Raghav Learns Pallavi Is Innocent. Light Of Love 20 March 2023, Monday: Episode 75-76


The episode began with Kirti telling Jaya that she gave Pallavi tea but she was asking about Raghav instead and where he was, Jaya then smiled.

Raghav came in with a torn clothe, covered in dirt and neem leaves. Farhad didn’t recognize him at first and was about to ask him to leave but Raghav responded it’s me. Farhad started laughing and asked him, why did you go, you could ask any of the staff to get it? Raghav replied, Amma asked me to get it so I had to. Farhad asked him to give Pallavi her shop keys so she stops troubling him but Raghav responded, not now, I will fight her till the end, she is ill so I won’t take advantage of the situation, I will reply her when she is fine.

Jaya saw Raghav and started laughing. Raghav asked, why are you laughing, do I look like a Joker to you? Jaya replied no and kept laughing. Raghav said, here are the leaves, do whatever you want with it. Jaya said, you are the one going to do it, make a paste out of it and apply it on her blisters or I will…. Raghav said understood, I will do everything, you two are just taking advantage of this situation and he left.

Kirti had a call from Sunny and said it’s Radhika and she went away from there. Mansi said to Sulochana, the tea is so good, we finally had some after so long. Sharda asked for the tea leaves and Sulochana told her it was in the cupboard. Sharda went check but it was locked, she asked Sulochana, why is it locked?

Sulochana replied I did, because Milind buys everything yet your husband doesn’t do anything and son your is useless, if you want to continue staying here, then give us our share or stay hungry. Vijay said Sulochana is right, Milind said she isn’t, it’s my money and I will decide to do what I want with it, I will get you groceries. Vijay said we will manage, we won’t die without tea and he left.

Raghav saw Pallavi was in the washroom, he knocked on the door asking her to come out and give him the keys, he asked her to make the keys ready by the time he comes back, he left neem leaves for her and asked her to apply it on her blisters.
He received a voice note from Pallavi saying she is weak and can’t shout and that she will only return the keys when he also returns her shop keys to her. Raghav replied, I will never return the keys, you are so irritating and Pallavi said, as you wish.

Nikhil met Milind, Milind asked her to eat and then leave. Nikhil said thank you and called Pallavi. Kirti was on a call and said, when Pallavi gets better, I will talk about us to Amma, if I introduce you to Amma and Raghav as my boyfriend they would not spare me, Raghav is very possessive. Sunny said I will impress him with just one meeting and Kirti said I will call you later.

Raghav asked Pallavi if she is fine and said I got neem leaves specially for you. Pallavi replied, the neem leaves are helping me a lot so you talking sweetly won’t change anything, someone will come to see you, give her my keys and she will give you yours.

Raghav went to see who it was and realized it was Krishan. Krishna called him Jijaji and he said, I am already tired of Pallavi’s drama, please don’t start one. Krishna said give me the keys, I will call didi, she will give you yours. Raghav asked, what if I don’t? Krishan replied, I am leaving then and Raghav asked him to wait.

Raghav saw Farhad with the keys and said wow, Pallavi bhabhi won, I will talk to you later. Krishna told Pallavi about the keys. Pallavi said Nikhil will be at the shop, you two get it cleaned and start working.

Amruta was studying and Sulochana said look, the online cosmetics we ordered have arrived. Amruta said mom you did so much effort but baba is helping them. Sulochana said, I am just awakening them so that one day they give the house to us.

Farhad told Raghav that Pallavi gave them the keys at the right time. Pallavi sent Raghav a voice note saying, your work is done.

An Inspector met Raghav and said I found out about the person who leaked Kirti’s photos and Raghav said I know who it is. The Inspector said, no he was lying, we found the real culprit behind it, we had that boy in custody and asked him to reveal the ladies name, the one who gave him money. Raghav said, I know it’s Pallavi but the Inspector said, no it was Sulochana Deshmukh. Raghav said she can’t, only Pallavi has that enmity against me. Farhad said, see what your ego and stubbornness has done, now you don’t want to believe the inspector too.

Kirti was on a call and saw someone troubling her on the road and she shouted at him for horning at her on road, people and cars gathered behind her, the boy got out of his jeep and walked to him. Kirti saw tattoo on his hand and asked, who are you and what do you want? The people were yelling at that boy, he pulled Kirti close to her and kissed her on the cheeks, Kirti became angry and confused at the same time, the boy then left.

Raghav was working out and thinking of all the incidents from the point where Pallavi was accused and then he Raghav, ruining her life and asked himself if he made a mistake?

