Light Of Love 25 January 2023, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 6


The episode started with Pallavi dashing with a kid and saw he was injured, he asked what’s wrong and he points at his grandfather getting hit, the old man asked Raghav for forgiveness but Raghav kept slapping him, Pallavi scolded the crowd for not taking a stand, she helped the old man and then saw that it was Raghav, Pallavi slapped Raghav in front of whole crowd and said no one other than you can do this.

that man who didn’t think twice before ruining someone’s work ,what will he think before hitting an old man, it looks like you like to show your manliness by troubling people lower than you, Raghav said enough or else, Pallavi said or what, will you hit me like you hit this kid, have some shame and keep innocents away from your nonsense and she left with the old man and kid.

Raghav was about to attack her but Kirti’s mother stopped him and said hit me first then her, first you troubled my daughter now her, Raghav said I don’t care, Kirti’s mother said I know you are a spoilt stubborn man who thinks he can buy anything with money but you are lonely because of your money and I wish you died in your mother wombs, Raghav looked at the crowd talking about him and left.

Sharda was cleaning old utensils and Nikhil made a video of it, Mansi asked why we need these special utensils, Vijay saw Pallavi with a kid and asked who is he, Pallavi said that bad man again.

Raghav’s car broke down and he called Farad to send help. Sulochana and Amruta walked in from the parlour and said this kid is poor, his father picks garbage, what is he doing here, Mansi said calm down Pallavi got him here, Sulochana said this is a house not a hospital, Pallavi walked to Sulochana, handed the kid lemon sherbat and said Kaku please come with me.

she showed her garbage and how Pallavi makes compost of garbage, it helps them with home grown vegetables and it’s not good to discriminate.
Kaka was a on call said I was there, I didn’t see that girl slapping but she did hit him hard, Sulochana walked to him.

Kaka said baby I was missing you, look I got you perfect red nail polish, Sulochana said I asked for strawberry red, you got me tomato red, Kaka said it’s just a nail polish and not an ingredient that will spoil your dish and laughed, Sulochana said you will tell me what is right or wrong, now go get strawberry red nail polish and handed her a strawberry.

The Kid asked Pallavi can he hug her and Pallavi said sure, Vijay said Pallavi go to the shop, I will drop him, Pallavi thinks, I will go to sale Jari and then go to the shop, she checked her bag and couldn’t find the Jewelry box. Kaka was on his way, saw Raghav and said oh sometime back, his wife slapped him and stopped the car.

He said, I know it’s your bad day and one sad man can only understand other so come let me help you. Raghav was in the car with Kaka, Kaka was talking about torture from wives and said we all men should get together and fight against these women, Raghav said stop this nonsense and just drive, I don’t have a wife, Kaka said I saw your wife slap you, Raghav said she isn’t, Kaka said oh girl friend. Raghav got irritated, scolded Kaka and asked him to stop the car.

Pallavi went back to the area she fought with Raghav to find her box, she kept thinking about her debts and rents, she how can I be so irresponsible.

Raghav was playing table tennis and thinking about insult he faced. Vijay and Kaka were discussing about invitation list, Nikhil asked them to use the worksheet, Pallavi walked in disheartened, Nikhil said so many invitees, Sharda walked to Pallavi and asked what’s wrong she looks tired, Pallavi said lot of work, Sharda said let’s have food, Pallavi said I am not hungry, Sharda said let’s go shopping tomorrow for Mansi and Pallavi said sure.

Farad walked to Raghav said I have some new boys for work because customs people are troubling the boys a lot, Raghav said cancel all meetings and thinks I will show her my manhood.

Deshmukh ladies were looking at dresses and sarees, Amruta said I don’t want to wear anything restitch everything, Sulochana said you gave Pallavi work she will spoil it, Mansi said stop the drama, Pallavi said Amruta you try this dress and Kaku this saree will suit you both go and try it, Pallavi asked Sharda to try her dresses. Sharda wore a suit, Mansi took a picture of Pallavi and Sharda. Pallavi then prayed to god to look after her family.
Kaka called Pallavi and asked her to go pick the saree designs.

Pallavi was on her way to pick the designs, Raghav’s car was following her and it scared her. Raghav walked to her and said you don’t get scared then why now, you are very fond of slapping me go ahead.

Pre cap: Pallavi scolded the management for making her and other devotee wait for darshan, the management said a VIP is here and the VIP was Raghav.
Raghav destroyed Pallavi’s material in the shop and asked her to stay out of his way.
Pallavi then saw Vijay talking to Jagdish…Read more

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