Pallavi Clashes With Raghav. Light Of Love 22 February 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 41


The episode started with Tina walking in and saying Raghav and Pallavi do have something, I can prove that, Pallavi said Tina what nonsense are you talking about, Tina said show your saree that won the price then. Pallavi showed her saree, Tina showed her saree and asked Vijay to judge which is better, Vijay said Tina’s saree, Tina said anyone could say my saree is better but Pallavi won because Raghav was the judge.

he made her win because they are in relationship and before the competition I saw them talking, Pallavi said I agree your saree is good but I had no idea, Tina said I don’t want to hear anything from you, but I am not a liar like you, your relationship with Raghav broke my dreams of having a shop and she left.

Sulochana picked a cheque and said see what people are saying, look what Pallavi did for a shop in the mall, she spent a night with Raghav and this cheque is the price, Vijay took the cheque, tore it and Sulochana was very happy.

Raghav was angry at what Kirti said, he was working out and drinking and said why Farhad, why me, I was doing good but I am always taken wrong, this Ved came in, if he did this to Pallavi what would he do to Amma and Kirti, why Amma takes me wrong, Pallavi walked in said because you don’t know what is wrong and what is right, she walked in with the trophy and said for you, your ego and attitude is important.

Raghav said don’t you like your house that you keep coming here, Pallavi said why did you make me win this, so that you can make me count favor? Raghav said because you are deserving, if you wouldn’t be caught in shoot out, you would be better, Pallavi asked what about others, Raghav said why should I think about others.

I know you so I thought about you, Farhad take her to a mental hospital, Pallavi said why all this drama, competition is won by hard work and not references, honesty is unknown to you, you have built your whole empire from lies and torture, you would never understand my pain seeing this trophy.

Raghav said you are a dirt who will always be last, so I want you to throw out, you don’t deserve to stay here, Pallavi said this city isn’t yours, Raghav said it is, you are a zero and so you have no value, Farhad said to Raghav don’t, Raghav asked him to shut up and said to Pallavi, now everyday I will remind you, you are zero and I will blacklist you from all malls, your dream will always be a dream and even if I die I won’t let you have shop, in 15 days I will throw you out if Hyderabad.

Pallavi placed the trophy in Raghav’s hand and said keep counting days, you won’t be able to move even a pin of mine from this city and left.

Vijay and Sharda were in the kitchen, Sharda said when Mandar was 10 he lost a drawing competition, and was crying, you got him fake trophy and said you won this competition and I saw that same happiness on her face, that was her hardwork, Pallavi knew nothing about Raghav, she is working for you, but you…..

Pallavi then walked in, Vijay said I am tried I am going to sleep. Sharda looked at Pallavi, she left, locked herself in her room and started crying. Raghav looked at his Amma’s old saree and was in tears, they both hugged their family photos and cried.

Pallavi was crying and said this is all because of you Raghav, I hate you.
Raghav also said from today I won’t do any good for anyone, I hate you Pallavi.

Next day, Nikhil saw that Pallavi was lost and asked her to join him do Yoga, this will release her stress, Pallavi got a call from Sanjay that her shop was given to someone else, Pallavi said I will apply next month, Sanjay said we have been asked not to give you shop in this mall.

Raghav asked his lawyer to send notice to Pallavi Deshmukh.

Precap: Pallavi found eviction notice on her shop and she said I won’t let you win, I will drag you to court. In Mansi’s sangeet Pallavi found Pregnancy report receipt…Read more

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