Pallavi Rejects Raghav’s Offer. Light Of Love 2 March 2023, Thursday: Episode 53-54


The episode started with Pallavi getting a call from Krishna that Raghav is at the shop messing everything please come soon, Pallavi rushed to the shop, saw Vijay and remembered his words and said let me talk to baba, she walked to Vijay and said Raghav is again at the shop messing up, I have to go, Krishna can’t manage alone, please let me go, he is the owner, please understand, Vijay said go with Nikhil, Pallavi said thank you and left.

Nikhil and Pallavi reached the shop, Nikhil then got call from Akash for photoshoot lighting, Pallavi said you talk to him, I will talk to Raghav.
Krishna was scolding Raghav and Farhad for spoiling everything, Pallavi walked in and asked what all this and how dare you come in, Raghav said it’s my shop, Pallavi said I rented it, you don’t have any other work, first my family, now again here, some new notice to throw me out, Raghav said I don’t need that, I am here for photoshoot set up, a customer walked in asking for the shop, Raghav said it’s shut permanently leave, he wrote on a paper shop closed and hanged it on the shop and said this shop is closed for 2 days, after that your eviction notice will also end, this is my shop now, get out.

Pallavi said I had never accepted your legal notice, do your photoshoot, I can manage my business online as well, you can steal my offline presence but not online, Nikhil walked in and informed that photoshoot set up has been done, Pallavi said very good, Raghav lock the shop properly and don’t touch my sarees, if you do I will send the bill to Jayti Jewels and she left. Raghav asked Farhad to post-pond the photoshoot.

Sharda and Vijay came home, Sharda said why do people stare at us as if there are never breakups, Vijay said forget people, they are here to pin point, he saw Mansi busy and happy. Sharda said Pallavi found good thing, Vijay said I am worried about Amruta not Mansi, what about that boy, does he love her, do they want to be together.

Sulochana walked to them and said stay away from my daughter’s life, I will decide what she will do, Amruta won’t abort again, Sharda said if you don’t show her the right path, you might need that, we can also speak nonsense like you but we are cultured unlike you.

Amruta got ready, Sulochana walked to her and said what all this, Amruta said what have I done, I am going out to enjoy with my friends, Sulochana said shut up and stay here, if you are so bored think about revenge, Pallavi and Raghav, Amruta said it’s not your cup of tea, you can’t even stand in front of Pallavi, Sulochana said this Pallavi showed how far she can go and now just wait and watch how I play, they will be nowhere, Amruta said I want them to face this but how, Sulochana said got all Raghav’s details, even his weakness.

Pallavi and Mansi were arranging for a shoot, Pallavi asked Krishna for a black saree and Krishna handed it her, Nikhil walked in and informed Pallavi that the model has denied and all the other models too are booked, I tried everywhere, Pallavi said who would do that.

Farhad said to Raghav, I called all the models, what are we doing now, Raghav said ask the photographer to shoot with which one he likes and others let them just time pass, Farhad asked why call them then, Raghav said so that they don’t go to Pallavi, Pallavi asked Nikhil where did they go, Nikhil said to Jayti Jewels. Pallavi said who else than Raghav, Mansi said what will we do now, Kirti walked in and asked where are you, I have been calling you for a long time, the shop is shut too, Pallavi smiled looking at her and said we have our model.

Harish told Raghav that Pallavi found a model, Raghav said how is that possible, all professionals are with me, Harish said she isn’t professional.

Kirti got dressed but became nervous, Pallavi said don’t worry you are very photogenic and natural, Mansi started clicking Kirti, Milind walked in with Sharda and Vijay and praised the girls, Pallavi asked them to leave as Kirti is getting nervous, Kirti said Pallavi I can’t I am so over dressed and conscious, Pallavi said it’s fine, go stroll around in the garden and come and Kirti left, Pallavi asked everyone to go get dressed for Kirti to feel normal.

Raghav reached Pallavi’s house with the photoshoot setup and said if my sister is having a photoshoot, everything should be the best.
Pallavi got dressed, Raghav saw her, he kept looking at her and smiling and he entered her room, Pallavi thinks, it’s Mansi and asked her to give her a safety pin, Raghav handed her the pin and slowly left.

