallavi’s hand and applied ointment to it, Pallavi hugged him while asleep. Raghav slowly placed her hand down and said there is no chance for romance between us. He then said to himself, she might be having some body pains, let me help her and he massaged her leg, he said again, I am Raghav, I won’t do this.

Farhad was trying to make a duplicate of the keys to the vault and he told Raghav that, duplicating the keys is not possible, the order is also urgent. Raghav said I will handle it. Pallavi left Raghav a voice note which stated that, give me my shop keys and take your vault keys, he became angry and went to her room. Jaya shouted at him and asked, why are you yelling, don’t you know she is unwell? Tomorrow, get neem leaves for Pallavi’s blisters. Raghav said, I will tell the staff to do so. Jaya said get it yourself or else…. Raghav said, I will do everything, just don’t leave the house.

Precap: Farhad saw a man with neem leaves and torn clothes, he was about to ask him to leave and found out that it was Raghav, Kirti and Amma laughed at him in that condition.
Raghav found out that Sulochana was behind the photo scam…Read more

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