Pallavi Is Back In Deshmukh House. Light Of Love 26 May 2023, Friday Pt2: E146


The episode began with Pallavi thinking about Raghav while cooking. Rajan came to her and told her that the sabji was getting burnt. Pallavi was in tears and unintentionally cuts her finger. Raghav saw it and came to her, he then asked Rajan to get the first aid kit and asked Pallavi to show him her hand. Pallavi said, what will you do about it if you see? That wouldn’t make the pain go away and she walked away.

Vijay came to the Rao Mansion and Jaya welcomed him in and she went to call Pallavi. Pallavi asked Vijay, what is wrong? Vijay replied, whatever we had in the past, for the sake of that, I am here to ask for a favor, I am here to take you back to the house. Raghav then looked at Pallavi, Vijay continued, Mandar needs you, he had a seizure and the doctor said he won’t be able to recover if you are not beside him. Raghav said, then find another doctor because Pallavi isn’t going anywhere.

Vijay said, Raghav I don’t expect you to help me but I am here for my son, so for once understand my situation and he fell at Raghav’s feet. Pallavi said, please get up. Vijay said, I will do whatever you want, I will even wash your feet if you want, please allow her to come with me. Raghav responded, you want to wash my feet right, go ahead, after you are done then I will think about it.

Pallavi asked Raghav, what are you saying? Raghav replied, he did the same to me, all this is fake. Pallavi said, do you realize someone is dying? Raghav responded, this is all Mandar’s emotional blackmail. Pallavi said, enough of your insecurity, call me when my Raghav is ready to call me, I still believe in humanity and so I am going and I will be there till Mandar recovers, she then left with Vijay.
Raghav became angry at Pallavi for the fact that she doesn’t understand him.

Ramya said to Pallavi, Mandar needs you and Pallavi told him, I left my whole family behind to come here, what else do you want, I am doing my best. Ramya said, look at his condition, if this is what it is then he will soon collapse and go into coma. Pallavi said, we will take care of him and Ramya left.

Sharda looked at Vijay and Vijay walked away. Pallavi said, Mandar I am here and I will continue to stay here till you recover. Sharda said to Pallavi, come with me and allow him to rest, she closed the door and they left. Mandar then opened his eyes, looked at Pallavi’s picture and smiled.

Raghav was tensed looking at their wedding photo when he got a call from Mandar. Mandar said, so Pallavi is here and you couldn’t stop her, even before the 7 days she is already here, she will never return to you, take this as a promise from Mandar Deshmukh. Raghav said, you will regret all this you are doing. Mandar said, your love story has ended and mine has just began.

Raghav was very angry and said, I have to go get Pallavi but Jaya stopped him. Raghav said, I have to go get Pallavi, I don’t trust that Mandar and Jaya asked, do you trust Pallavi? Raghav replied yes, I do. Jaya said, then why feeling so insecure, I can see clearly that you are scared of losing her to Mandar, this is making you angry, if I should give you a gun now, you will kill Mandar.

Pallavi is very angry because of what you did, your anger is your biggest enemy, it kept us away from you some time ago too, do you want that to happen with Pallavi now, relations break easily. Raghav said, Mandar is very bad. Jaya said, he may be bad but let Pallavi do her thing and trust your love as well. Raghav said, okay and Jaya left.

Pallavi was sitting alone when Sharda came to her and asked, how long are you staying? Pallavi replied, I haven’t thought about that but I will leave when Mandar gets better. Sharda said, you can be visiting more often, there is no need to stay. Vijay came there and asked Pallavi to swear that she won’t leave the house until Mandar gets better.

Sharda scolded him for forcing Pallavi. Pallavi became scared. Vijay said, if you ever took me as your dad then swear. Milind said, don’t do that Pallavi. Pallavi was scared and said okay I will and she swore on Vijay that she won’t leave until Mandar gets better. Vijay then left.

Raghav was drinking, playing TT and thinking about the advice Jaya gave him. He was thinking about Pallavi and he called her on phone. He asked how she was doing and apologized to her. He said, I am a big idiot and I am a loser, I made such a big mistake but I love you so much and that has made me become insecure, I can’t think of a life without you.

Pallavi said, I am not leaving you, I am just helping Mandar that’s all, I will be back soon and be with you. Raghav said, this is difficult Pallavi. Pallavi said, it is difficult for me too. Raghav said, I have one request, please come back soon, this house is killing me without you, I find everything suffocating without you, I miss your love.

Precap: Mandar asked, what are you cooking? Pallavi replied, I am preparing kheer for Raghav.
Mandar collected a powder from Sunny and Kirti and added it to the bowl of Kheer that was meant for Raghav.
There was an occasion at the Deshmukh house, Pallavi fed Raghav the kheer and Mandar smiled…Read more

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