Pallavi Rejects Mandar. Light Of Love 22 May 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 140


The episode began with Jaya hearing a voice, Mandar walked in forcefully and asked Raghav to come down. Jaya asked, why do you want Raghav? Pallavi walked to Mandar with Raghav and Mandar said, Raghav here is the DNA report, I am Mandar Deshmukh, now I will take my wife Pallavi Mandar Deshmukh with me, she will stay with her husband and not a stranger.

Raghav looked at the report and said, you are right, Pallavi will stay with her husband, that’s me, you are her ex-husband. Mandar said, Pallavi married me first and we didn’t divorce so this is valid. Raghav said, too intelligent for a memory loss, your death certificate was prepared so even if her first husband returns, the second marriage is valid.

Mandar asked Pallavi, don’t I matter to you? Pallavi replied, relations are not made on paper, you left me the first night and then we found a body, we were told it was yours, I have moved on and married Raghav in a weird situation but for me Raghav is my husband, I can understand your situation but we are in a fix too. Mandar said, I was unaware for the past 2 years but I found my existence with the name Pallavi, I don’t remember anything from the past, but if I remember only you, it must be that we had a strong relation. Raghav said, you had it sometime ago, not now, it was important for you but is important for me too, Pallavi has made it clear that she wants to be with me, don’t dig past, we gave you your family, now it’s your problem, we can’t help you. Jaya said, Raghav he is already in pain, don’t do this. Raghav said, I am just telling him the facts. Mandar said, Raghav is right, they did me a great favor by helping me with my family, I shouldn’t bother them, sorry. He took his report and left.
Jaya prayed to God and asked, from where did Storm come into this perfect relation?

Pallavi was talking to Raghav and said, you were very rude to Mandar. Raghav said, this is how I react when someone is wrong. Pallavi said, now it is not about right or wrong, the DNA report has proved he is Mandar, it is very difficult for him to adjust, just imagine yourself in that situation, we are together and Mandar is alone, he does not understand what is happening. Raghav asked, do you love me? Pallavi replied yes, I do but we can’t ignore Mandar’s problem. Raghav said, I don’t find that man good. Pallavi asked, why do you have so much doubt? Raghav replied, I don’t know but I have a strong feeling that there is something wrong with him.

Mandar came back home and Vijay asked, what happened, what was the result? Mandar replied, I am Mandar Deshmukh. Vijay hugged him and said, I know you are my Mandar. Vishnu asked, what took you so long? Mandar replied, I went to see Pallavi. Vijay asked, why did you do that? Mandar responded, I thought she will come back but she didn’t and he left.
Sulochana thinks, why won’t she, she has to come.

Pallavi got call from Sulochana and Sulochana said, I need a favour, Vijay has arranged Satyanarayan pooja and Mandar has agreed with a great difficulty, we need Sheera for the occasion but I can’t cook that, you were the one who always prepared it, I can order but it’s pooja so you come. Jaya said, Pallavi you go, I will talk to Raghav and she told Sulochana she will come.

Sunny told Kirti that their family won’t allow them marry, he feels like slapping Raghav for his behavior. Kirti said relax, they are already in lot of problem and they busy with themselves, we will marry and no one can stop us.

Deshmukh’s was preparing for Pooja and Vijay said it’s for my son’s mind peace. Pallavi was leaving the Rao Mansion and he kept trying to reach Raghav, she opened the door and saw Raghav. Raghav said come with me and he took her in the car. Pallavi told him why she has to go but Raghav said, I don’t want to hear a word, Amma called me and told me it’s pooja, how will you go alone for a pooja without your husband and Pallavi said, you scared me.

Sulochana told Vijay she has made arrangements and called Pallavi to come make Sheera. Vijay scolded her and said, can’t you cook, why did you call her and there Raghav and Pallavi walked in. Sulochana thinks, why did this Raghav come along. Raghav greeted everyone and said, look I brought you Pallavi and said Sulochana, how come you called Pallavi alone without her husband, apologize and say next time you will call her with her husband, Pallavi go make Sheera.

Pallavi was preparing Sheera and came into the kitchen. Mandar said, it’s smelling good. Pallavi said, you like it, Aai use to make it for you. Mandar said, few relations don’t change, how weird.

Precap: Raghav said to Pallavi, I will fulfill all your demands and Pallavi said promise? Raghav replied yes, he run his finger in her hair and lean to kiss her.
Mandar said to Raghav, Pallavi came to this Pooja and now in 7 days Pallavi will be against you in this house with me.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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