Light Of Love 19 May 2023, Friday: Episode 138-139


The episode began with Raghav saying, Pallavi I love you, Pallavi also said, Raghav I love you too and they both hugged each other. Rajan asked what to cook for dinner and Raghav replied, we will have Maharashtrian today, ask Keshav to cook and ask Farha, Amma, Kirti all to wear Maharashtrian outfits, we are celebrating today. Pallavi smiled and looked at Raghav.

Kirti was with Sunny and said, I am so happy. Mandar’s arrival has led to no case on you too, just one thing, my family doesn’t care about us, even Amma has forgotten me and only thinks about Pallavi. Sunny said, until our engagement, nothing is going to work. Kirti said, that soon will happen but Sunny asked, when, we were to get engaged one month ago, no one is talking about it and Pallavi will never let us be one, we will have to fight for ourselves and Kirti asked how, do you have any idea?

Farhad with the help of YouTube was helping Raghav wear a Dhoti and Raghav said, no I know what to do, Pallavi walked in and asked, what is happening here? Raghav responded, why is your Maharashtrian Dhoti so complicated, our Telugu Dhoti is so simple, it is simple let me help, Farhad you go and change too.
Pallavi said to Raghav, you need experience to wear Dhoti and Raghav said, oh you sell Dhoti too in your shop and Pallavi said shut up.

Raghav said, you can’t do it and Pallavi said I can, wait let me help you and she helped Raghav wear the Dhoti
Raghav said, I love you and Pallavi smiled. Raghav kept saying it and Pallavi said enough, will you tell the whole world! Raghav said yes, I will yell and let the whole world know but Pallavi said enough, someone will hear it, don’t embarrass me. Raghav asked, why can’t I say I love you to my wife?

Pallavi replied, you can but… Raghav said, then I will keep saying I love you to my wife and Pallavi said okay in the room we will but outside we will use code language like in that film and Raghav asked, which film? Pallavi replied, it no use telling you which film, it’s Hindi and in that film they used code words like touching their lip when they want to say I love you. Raghav said, you look so cute and touches his lip and they both smiled at each other.

Vijay showed Mandar his childhood pics but he was just thinking about Pallavi, he became tensed and left. Vishnu said, uncle don’t worry, I will look after him and left too. Sulochana walked to Vijay and said, Dada he saw someone else hold his wife’s hand, why won’t he be upset.

Pallavi told Jaya she has arranged Navari saree for her and Kirti. Jaya said, let Kirti manage on her own, leave her alone, help me, I am very excited.

Vishnu asked Mandar to calm down, saying, how can you leave food, I agree this is hard but look how much these people love you. Mandar said, what can I do, I am so tensed, I kept waiting for this for the past 2 years and now I can’t accept it, I know everyone is happy but I can’t feel it.

He saw Pallavi’s picture on the table and said, I remembered only Pallavi, now she has a face but that man took my wife away. Vishnu said, it’s not proved yet, forget about Pallavi and focus on your family. Mandar said, I will get my wife back like the way he took her away once I have my DNA report. Mansi heard it and said, this is so interesting, let me tell Aai about it.

Pallavi and Kirti walked in, during Navari, Jaya said so pretty. Kirti said, it’s perfect for what is going to happen today and Jaya asked, what? Kirti said, dinner celebration. Raghav walked in and Jaya said, so handsome.

Raghav asked, where is Pallavi? Jaya said, very nice decoration and Raghav said, Farhad did the decoration. Farhad came to them and Jaya praised him. Farhad said, I have set everything, will leave now. Jaya said, it’s a family dinner stay and Farhad agreed.

Kirti kept looking at door and her mobile phone when Pallavi walked in, Raghav couldn’t get his eyes of her and he gestured very nicely, Pallavi gestured him correctly and Raghav touched his lip. Jaya walked to them and blessed them.

Everyone heard Marathi dhol and Raghav said, wow Farhad, you arranged this too. Farhad responded, I didn’t. Kirti started dancing and Sunny walked in. Raghav and Jaya became angry, Kirti then started dancing with Sunny.

Kirti held Sunny’s hand and Raghav shouted, stop all this. Raghav walked to Sunny and asked, why are you here? Sunny replied, I came here for Kirti’s proposal and permission from you and Amma to marry her. Raghav held his collar but Jaya stopped him. Raghav said, don’t you have self-respect, how dare you come here. Kirti shouted, leave him Raghav. Raghav said, he is a murderer.

Sunny said, it was an accident, Mandar is alive so forget about the past and let me marry Kirti. Kirti added, I want to marry Sunny, we were scared about the past, we want a happy life too, if you don’t let me marry him it won’t be good. Jaya said, you are threatening your brother.

Sunny said, she said that in anger, I love her a lot, please allow us to marry. Pallavi stopped Raghav from arguing and said, we will deal with him later. Jaya, Amma, we are all in a good mood, let’s not spoil it and Sunny you wait, it’s our family dinner, we will talk to you later.
Kirti said Sunny, will join too, he is my family and took him with her, Pallavi then calmed everyone.