Nikhil called Pallavi out, Mansi and the photographer were fighting, Pallavi saw Raghav in the room, Pallavi asked Raghav what nonsense is this, Raghav said you are using my sister, so all should be the best, you should be happy I am getting you the best equipment.

Pre cap: Harish told Raghav that the police has arrested Kirti and Amma.
Vijay threw Pallavi out of the house.
Farhad said to Raghav, you spoilt the innocent girls life, Raghav said she started first, she pointed at Amma and Kirti’s character.


The episode started with Raghav saying, Pallavi you are lucky, look I got you the most expensive set up which you can’t afford, Vijay asked what is he doing here, Pallavi said just get out, Raghav said control your emotion, it’s a win win opportunity, don’t lose it, Kirti walked in and said we don’t want your help and also I don’t want to be part of the shoot, you are having connection.

Pallavi said get out or me and my team will throw your equipment out. Pallavi asked Mansi to start her shoot, Raghav tried to grab the camera and broke it, Mansi, Nikhil was about to attack, Jaya walked in and scolded Raghav, apologized to Pallavi and asked Kirti to help Pallavi and took Raghav away with her.

Jaya asked Raghav, why is he troubling Pallavi, Raghav said I was here for Kirti, Jaya said nobody asked you for, why do you force people, I was seeing little good in you and wanted to agree, you are good but I was a fool, Raghav said I have just you and Kirti and will do whatever you want, I want you and Kirti with me in our house, Jaya said it’s your house, as long as you keep troubling girls like Pallavi, we can’t stay together and she left. Sulochana heared all that. Amruta rushed to Sulochana and said I found all information about Raghav from Hyderabad, Sulochana said you are no good but you are Lucky to have me, now Raghav will have to face me.

Mansi was sitting with her camera, Nikhil said all the props are broken, Mansi said even the Camera, Milind said let’s repair it, Mansi said that will be expensive, Pallavi got everyone sherbat and said we will find a solution, let’s chill a bit, let’s move towards simplicity, our phones, Sharda said good idea. Nikhil said I will call a friend he has good ideas, they all give their ideas and Pallavi said let’s start.

The Photoshoot began, Kirti was captured doing the daily activities, like reading newspaper, working on laptop, having tea, going on a walk, Mansi showed everyone the photos, Pallavi said Kirti go change for the next set, Sulochana clicked Kirti while she stumbled and changed the Saree.

Raghav was drinking in front of Deshmukh sarees, Farhad said let’s go home, Raghav was intoxicated and said you are my best friend, tell me my one wish, Farhad said Kirti and Amma, Raghav said yes and every time, Amma thinks of coming to me, she does something, whenever I help her, she ruins everything, Farhad said you are drunk, let’s go home. Raghav didn’t listen and said Pallavi, you broke my family and because of you my mother is going away from me, A man saw Raghav doing all this. Raghav said I hate you Pallavi and asked Farhad to get a stone.

Mansi, Nikhil and Pallavi praised Kirti, Kirti said I will take my leave now, Pallavi thanked Kirti and gave her a her cheque, Kirti said I can’t, Pallavi said please, you worked as model to us and Kirti agreed, Pallavi said I will share the hard copies. Sulochana said Kirti your brother spoilt my daughter’s character, it’s your turn now, look how I give your brother a shock.

Deshmukh’s was praying the next morning, Pallavi said we are ready to go live and showed the online page, Milind said very nice, Sharda praised Pallavi, Pallavi said It’s your blessings and she thinks, I hope this page becomes the new start and all my shop lies come true. Sulochana said soon I will laugh at this Pallavi.

Pallavi and Krishna reached the shop and read on the shop shutter written, shop is closed from today, the man who saw what Raghav did last night said it’s done was done Raghav, Pallavi said god this man, let’s open the shop, Krishna said he has changed the locks too, Pallavi called Raghav and asked him what new nonsense is this, Raghav said it’s my shop now, Pallavi said our challenge is still on and I still pay rent, Raghav asked what challenge, Pallavi said we had an agreement, Raghav asked what agreement, I didn’t sign anything and you beloved me, anyways the result is declared, you lost, the shop is now mine, pack your bags and leave.

Pre cap: Harish told Raghav, Jaya and Kirti are arrested.
Vijay threw Pallavi out of the house.
Farhad said to Raghav, you spoilt innocent Pallavi’s life, Raghav said she started first she pointed at Amma and Kirti…Read more

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