Light Of Love 21 February 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 40


Pallavi reached home and saw Sharda home. Sharda said to Pallavi that her mom had made this pickle and no one knew it would be last, she always said, always be happy who knows when life will end, now I understand that and will always be happy, cherish memories and this journey will begin with Mansi’s wedding, how are you, Pallavi said very good but I missed you, Sharda asked did you go to the doctor, Pallavi said I didn’t but consulted on a video call.

Pallavi asked Sharda is Vijay alright or is he still angry, Sharda said you two and your drama’s, you show you are angry but care a lot for each other, he used to make me call you, 50 times a day, Vijay walked in,. Pallavi said you didn’t talk to me once, how are you, Vijay said why did you come so late from the shop.

Pallavi said I wasn’t at the shop, actually I have to complete 5 sarees by tomorrow, she checked the time and it was it 11 PM, she said oh god I will talk to you tomorrow, now I have to complete the sarees.
Sulochana heard them talk and said Pallavi didn’t tell them what she did the past 13 days but I will and then all will be quite.

Raghav was about to sleep and saw Pallavi’s saree, he said what kind of business woman is this, she doesn’t even know her saree is here and anyways it’s 2 am she must be asleep, Raghav looked at the saree again and said maybe she is awake, let me call her. Pallavi was asleep while working and started sleep talking, Raghav called her and instead of disconnecting she received the call,.

she kept sleep talking and said I will win this competition and challenge, Raghav said you left a saree here, Pallavi said this house is mine and shop too, no one can throw me out of it, Raghav kept trying to talk to her and said she is so irritating, wants to win but she is sleeping, Raghav thinks about Pallavi’s words that she wants to win.

Pallavi was at the shop and said only 3 sarees are ready, Krishna said try this 2 sarees, Pallavi said I can’t do anything without you, Krishna said so you let an unknown person in and Pallavi said sorry.

Pallavi reached the competition venue and registered, Tina saw Pallavi was very nervous and gave her water and asked her to calm down.
Farhad visited Pallavi’s house and Vijay asked who is he. Farhad said he is from Raghav’s house, Pallavi had forgotten a saree yesterday there and handed the saree to Vijay, Vijay thinks, what was Pallavi doing at Raghav’s house.

Vijay was angry asked Sharda, Sharda said Pallavi will tell us, Sulochana said Pallavi never told us what she did behind you, once she got arrested, Milind said it was a misunderstanding and Sulochana stop this nonsense, Sulochana said I am sure this is all related to Raghav Rao, Vijay got angry and left.

Tina asked Pallavi does she know Raghav Rao, Pallavi saw Raghav Rao, walked to him and asked what are you doing here, Raghav said are you cracked, I don’t talk to crack people especially you and left.

The contestants were told judges are here and will announce the winners soon after review. Sharda asked Vijay to calm down and not believe Sulochana, Vijay said stop taking her side, Raghav Rao is not a good person and I don’t understand why she has to meet her, Milind called Vijay and said Pallavi is here.

Pallavi was happy and called everyone, she took Vijay and Sharda blessings and handed them the Trophy and 60,000₹ cheque and said we won in a saree competition, we will now open a shop in the mall, Vijay asked were you at Raghav’s house yesterday night, Pallavi asked why are you asking this way, what’s wrong.

Vijay said you left a saree at his place, Pallavi said you are taking things wrong and told him the whole scenario, Vijay said all nonsense, why did you go to Raghav’s place, tell me one thing are you two having any relation. Tina walked in and said yes they do.

Raghav and Farhad reached home, Farhad said here is a special sweet for Amma, Raghav said in Pallavi’s house only one thing was good, Amma was accepting me and so I wore traditional dress, Farhad said wear it now and come meet her. Raghav said good idea, Raghav saw Kirti locking the door and asked why has she locked the door and where is Amma.

Kirti said she doesn’t want to see you, Raghav said all was going good then why now, Kirti said it was so embarrassing to move because of your criminal record, so what was the reason to move to a safe house, Farhad was telling the truth, Raghav said stop, I don’t care what people think and went sit in the car.

Tina said there is surely something between Raghav and Pallavi, I can prove that.

Raghav said to Pallavi, I want to throw you out of this city, you don’t deserve it, Pallavi said you go it’s not your city, Raghav said it is.
Sharda found pregnancy report and think’s who it might be for…Read more

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