Raghav Dresses Pallavi In A Beautiful Style. Light Of Love 24 May 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 143


The episode began with Raghav asking Pallavi, what do you think about Mandar? Pallavi replied, same way you thinking. Raghav asked, what do you mean? Pallavi responded, calm down, I want him to have his memory back, Dr. Ramya said, he spending more time with me, he may recover soon, some not having his memory is like a stained slate, he is so stubborn and arrogant and we are all facing the consequences, so the quicker he gets his memory back, it will be easy for us to have our life’s on track.

Raghav said, Mandar loved you a lot, what if he remembers how much he loved you. Pallavi responded, then I will also make you remember your love which changed me so much and she touched his lip. Raghav smiled, touched hers back and Pallavi hugged him.

Raghav saw a message from Mandar which said, today it’s my bangles and tomorrow I will give her clothes, you will see it’s effect.
Mandar was having dinner with the Deshmukh’s and said, I now remember the one who called me that day, I ordered bangles for Pallavi and the jeweler called me so I went to pick it up and had the accident. Because of Pallavi, today I could remember something. Sulochana said, wow Mandar, this is so nice, spend time with her as much as you want. Mandar said, I am tired, we will talk tomorrow and he left.

Sharda said Sulochana, this is your last warning, enough of this nonsense, don’t wait for me to take a step. Sulochana said, I did this for Mandar, right Vijay Dada? Vijay responded, if this is how he is recovering, let him spend time with Pallavi then. Sharda said, he spent his whole life with us and only some short time with Pallavi, we know him better, why can’t we work on it and Vijay you are his father, he is our responsibility and not Pallavi’s, God has given you one more chance be the father you never were.

Pallavi was asleep, Raghav saw Mandar putting Mangalsutra around her neck and he stopped him. He woke up scared and realized it was a dream, he looked at Pallavi and said, I won’t let Mandar win and he looked at Pallavi’s bangles.

Some people came the house and Jaya asked who they want? They told her Raghav called them there. Raghav said welcome and Pallavi asked, who are they? Raghav said, they are Photographer’s, you wanted a photoshoot right. Pallavi responded, you called them here without any arrangements.

this is your problem, you always decide on your own, never talk to anyone about anything, now I will look normal, you’ve spoilt everything. Raghav said, that’s enough, you talk too much, all the arrangements have been done and Pallavi looked at Jaya. Raghav said, I selected everything on my own.

Pallavi then asked Amma to say something. Raghav said, oh that pooja thing, don’t you remember my good things, I got you other saree and dress too, don’t you remember that? Pallavi responded yes, I do. Jaya said, all the best. Pallavi said Amma, you and Kirti get ready too, we will have family pictures and Jaya said, there will be perfect.

Jaya tried to talk to Kirti but Kirti said, I don’t want to be part of this nonsense and she left.
Raghav showed Pallavi all the Jewelry and Saree he had arranged and Pallavi liked them a lot. Raghav said, I am the best, Pallavi said, everything is perfect and Raghav said, let’s go get ready now.

Raghav and Pallavi were getting ready, Pallavi walked to him wet a hair, Raghav run his fingers in her hair and pulled her close, kissed her hand and tied her knot. She helped Pallavi wear the jewelry he arranged, he removed the bangles that was given to her by Mandar and placed on another ones, he applied Mehndi on her hand and wrote Raghav. Pallavi was in tears and smiled looking at Raghav. She placed her hand on Raghav’s hand, closed his eyes and made a wish.

Jaya was ready, she saw Raghav and Pallavi and said, so pretty, marrying you was the only good decision he took. Raghav said, I am not that bad. Pallavi said, look Amma, he drew Mehndi too. I will take a special photo and Jaya blessed them.
Raghav said, Pallavi let’s take a selfie, show your Mehndi too. Give me a minute, he went to send the picture to Mandar.

Mandar saw the photo and message from Raghav which was, see your bangles are not on her hand, if you can’t see, use your father’s spectacles.
Kirti visited Mandar and said, I am Raghav’s sister Kirti and am here to apologize, I am sure you know me and my boyfriend were the reason behind your accident.

Mandar said, I don’t remember and i don’t want to. Kirti said, I am here to apologize because I feel so guilty, I am extremely sorry please forgive us. Mandar said, this won’t change things. Kirti said, I know you are in pain because you are away from Pallavi.

Pre cap: Raghav and Pallavi were having a wedding photoshoot.

Raghav, Pallavi and Mandar were together and Raghav said, it so weird you only remember things around Pallavi. Mandar said, maybe our relationship was special and Raghav said, yes it was but it’s in the past now. Mandar said, the past doesn’t matter, if someone is close, they always will be.

Mandar walked into the Deshmukh house and fainted. Ramya said, he is in pain, you have to call Pallavi to come near him so he can recover…Read more

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