Raghav Confesses To Pallavi’s Family. Light Of Love 22 March 2023, Wednesday: Episode 79-80


The episode began with Raghav saying, here is a video confession and showed the video of Sulochana and Amruta to them. Vijay said very good, now get out. Raghav said, Vijay Deshmukh, I am trying to confess my mistake too, your daughter is a good person, call her and talk to her, tell her you were wrong. Vijay responded, oh is this Pallavi’s new technique? Now listen to me, we don’t want to hear anything from you.

Pallavi married you and proved to us that she is no good, Sulochana is my brother’s wife, how dare you hit and threaten her? Raghav replied, she is lying. Vijay said, oh, maybe this is Sulochana’s new acting but I will trust anyone rather than you. Raghav said, will you trust Pallavi atleast but Vijay asked him to get lost. Raghav said, my God, you believed me to be a liar and not Pallavi, the poor girl keeps struggling and fighting for her family, she is a mad woman and no one here deserves her, I came here to tell the truth, now it’s up to you, do what you want with it and he walked away.

Sulochana smiled at Amruta.

Raghav was thinking about what happened at Deshmukh house and Pallavi’s words that he was selfish and he said this Pallavi should have taught all the principles to her mad father too. He imagined another Raghav sitting beside him and said I am the version of Raghav you never met, for the first time today, Raghav lost control for someone else. Raghav responded, she is my wife, I fight for Amma and Kirti, why not her?

she is now part of my life,i will now tell Pallavi that she has a selfish egoistic family. The imaginary Raghav said, Raghav tell me, why is her family behaving this way? He replied, I agreed it was my fault but I went and confessed. The imaginary Raghav said, Pallavi should understand all this, talk to her, honesty always wins and he vanished.

Raghav walked to Pallavi and knocked on the door. Pallavi responded, no need to knock, this is your room. Raghav then said, leave the Deshmukh’s, they don’t deserve you, since you got separated from them, you cry so much but look at them, I met them and told them it was all my fault. Pallavi said, you ruined my life, my character, why did you do it? Oh, to take revenge on me because you thought I did wrong to Amma and Kirti,I believe now you found the truth that it was Sulochana.

Raghav said, I wanted to get her arrested but I thought of telling Deshmukh’s the truth but then your father said he doesn’t trust you or me but rather her. They believed me when I lied,now that am telling the truth,they didn’t believe me. Pallavi said, you are surprised right, you are Raghav Rao and everything should be as you want. First you destroyed my life, now you thought after you tell the truth, everything will be fine?

You played with a girl and her whole life, your ego, look what it led to, I was more of a daughter than a daughter in-law, you destroyed my self respect, you snatched my family away from me, do anything you want, I can never have them back. Why am I even telling you all this.

She was about to leave the room but Raghav stopped her and said, I agree I was wrong but I am not the only one at fault, they didn’t trust you, who throws a daughter out of their house, if they loved you, they would have tried to trust you, they never took you as thier own, they don’t desrve you, forget them and you will be happy.

Pallavi slapped Raghav and said not a word against them, I told you I am like a daughter to them and i wasn’t forced, you are related to them because of me, I wasn’t lucky like you to have parents, I was born with no parents, my brother took care of me, I married Mandar and lost him on the first day of marriage but his family accepted me and ignored the whole society.

made me live with them and you want me to forget them, you think they are bunch of crazy people, it would have been good if you talked to me like that but you wanted revenge and you took away my family and my life, it’s better you kill me here. Raghav said enough and Pallavi started crying.

Precap: Raghav asked Farhad, am I really that bad? Farhad replied, yes you are.
Amma said to Raghav, if you feel guilty about what you did to Pallavi then try be a good person.


The episode began with Pallavi saying, Raghav kill me, I won’t be quite, let’s finish all this, I can’t stay without my family, please kill me, I can’t bare this anymore and Raghav left feeling guilty

Sulochana was in pain and Amruta said come on mom, you were so excellent. Sulochana said right, now we are winning. Sharda walked in and asked, what are you two doing? Sulochana replied, I am in pain, do you have anything. Sharda said, the cake must be helping, the one which you two are eating. Amruta asked which cake? Sharda replied, you are small Amruta, I don’t need any reasons to believe.

Vijay isn’t thinking correctly but I am, I hate Raghav but I know what Raghav said and showed us was true, today I saw Raghav fighting for her and I felt good, she finally found a good family and husband, so you two stop partying because she won,she didn’t lose. You couldn’t steal anything from her, she was honest and so she won, Sharda then left.

Raghav was feeling guilty and thinking about his conversation with Pallavi, he felt dizzy again and shouted I am not a murderer. Farhad asked, what’s wrong? Raghav said to him, you were right, I made a huge mistake, Pallavi was right and I felt it too but my ego made me make such a huge mistake and now I can’t look at myself, am I so bad. You said you saw good in me, do I still have that?

Farhad replied sorry but not today, it is no more, you have become that bad person that Amma thinks you are, you will have to fight all this by yourself and get out of it and Farhad left.
Raghav thinks, he has Pallavi’s blood on his hand and started shouting ” I am a good person, I didnt kill anyone”

Sunny was on a call with Pallavi and said, this marriage is a big mess. Kirti said we need it for the society. Sunny became upset and said, this society bullshit, if you want to talk about marriage and society then go find someone else. Kirti tried calling back but Sunny didn’t answer. Amma walked to Kirti and there Farhad rushed to them and told them that Raghav and Pallavi had a huge fight.

Raghav saw Pallavi unconscious on the floor and rushed to her, carried her up and placed her on the bed and tried to wake her up. Jaya, Kirti and Farhad walked in, Jaya asked, what happened? Raghav replied, I don’t know and asked Farhad to call the doctor.
The doctor checked Pallavi and said she was already weak, maybe she was stress with something, that’s why this happened, please keep her away from stress.
Jaya then asked Kirti to get Kadha for Pallavi.

Raghav sat beside unconscious Pallavi and left later on.
Jaya saw Raghav in tears and said, tears will reduce your pain not her, now I know what must have happened in Deshmukh house, you know why I didn’t forgive you? Because you did feel guilty but never took a step to do good, if you have guilt for the actions you took against Pallavi, stop crying and take steps to do good, if you lose then you will lose your mother too.

Pre cap:
Raghav and Jaya received Pallavi’s package and Raghav said it a ticket for Pallavi. Pallavi said to Jaya, I am going to Kolhapur, you have your son and your son will also have his mother, there is no need of me here, I am going back to Kolhapur…Read more

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