Precap: Raghav saw Vijay on the road selling sarees, he asked him to drink water and not to work like that else he will die and Vijay replied, it better I die.
Raghav was taking care of Pallavi.


The episode began with Kirti thinking of the boy who kissed her, she got a call from Sunny and at the same time saw a different call from Raghav. He said Sanjana, I will call you later. He then said Kirti, this shouldn’t have happened and Kirti thinks, did Raghav find out about today’s road incident?

Sharda said to Vijay, I have just 1000₹, if my daughter Pallavi was here it wouldn’t have been so but because of someone’s stubbornness and anger this is happening today, I trust her a lot and I wish someone else did too. Vijay responded, people are as they are, I use to do it before that girl came but I will do it now, while talking, he had an alert from the bank that an amount of 10,000 has been transferred to his account.

Milind walked in said it was me. Sharda said don’t burden us with favors later and Milind replied, these are not favors, you are my people. Vijay sent the money back to Milind and said, Sulochana was right, I need to give you a share of my family and he left. Sharda said the happiness of this house went along with Pallavi.

Kirti asked Raghav, what is wrong? Raghav replied, I need your leaked photos, something came up. Nikhil brought grocery and money and told Sharda, this is my first day earnings from shop. Sharda then asked, did Vijay asked you to do this? She replied no, didi did, she gave me the keys. Sharda said okay, try and pay the rent on time too, Pallavi would be so happy. Sharda saw Vijay starring at them with anger. He said, it’s not our shop, why did you go? I don’t want anything related to Raghav.

Sharda said enough, Nikhil earned it, Nikhil there’s no use telling this man. Vijay said, you are not getting the fact that, that girl is doing all this purposely to show us the power of money. Sharda said her name is Pallavi, do what you want to, my son is working hard, your stubbornness has crossed all lines. Vijay responded, that girl is breaking my house and I won’t forgive her.

Raghav was with an I.T expect and he asked him to get the data and find get every info about the one who leaked the photos. Farhad was with Raghav when he got all the information about the phone.

Milind was taking care of Janak Amma’s house and Sulochana yelled at him. Sharda got Milind kheer and said it’s because Nikhil worked hard today, it was her first day. She turned to Sulochana and said, Nikhil has brought grocery. Sulochana responded, we don’t want it, tomorrow you may take thrice of what you gave us, Sharda then left.

Sulochana said look, their children are showing us money, where as your daughter’s, they are sitting idle at home all day.
She said again, I thought I destroyed Pallavi’s life but she is having so much fun there.

Raghav met Krishna and asked her to find out about the phone in Deshmukh’s house. Farhad narrated the whole story to Krishna and said this is to help Bhabhi. Kirshna said, I will have to tell Nikhil then. Raghav said, do what you want but don’t tell Pallavi about it.

Kirshna called Nikhil and asked for them to meet immediately.
Sharda told Milind that Vijay hasn’t eaten any food since the previous night, he said he will not eat anything bought from the shop money. Milind saw Vijay and asked where he was going?

Vijay replied, I bought sarees from Madhavan, i am going to sell them. Sharda asked, what about the shop? Vijay said, I will rather die than go to that shop. Milind asked, where will you sell it? Vijay replied, anywhere on the road, corners, anywhere, people can steal my shop but not my talent and art.

Raghav saw Vijay selling on the road, walked to him and asked mad uncle, why are you sitting on the road selling? But Vijay ignored him. Raghav then got him water and said to him, you will die before evening, it’s very hot out here. Vijay said to him, I better die. Raghav said, just like your daughter, you two have no sense of business but full of attitude. Vijay said I am not like you who steal people’s money.

Raghav responded, I work hard, I don’t waste my time fighting with people, next time fight with me when you are on my business level, anyways have you eaten? He got biscuits for Vijay and said, take care of your health, you were just out of hospital, ego is a man’s biggest enemy.

Nikhil was following Sulochana to check which phone she had, she placed her phone down and went to the washroom. Nikhil slowly sneaked into the bedroom, checked the phone and found out it was not that phone, she saw Amruta and hid. Amruta walked in and said, Sulochana your new phone’s cover is here, I sold your old phone, if you had kept the box, I would have gotten 1500 more. Sulochana said, I threw it away this morning. Nikhil went to check the dustbin, she found the box and saw the phone and said Sulochana had this phone.

Precap: Sulochana and Amruta were with Raghav and Raghav said, no one will leave until you tell me why you sent Kirti and Amma to jail. Sulochana in fear of being in police custody told the whole truth and Jaya slapped her.
Raghav had a panic attack and Pallavi took care of him…Read more

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