Pallavi To Prove Herself Innocent. Light Of Love 27 February 2023, Monday: E47-48


The episode started with Sulochana saying, Vijay dada, Pallavi hasn’t called back, it’s half an hour now, she is not at the shop too, always leaves for shop but is never there, Pallavi walked in and said sorry I couldn’t pick the call, the battery was dead and why are you all staring at me, Sulochana said Pallavi you should get an oscar, after aborting Raghav’s child you are asking what’s wrong, Pallavi said what nonsense are you talking about.

Sulochana handed her abortion receipt and said this isn’t nonsense, Pallavi looked at everyone and then the receipt and said this doesn’t have my name, how can you blame me, Sulochana said if Sharda can blame my daughter just because she talks to boys, I have lot of proof against you, I agree Amruta has male friends but she doesn’t act like you, Sharda said you are taking it wrong Sulochana, Sulochana said you have blamed my daughter today.

Amruta swear on me, is this yours, Amruta said I swear on you this isn’t mine, Sulochana asked Mansi, Mansi said I don’t need such things to prove I am innocent, Sulochana said swear on me or you see my dead face, Mansi swore it’s not her, Sulochana said 2 girls have proved it’s not theirs now only Pallavi is left, look at the date this is the same date you went to the hospital, Pallavi said yes I went to the hospital for stomach infection, Sulochana said you had abortion.

Vijay said stop pulling this topic we all know Pallavi wasn’t ready to go to the hospital, we forced her, Sulochana tried to back the answer, Pallavi said I can prove this receipt isn’t mine and went to swear on Sharda. Sharda said Sulochana even my daughter has proved, Sulochana said I won’t leave this topic here, I am a mother too, Milind said enough Sulochana, we will call the hospital, Sulochana said we will go there instead.

Raghav was with Farhad discussing about hiring a designer, they saw people gathered on the road and saw an old woman being dashed by car and people making video, Raghav quickly took the woman to the hospital.

Deshmukh’s reached the hospital, Pallavi asked for Dr.Kanika, The receptionist said she is in OT, will inform once she’s back, Sulochana said we will wait, Sharda said Pallavi we trust you and were are here because of Sulochana, Pallavi said I know Aai.

Raghav asked Farhad to find the woman’s family and he will take care of all the expenses, Farhad found info and called the family.
Pallavi was told that Dr. Kanika is available. Kanika asked what is wrong and why is she here with the whole family, Kanika got a call that she is needed for an accident patient urgently, Pallavi said you go we will wait, Kanika said it’s fine Pallavi, abortion does bring complications you wait, Pallavi said you are….

Kanika said I know you weren’t accepting this baby so we went for abortion, Pallavi said you are wrong you have misunderstood I am Pallavi Deshmukh, Sulochana said is this receipt hers, Kanika said yes she aborted, Pallavi said you are misunderstanding something I didn’t, Kanika said I have patients waiting I need to go and they all left.

Pallavi followed Vijay and said there is some confusion, Vijay said we will talk home and saw Raghav, Sulochana said look son in-law is here too, Raghav saw the Deshmukh family and said this family, god keep them away from me or I will kill her father, Farhad said relax I will talk and asked if all is good, you need any help.

Vijay slapped him said ask your Raghav to stay away from me and my family, Raghav held Vijay’s collar and said how dare you, keep your anger in your house, Pallavi pushed Raghav away and said be in your limits, Raghav said first my house then hospital, Sulochana said wow this is interesting, Raghav said shut up, stop your nonsense and you old man dare you mess with me or else your family will bare the consequences.

Siddesh asked Pallavi what is it, Pallavi said why did the doctor lie, Pallavi saw Raghav enter Kanika’s cabin and followed him, Pallavi saw Raghav giving her money and saying Thank you, Pallavi thinks Raghav paid the doctor to lie, she walked in and said congratulations you have fallen to new low, I would lose as favor for you.

I thought you care about people reputation but since I denied to leave the shop you did this to me, you involved my family in this, I won’t give up now, do what you want and Dr. Kanika your license should be cancelled.
Farhad walked in and asked what was she saying, Raghav asked the doctor, Kanika said I don’t know, Raghav said take care of the accident case and he left.

