Mandar Takes Pallavi Out. Light Of Love 23 May 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 142


The episode began with Mandar and Pallavi at a tea stall. The tea dropped on Pallavi’s veil and the tea seller said, Ma’am come to this side, you can wash it off with water. Mandar said, come let’s go. Pallavi said, you wait here, I will manage. Mandar saw Raghav calling Pallavi’s phone and he answered. Raghav asked, Pallavi, where are you?

Mandar replied, Pallavi is with me. Raghav asked him, where are you? Mandar replied, calm down, I know you must be in Deshmukh house, anyways we are enjoying tea, he gave him the address and said, come soon or else we may leave and he switched off Pallavi’s phone.

Pallavi walked to Mandar and said, the tea is good. Mandar said, the tea tastes good with your own people right. Pallavi, how did we meet? Pallavi replied, we met at a matrimonial site, my brother liked your profile and he approached your parents, we spoke and texted for some few days, we liked each other and then a wedding was fixed but on our wedding night you went somewhere and never returned because you met with an accident

Sharda scolded Sulochana saying, God has given you brain’s along with mouth, so use it. Sulochana responded, what wrong did I say? Mandar is Pallavi’s husband and what is wrong with it. Sharda said, he is not, Raghav is Pallavi’s husband, even the law agrees to it, are you so dumb that you don’t understand?

Sulochana said, what kind of mother are you, Mandar had an accident, it was a sad incident. Vijay said Sulochana is right, it was bad situation but Pallavi is a traitor, she forgot my son so easily and settled with another guy, I treated her like a daughter and it was her responsibility to live with us.

Sharda said really, and what was your responsibility, she lied for your good but you threw her out, have some shame, before behaving this way think about what age you are, look it enough, my daughter is happy after a long time, I won’t let anyone spoil her happiness, if anyone tries then they have to fight with me.

Mandar asked, who caused the accident? Pallavi replied, Sunny did, he is Kirti’s boyfriend. Mandar said, she is Raghav’s sister right. Pallavi told him the whole story asked him how he met Ramya and life after the accident. Mandar replied no, I don’t remember. Pallavi said it okay, let’s go home, when you are with everyone it will help you.

Mandar heard Pallavi’s bangle sound and said yes, someone called me for bangles that night. Pallavi said very good, who was that person? Mandar replied, I just remember the bangles, let me talk to Amma, she might have heard me talk when I was unconscious, can we go see her please. Pallavi said, it’s 2 hours away.

Mandar said, okay I will book a cab and go alone. Pallavi said, okay take care. Mandar said, my Aai Baba loves me so much and for their happiness, I will do this. Pallavi saw him upset, remembered Ramya and said, he needs support because his situation is delicate and she said to Mandar, I will come with you and they left.

Raghav arrived at the tea stall, he asked for them and was told that Pallavi and Mandar left, the seller overheard them talk about Vikarabad and some clinic.

Sunny and Kirti were together and Kirti said Sunny, for me court marriage is still confusing. Sunny said, you are still there when I am thinking about how to create problems between Raghav and Pallavi. Kirti asked, what?

Sunny said, lets join hands with Mandar, you go cry in front of him say sorry for the accident and then befriend him but Kirti said, I will never do that. Sunny said, you just talk but never do, you said you will spoil Pallavi’s life and all that, what now, look Mandar is a great catch.

Mandar and Pallavi were with Ramya and Mandar said, Amma I remember someone called me for bangles and I left, do you remember anything, like did I speak about bangles or anything. Ramya said, wait I have something for you. Raghav was on his way to Vikarabad.
Ramya brought a packet and said Mandar, we found you with these bangles. Mandar asked Pallavi to try them once and if they fit, then maybe I made them for you. Pallavi tried them and it fits her. Mandar said, see I made them for you but Pallavi said, things have changed Mandar, these are not mine now. Mandar stopped her from removing them and said, sorry I couldn’t give you anything, these were made for you so please keep them as a thank you gift, for 2 years I could remember nothing and now with you I do, so please don’t refuse.

Ramya said Pallavi, I request you not to leave him. Mandar said, this won’t happen Amma, not this time. Pallavi was confused. Mandar said, let me drop you. Ramya got a call from Raghav and he told him that Pallavi and Mandar left for the house. Raghav became very angry.

Mandar dropped Pallavi home and Pallavi said, Mandar I am happy you have your memory back, Deshmukh were in hardship for 2 years, now they will be happy. Mandar saw Raghav coming and tried to hold Pallavi’s hand but Pallavi turned and said Raghav is here. Pallavi said, Raghav do you know what happened today.

Raghav asked, where is your phone? Pallavi replied, it in my bag and showed it to him. She then said, when did my phone turned off, am sorry and told Raghav about the bangle story. Raghav asked, what are these bangles? Pallavi replied, Mandar’s thank you gift. Raghav said, Amma is waiting for you, go see her.

Raghav said Mandar, how dare you. Mandar responded, you couldn’t stop me today nor tomorrow, you can just talk and create havoc but me, with my calmness I will throw you out of the game and he left. Raghav was very furious.

Pallavi said to Raghav, I don’t know how my phone went off and apologized to Raghav holding her ears and said come with me and made Raghav a drink. She noticed Raghav was upset and said, this is my personal Nimbu Pani, it will help you get rid of your stress. Raghav asked, what do you want Pallavi, like in Mandar’s topic.

Precap: Mandar and Sharda were looking in a mirror and Mandar said, Pallavi come close, we performed the same ritual in our marriage, Sharda then broke the mirror.

Mandar, Pallavi and Raghav were together. Raghav said, it so strange you remember everything near Pallavi. Mandar responded, maybe we were special. Raghav said, oh you were.
Mandar came home with a torn shirt and fainted. Ramya said, he may keep having such seizures if he stresses, for this Pallavi needs to shift here to stop all this…Read more

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