Sulochana Is Under Arrest. Light Of Love 21 March 2023, Tuesday: Episode 77


The episode began with Raghav getting a call from Krishna to inform him that, Nikhil found out whom the phone belonged to in Deshmukh family.
Kirti was in a restaurant and the guy she met earlier with the jeep came to sit beside her. She became furious and said, what rubbishness is this? looking at him in anger she asked again, how can you kiss me in the middle of the road?

Raghav would kill you. He responded, I am Sunny and I am not scared of anyone. He then pretended he had called Raghav and said, Hi, it’s Kirti’s boyfriend. He started laughing seeing Kirti’s face and said I was just kidding and asked her to say, I love you. I love your cuteness.

Raghav called Sulochana and said aunty , your son in law here. Sulochana responded we don’t have any son in-law nor do we accept Pallavi as our daughter. Raghav said okay, let’s talk business then. I am looking for faces for my new collection and I want Amruta to be part of it. Amruta became excited and said yes,wow Mom, this is unbelievable. Sulochana said, there is something fishy about it but Amruta said, because he knows I am very pretty, he might have married Pallavi but he knows I am the best.

Pallavi was getting ready, Raghav saw her and said, tell me if you need any help. Pallavi asked, can’t you knock? Raghav replied, am sorry but….. Pallavi interrupted and said, yes I know this is your room. Raghav asked, how are you feeling? Pallavi replied, don’t worry, I won’t die soon and she asked, where is Kirti and Amma? Raghav replied, they are both busy, tell me what you want. Pallavi said, I want someone to dress my hair.

Raghav said okay and helped her. She made fun of Raghav and said, tomorrow in the news,it will be Raghav dressing his wife’s… I mean a girl’s hair. Raghav responded, I am doing all this for Amma, helping you makes her happy. He also made fun of Pallavi saying, this comb is just like you and he ran away. Pallavi smiled and threw the comb at him. Raghav said,now your new name is Combo.

He went on to call Amma and Kirti urgently and told them, we found the person who leaked Kirti’s photos, it was Sulochana. Jaya said, that woman never does anything good. Raghav said I have everything planned out, just go with it and he welcomed Sulochana and Amruta. Sulochana said, your designs are so unique and nice, Amruta also added, yeah,they are so amazing.

Raghav said let’s see which one suits you. Sulochana said, everything suits her and Raghav said undoubtedly, he then asked to get a revealing night suit and said, Amruta you have to wear this for the shoot. Sulochana replied, she won’t be comfortable in this. Raghav said, you care a lot about your daughter but what about other girls, whose photos you leak. Sulochana said, what nonsense, I didn’t do anything, Amuta doesn’t wear such clothes,come on let’s go Amruta.

Raghav said, no one leaves until you tell why you did this to Kirti. Sulochana asked, what are you saying? Raghav asked her back, didn’t you have any shame when you took the photos of Kirtu? Sulochana responded, be in your limits, I am your mother in-law, I was a fool to have believed you, let’s go Amruta. She saw the Police walk in and the Inspector said, Sulochana you are under arrest.

The Police told her that they had found the guy and had all the proof that shows that she was the one behind Kirti’s leaked photos. Sulochana said, he is lying and the Police asked, why is he lying? Sulochana replied, I don’t know. The Police said, arrest them and there Amruta said it’s true, Mom please tell the truth or else we will go to jail. Sulochana said yes, I took the photos because I wanted to take revenge on Pallavi and Raghav, you destroyed my daughter’s lives. Raghav responded, you destroyed your own daughter’s life, I just brought out the truth.

Anyways, hurt me if you have a problem with me, why hurt them, you insulted my family, Pallavi is an idiot to consider you family and he asked the inspector to arrest them. Amruta started begging Raghav saying, I won’t do it again. Raghav asked the Inspector to leave and said, these are fake police and your confessions were recorded, now I will send this to the police so that you never repeat it again and he left.

Jaya slapped Sulochana and said this is the second time, if you go upto the third, then that will be worse, get lost from here and Sulochana left with Amruta.

Precap: Raghav had a panic attack and Pallavi took care of him.
Raghav told everyone at Deshmukh’s house the whole truth that Pallavi was innocent and that she lied because of Sulochana and showed them the video.


The episode began with Raghav entering his room and was thinking about how he insulted Pallavi infront of her family before knowing the truth now that it was Sulochana behind it. He had a panic attack at that moment and fell on bed, breathing restlessly. Pallavi came in, saw him on the bed and tried to calm him down. She called out to Kirti and Jaya but none of came. She placed Raghav’s head on her lap and tried to calm him down.

Raghav held her hand and looked at her and Pallavi asked, what happened? Raghav clamed down, woke up and replied, it happens occasionally. Pallavi asked, do you have asthama? I have seen you experiencing this in the temple too. Raghav replied, I am claustrophobic, I get stressed when I see crowd. Pallavi said, I will talk to Aai so she show me how to cure anxiety attack.

She called Sharda with Raghav’s phone and told her the problem. Sharda said, you are very rich, I don’t have any suggestion for you and she disconnected the call. Pallavi acted as if Sharda asked about her well-being and she said, everything is fine here, Raghav Aai said you should go see a doctor and that she will call back when she is less busy. Raghav said, Pallavi you are such a bad liar, I know she didn’t talk to you, I behaved very bad with you yet you still helped, Thank you.

Pallavi responded, what do you want me to say, that this is a different Raghav? I see no humanity in you, people and their pain doesn’t matter to you, for your happiness you can do anything, you are selfish. Instead of thanking me, learn to respect people, the world is different and beautiful, people live for others and their happiness too and she walked away.

Raghav said, I made a mistake, I should have listened to Farhad, my 2 minute anger caused Pallavi her life, family and identity, I did this and I will make sure I do it right, I will go see Pallavi’s family and tell them the whole truth.

The Police stopped Vijay from selling sarees on the road. Vijay said, I am causing no harm here. The Police threw the sarees on the roads and asked him to leave or else he will be in pain.

Sulochana and Amruta got off a car and said, we can’t go home like this. Amruta said, if Raghav reveals the truth to everyone, Baba and Vijay Kaka won’t spare us. Sulochana asked Amruta to hit her, they have to do something so they don’t find out the truth. Amruta hits Sulochana and she asked her to hit her again with a stick.

Sharda scolded Vijay for selling things on the road without proper license. Sulochana was all shattered and came in with Amruta, Mansi asked what happened?

Jaya asked Pallavi if she is fine and Pallavi replied that she is fine and that she even spoke to the doctor. Jaya then asked Pallavi to call her Amma and not aunty. Pallavi asked Jaya, if Raghav was fine, he wasn’t able to breath a while ago.

Sulochana said, Raghav called me so I went there, I thought I would see Pallavi but looked what they did to us. Amruta added, Pallavi even threatened us, so me and mom have decided to go away from here. Sulochana said to Amruta, they dont believe us, they will be happy when Pallavi throws all of us out on the road. She heard a cars breaks and said see, she is here to throw us out.

Raghav walked in and Vijay asked, why are you alone, where is your wife and why didnt you inform us before coming? we could have arranged something good for you because you can do anything you want. So tell us why you are here, we are your slaves. Raghav responded, enough, you and your drama, I am here to say something and I will,I lied about Pallavi that day, she is always and will always be a good person, I ruined her character, because of this Sulochana I did that in anger.

Precap: Pallavi said that night, you didn’t take revenge but ruined my life just kill me.
Raghav asked Farhad, am I that bad? Farhad replied, unfortunately you are.
Raghav went into Pallavi’s room and shouted…Read more

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