Vijay said to Pallavi, no one will believe you and Sulochana will take full advantage of this, I know Dr. was lying, people will point at you and just because of you the whole family will have to bare the consequences from today you will do what I say, stay away from Raghav it’s an order, Pallavi thinks Raghav I won’t leave you.

Pre cap: Kanika was on a call said I risked my license because you had old favors counting.
Pallavi said how dare you attack this way, Raghav said enough go tell your family I won’t touch you even if you are the last girl on this planet.


The episode started with Farhad saying to Raghav, I am not able to understand why Pallavi blamed you in the hospital, she is not amongst the one who unnecessary will create havoc, Raghav said her father slapped you on one cheek, you want me to slap you on the other, Farhad said something is wrong I can’t let it go. Raghav said focus on your work, let that go.

Amruta hugged Sulochna, Mansi was there too, Sulochana asked Amruta why is she so scared, Amruta asked what happened in the hospital, Sulochana said the truth that Pallavi had an abortion and now I will throw her out, Mansi asked Milind and Nikhil and they all were confused. The doctor was on a call and said you did a big favor for me and so I risked my license and blamed Pallavi but not anymore, don’t ever call me and Pallavi thinks Raghav had done it.

Pallavi said Krishna, I will find out the truth, Pallavi saw all the women starring at her near shop carrying plate and dirty water, they threw water on her, Krishna asked them to step back, they placed Krishna aside and circled Pallavi and talk ill about her for aborting a child, Pallavi said listen to me this is wrong, they asked Pallavi to leave Hyderabad and were about to put chappals garland on her.

Raghav stepped in between and said this is my shop, the women said that was your child, Raghav said what nonsense, this is my property just get out, the women said Pallavi you will be punished and left.

Raghav asked what all this, can’t you live without drama, Pallavi said shut up, I know you got them and made that fake abortion report too, I saw you paying doctor Kanika, how could you fall so low, are you scared of me, Raghav said I am scared of no one and tell your family even if you are the last girl on this planet I won’t touch you, I alone is enough for you and don’t need these people to fight you, Pallavi said stop shouting, she took his hanky and wiped the dirt and placed it back in her pocket and opened her shop.

Raghav looked at the hanky and thinks about all what happened and said Farhad today for the first time I saw disgust in her eyes, Farhad said I told you last night there is something serious, Raghav said get Kanika’s details, I can’t stand Pallavi’s name with me.
Sulochana got a call from Samaj Morcha ladies that they failed and Raghav stoppeded them. Sulochana said I won’t let Sharda go so easily, she pointed at my daughter and Pallavi has to face that. Pallavi was walking on the road and heard people talking about her.

Pallavi walked into the house and looked at everyone, she walked to Vijay and said look at this mandap it’s telgu style but Vijay ignored her, Pallavi showed it to Milind lights décor but he ignored too, Pallavi said I am talking to you all but you are ignoring me, people talk behind my back for long but that never affected me because I had my family but not now, so I have decided I won’t attend Mansi’s wedding.

I am going to Kolhapur with Siddesh Dada, all allegations made on me are false but without proofs no one will believe and so I will come back when I have some truth, Siddhes said let’s leave today, Mansi tried to stop her, Pallavi said you won’t say a word, Sharda said you don’t need to say a word, Pallavi said I have to fight for my truth, Rahul must be coming I will leave before that and left, Sharda said you all must be very happy, we are such good family that we are asking our own child to prove herself we should have died and left.

Raghav acted as Kanika’s driver and was with Farhad, Kanika asked what are you two doing here, Raghav made her wear a drivers cap and said don’t let it off and if you do I will throw you out, now be ready for the most adventurous ride.

Pallavi packed her stuff and got ready to leave with Siddesh, Nikhil took her aside and asked her not to leave, he won’t enjoy without her, Nikhil said here is some money please keep it and hugged her, Pallavi saw Rahul and Asha at the door, Sulochana stopped her and said go from the door behind before they see you, Pallavi nodded okay and left looking at everyone and remembering all the happy moment’s.

Pre cap: Raghav said to all the Deshmukh’s, I have proof on who did the abortion.
Vijay threw Pallavi out of the house…Read more

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