Kirti was serving Sunny when Raghav asked everyone to sit. He said, Pallavi I have something for you, it’s in the room. He left with Pallavi when got a call from Vijay and she panicked saying, I have to go Deshmukh house and she left.
Raghav got a gift and asked, where is Pallavi? Sunny replied, her first husband is back and now he is her first priority, so she left. Raghav dropped his gift and became angry.

Precap: Raghav said, I feel sometimes that they will call you back. Pallavi said, I promise this won’t happen, I love you.
Mandar said with this report, I will get Pallavi back and shut Raghav Rao forever.


The episode began with Pallavi walking into Deshmukh house and asked Amruta, what happened, where is Mandar? Mansi replied, Mandar has locked himself and has refused to open the door, Kaka has been trying but he won’t listen to anyone.
Vijay was asking Mandar to come out and Pallavi said, let me try, she started calling Mandar and asked, where is Vishnu. Vishnu came from behind and said, I am here.

Jaya said to Raghav, don’t worry, it might be urgent that why Pallavi left. Kirti said, what so urgent, we are all here right, all this for her and she left because she doesn’t value us. Sunny said, Kirti is right, you defend Pallavi because you like her, those people can her then ask her to stay too. Raghav got angry at Sunny, dragged him and threw him saying, keep your nonsense to yourself, another word against my wife and you will never be able to talk, get out. Kirti said, the whole world will ask these questions tomorrow, when will will go back to her ex-husband, Raghav then left. Sunny hugged Kirti for supporting her in front of Jaya

Ramya came to Deshmukh house and said, Pallavi you left him alone here so he is upset, Vishnu told me how Raghav behaved, he doesn’t remember anyone here and he won’t be able to adjust here without you, if you knew you can’t stay here with him, you shouldn’t have gotten him here. Mandar opened the door and called Ramya inside.

Ramya talked to Mandar, called everyone inside and said, Pallavi won’t leave you alone, she will stay here with you, right Pallavi? Pallavi replied yes, I will and Vijay asked Pallavi to get Mandar food. Sulochana said, I will help Pallavi. Ramya asked Pallavi to sit beside Mandar on the dining table and he asked him to eat. Mandar said, I don’t want to eat anything, I don’t want to stay here. Vijay said, I can’t bare this pain of again Mandar, I have lost you once not again. Pallavi said, all these people love you but if you don’t try, we can’t help. Mandar asked, will you help me? Pallavi replied, I will do whatever I can, now eat. Mandar said, I am not hungry. Ramya said, Pallavi will feed you then, I am sure you won’t say no to her. Sulochana said, she won’t and gave the plate to Pallavi.

Pallavi thinks of Mandar’s delicate situation and was about to feed him when Raghav walked in and she dropped plate. Vijay walked to Raghav and said, this is my house and not a garden that you keep coming whenever you want. Raghav said, if this was a garden still I won’t prefer coming, I am here for my wife, don’t annoy me, I am not in mood to argue. Mandar went to Raghav and said, show some respect, he is my father. Raghav asked, are DNS results out? Mandar replied, can’t you think of anything else, tomorrow will do the test and show the answer in your face, once the reports are out, I will get my wife here and Pallavi till then, there no need of coming here. Raghav said, first find yourself a home and name and then challenge me. Pallavi held Raghav’s hand and they were about leave and Raghav said, she is Pallavi Raghav Rao.

Pallavi tried to talk to Raghav in their room but he was very upset. Pallavi said, you can scold me but don’t do this, I got a car so I had to leave. Raghav said, there is no scope of explanation in us, I trust you more than myself but the problem is the Deshmukh family especially those who didn’t accept our marriage, sometimes I feel they will call you back, they are taking advantage of your kindness. Pallavi said, when did Raghav Rao turn so sorted. Raghav responded, since the time Pallavi Raghav Rao placed our wedding photo there, it answers all my questions, you can try too. Amma said we are in this together and we will fight together. Pallavi hugged Raghav and said, no third person will come between us.

Pallavi said to Raghav, after Mandar came back in Deshmukh house, I realized that just him being there was not enough, this has increased my responsibility and insecurity in our relationship. Raghav said, I know, there will be anger, insecurity and fight but we can get over them. Pallavi said done, I Love you and Raghav hugged her.

Ramya was taking Mandar’s DNA and Vijay said, Mandar I don’t want you to do this, Raghav is a goon we don’t want to listen to him. Mandar said, Baba some people want proof and with that proof I will get my wife Pallavi back. Sulochana then smiled. Ramya said, it will require three days for the report to be ready, take care of yourself and your family and he left. Mandar walked to the calendar and said, on this day, I will close Raghav’s mouth forever.

Pallavi took update from Amruta and told Raghav about it. Raghav was thinking about Mandar’s word of taking Pallavi away. Pallavi was also at the shop thinking about the situation and she pricked her hand, Raghav was disturbed at work and left in the middle of a meeting.
Mandar started counting the days.

Back home, Pallavi was disturbed and burnt her hand in the kitchen and Raghav took care of it.
Mandar said, it’s day 3 and finally my report will be in tomorrow and I can rightfully own my things.

Precap: Pallavi said Raghav, you care so much about me which no one does. Raghav said, and no one loves me the way you do, for me the definition of love is Pallavi and Pallavi kissed his forehead.
Mandar challenge’s Raghav saying, Pallavi will be here with me within the next 7 days.

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