Light Of Love 22 February 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 42


The episode started with Pallavi being told by Sanjay she can never open a shop in the mall, Nikhil saw Pallavi upset and asked what’s wrong, Pallavi said I can never open a shop in the mall now. Sulochana heard it and was very happy and said you broke my dream of this house and now I will break all your dreams.

Nikhil said to Pallavi, we have many other malls and social media too don’t worry.
Mansi reached home and Pallavi asked Nikhil not to tell her anything and Nikhil said okay.
Pallavi said to Mansi she has made a new saree for her and will get it from the shop.

Sharda asked Mansi how is she doing, Mansi said very well, gave her gift and the others too.
Pallavi and Krishna reached the shop and saw a notice on the shop, Pallavi asked Krishna what all this, Raghav arrived there and said this is your ticket to leave Hyderabad, I did a favor giving my shop to such failed business woman, this is eviction notice, I want my shop back in 15 days.

Pallavi said what else can I expect from you and you need to give me 1 month notice, Raghav said you say I don’t follow rules and do illegal work, so how do you think of all this, now you will understand what playing unfair is.

Pallavi said to Raghav, do whatever you want to, I will be there to answer your every move, she tore the notice and placed it in his pocket and said we are old tenants here, if I want to I will take you to court but not let you win, Raghav said good let the game begin and he left.
Krishna said what next, Pallavi said he is here to scare us, anyways I have to focus on Pallavi’s marriage.

Everyone was practicing dance for sangeet, Pallavi walked in and asked what is this, Mansi said look they are practicing so that I don’t lose to Rahul, Pallavi said don’t worry, I am here, Pallavi’s Dada and Vahini arrived, Sharda said these two helped us a lot in Kolhapur, Mansi said Dada I am so angry you came so late, Dada said travelling now a days is so difficult and Vahini doesn’t get leave, we even met Pallavi after a year. Pallavi said I miss you two a lot. Sharda said now freshen up.

Sharda asked Pallavi to come with her and said let me cast off evil eye, Pallavi said all this is superstition, Sharda said you just do what I ask you to, give this coconut to Vijay, Vijay was angry, Pallavi walked to him and handed him the coconut.

Sharda said take it as I asked and prayed for good will. Vijay took the coconut, broke it into two pieces praying for his family’s good will and said keep my daughter away from Raghav’s black shadow and left. Sulochana heard that and said I won’t let that happen.

Farhad told Raghav that it’s Ugadi, Telgu new year, I have asked for new stock in the shop, Raghav said okay. Raghav looked at Kirti and Amma’s picture and said I miss you a lot and this time I will get you home, Sulochana called Raghav and invited him for Mansi’s function, Raghav accepted it and said Amma will call me son again and hug me.

Mansi’s sangeet function began, Milind gave everyone sorry and Thank you card for postponing the sangeet and coming again. Amruta asked Sulochana is Raghav coming, Sulochana said just wait. Pallavi showed Mansi’s name tag-Telgu Panthers Vs Jandar Marathas and Mansi was very happy.

Raghav reached the sangeet function, he saw Akash there but Akash avoided him, he met Jaya and Kirti and said I am leaving, I have another work, Pallavi walked to them and said no one is going anywhere, she took Jaya’s blessings and greeted Akash and Kirti, Jaya said to Pallavi that she is looking very beautiful and applied Kajal teeka to her.

Pallavi said thank you for coming we loved it when you came to the Mehndi function, Kirti said she will support Telgu panthers, Pallavi said last few days were so stressful, this function is stress buster and mood changer. Raghav looked at Pallavi and said she is looking good today.

Pre cap: Raghav said to Pallavi that you are my life’s bad phase, Pallavi said you have already made lot of mess in my life not anymore.
Sharda found Pregnancy test report receipt, Sulochana said Pallavi is pregnant and we will go hospital to check…Read more

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