Light Of Love 22 May 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 141


The episode began with Raghav running his hand over Pallavi’s hair and leans to kiss her when she got a message, she checked and it was Mandar’s. He said, I am trying to recognize few things in my room, will you help? Pallavi replied, sure. She looked at Raghav and said, I am replying so that he doesn’t become restless and create issue.

Raghav said sure no problem. Pallavi then had lots of messages from him. Raghav thought of telling Pallavi about Mandar’s challenge when Pallavi got a call from Mandar. He said, sorry I called so late, I found a sweater in my room, I think you gifted it to me.

Pallavi asked, does it have maroon color design? Mandar replied yes. Pallavi said yes, I gifted it to you after the engagement. She noticed Raghav getting upset and said, Raghav I guess Mandar is recovering his memory slowly, he found a sweater and thinks I gifted it to him, he’s right.

Raghav said, it could also be that someone told him already, he was just looking for a reason to call you and Pallavi asked, why will he do that?
She walked to Raghav and said, today’s visit I felt better, I helped. Sulochana kaku did some drama but Sharda Aai didn’t allow her and that gave me assurance, once Mandar recovers his memory, Aai Baba will have their son, it must have been so difficult to live without memories.

Raghav thinks, I won’t tell her about the challenge now, she won’t believe me, that joker thinks he will win but I can teach such people a lesson.
Pallavi asked Raghav, what’s wrong? Raghav responded, nothing let’s go to bed. He intentionally dropped Pallavi’s phone and said, sorry it’s fell by mistake, it’s not switching back on. Pallavi said, no worries I will get it repaired but Raghav said, that won’t be necessary, I have a surprise for you.

Raghav and Pallavi were in their room, Raghav got her new phone and thinks, I decided to give her one, Mandar asked for her number, let’s me see how he contacts her now. Pallavi said, this is very expensive, I will spoil it and break it. Raghav said, you are my wife and so no repaired phone, just new ones, it has new sim too. Pallavi asked, what about my contacts and data.

Raghav said, I will get it transferred, it has such good camera and editing options which will help with the saree shop too. Pallavi said, no one cares about me like you do, you have changed a lot. Raghav lay on her laps and said, no one loves me like you do, the definition of love for me is Pallavi and he placed a ring on Pallavi’s finger. Pallavi liked the surprise and kissed his forehead.

Mandar was angry and said, this Raghav might have definitely done something with Pallavi’s phone, Sharda walked in and saw Mandar’s room in a mess, walked to him and asked what’s wrong? Mandar replied, nothing, I am just messaging Pallavi for some things but I am unable to reach her.

Sharda said, Mandar I know you just remember Pallavi’s name from the past but you will have to understand that she has moved on and married now and is helping us because she is a kind person, we shouldn’t take advantage of that, you can ask anything you want from us and we will help you but Mandar said, I just remember Pallavi and so she is the only one I will ask for help.

Jaya came to Pallavi and asked her, where is Raghav? Pallavi replied, he had an exhibition so he left early. Kirti also came in, saw the ring on Pallavi’s hand and said, oh my brother is becoming too generous to some people here, so lucky of them, right Amma. Jaya responded yes, for the first time Raghav used his brains, Pallavi didn’t have an engagement ring, it’s so pretty.

Pallavi saw Mandar at the door and asked him, why is he here? Jaya also asked Mandar he was there. Mandar replied, I was worried because you were not reachable on calls or messages, so came to check and I didn’t have anyone’s phone number here to call. Pallavi said, you could have asked anyone in the house and they would have given you these house telephone number. Mandar said, I didn’t think of that, sorry to bother you but Jaya said, no worries come inside.

Sharda asked Sulochana, where is Mandar? Sulochana replied, he went to see Pallavi. Sharda said why didn’t you stop him. Sulochana responded, why should I, Pallavi is his wife. Sharda said, she was his wife, she is Raghav’s wife and we have to respect that. Vijay said, enough of Pallavi and Raghav, behave like a mother, your son is back, Pallavi is a daughter in-law of this house and so think about uniting them.

Raghav married her forcefully, she must not be happy there, let her come back. Sharda said wow, when did you start thinking about her, when you threw her out of this house, didn’t you leave no chance to disrespect and insult her, now you call her daughter in-law.

Vijay then tried to yell at Sharda but Sharda said enough, Raghav and Pallavi has done a lot for us, they are the ones who brought Mandar back and it’s our responsibility to keep their relationship intact, so won’t allow anyone disturb Raghav and Pallavi’s relation, not even Mandar.

Raghav got a call from Kirti. she said, you are spending so much money on Pallavi and look at her enjoying with her ex in your house. Raghav asked Farhad to stop the car and go to the store in cab, he will join him later.
Pallavi told Mandar about the phone incident and Mandar said, Raghav must have gifted you a new one then. Pallavi said, who else will other than my husband.

Mandar felt angry, thanked Jaya for inviting him in and apologize for forcing her the last time. Jaya said, no worries, I know it’s hard for you. Mandar said, thank you for understanding, after finding the sweater I think I will have my memory back soon, Pallavi I didn’t intend to disturb you, please be with me and help me till I regain my memory.

Pallavi said sure that wouldn’t a problem. Mandar said, will you come home with me and help me with exercise? I feel so suffocated in that house with unknown people, I want to feel homely there, i need your help, it’s fine if you find this wrong.

Raghav came home and asked for Pallavi. Jaya said, he went to the Deshmukh house with Mandar and Raghav followed up.

Mandar and Pallavi were in an auto, Mandar stopped for a tea break and said, me and Vishu use to come have tea here, it’s the best. Pallavi said, but we were going home. Mandar said, I thought we could stop by but if you don’t like, we can go. Pallavi said, that’s okay let’s have tea and she sat awkwardly.

Raghav came to the Deshmukh house and Sharda opened the door. Raghav told her Mandar brought Pallavi there but Sharda said Pallavi wasn’t there. Sulochana said, may be they are roaming somewhere, as they are husband and wife, some day they will have feelings and Sharda looked at her angrily.

Precap: Raghav and Pallavi came closer and Raghav kissed her hand.
Mandar and Sharda were looking in a mirror and Mandar said, Pallavi you come close too, we performed a similar ritual during the wedding right and Sharda threw the mirror.
Raghav called Pallavi, Mandar answered the phone and said, she is with me.
Raghav said to Mandar, how dare you meet my wife and Mandar said, you can’t stop me…Read more

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