Raghav Gets A Chance With Pallavi. Light Of Love 29 May 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 147


The episode began with Milind seeing Pallavi crying, he went to her and asked, was it Raghav? Pallavi hugged him, started crying and said, I am tired but I don’t know what to do, one side is Raghav and the other side is Baba. Milind said, if you are here because of a promise then break it. Pallavi said, how can I, he is my father and Mandar is unwell too. Can’t I find a solution where both my love and my responsibility can be happy. Milind said, how is that possible, just go back to Raghav.

Amruta walked in and said, sorry to interrupt, I wanted to know what Hindi calendar month we are in, I need it for college a project. Milind said, we are in Shravan. Pallavi said, if it is then we can do Manglagaur. Milind added, Raghav can come, then everything will be fine. Amruta asked, but Raghav’s family doesn’t know about it?

Milind said, I will tell them that the newlyweds have to do it for the first 5 years after they marry for a happy marriage. Amruta said, it is so exciting. Milind said, but Tuesday is tomorrow, how are we going to manage everything. Amruta said, don’t worry, I will manage everything. Pallavi asked, you will do it alone? Amruta replied, I have a helping hand.

Krishna and Farhad were waiting and Farhad asked, when will she come? Krishna replied, Mansi will come soon. Farhad said, I am talking about the other one, the one who is always angry and thinks she is the best, the one who behaves like a detective and Amruta responded, that’s me. Farhad said, it good you came, we were waiting for you. Amruta then scared Farhad.

A customer came to return a saree and said, this saree is short for my daughter, she is tall. Amruta said, tall like him and the customer replied, yes. Amruta said, then let’s measure it on him, she placed the saree on Farhad and said, this is to help a customer. Farhad said, did you call me here for sarees?

Amruta replied, no, we want to patch Raghav and Pallavi up so we are organizing Manglagaur and we have to make arrangements, get all the items on this list, you look so cute. She turned to the customer and said, Aunty it’s perfect right and she took a selfie with Farhad.

Pallavi was giving Mandar his medicines and Mandar said, you didn’t want to come here, so what happened, my family will take care of me. Pallavi responded, you don’t need to worry about it. She got a call from Raghav, went to answer it and Mandar walked out.

Pallavi came back in and saw Mandar wasn’t there, she thought he was in the washroom but the door was locked and Raghav asked her, what happened? Pallavi saw Mandar standing on a Parapet and became shocked, she dropped the phone and rushed to him shouting.

Mandar said, how did I get here, I am scared Pallavi. Pallavi said, hold my hand and come down. Mandar hugged her and said, I was so scared. Pallavi said, relax you are fine now. Everyone rushed there and Vijay asked Mandar if he is fine. Mandar responded, I don’t know how I came here, Pallavi saved me, what at all is happening. He left and smiled later looking at Pallavi.

Pallavi was on a call and told Krishna about the incident. Sharda said, Pallavi this are your old sarees, wear one of them, tomorrow when I go to Raghav’s house to invite them I will get you your clothes, Baba will sleep out so sleep here with me and Pallavi nodded okay. She said to Sharda, Mandar is not all that well and Sharda said, I know it’s scary but everything will be fine.

Pallavi said, we won’t leave him alone. Sharda asked her, did you call Raghav back? Pallavi replied, he must be asleep, he isn’t answering the calls, I will talk to him tomorrow and Sharda said, make sure you do.

Raghav was in his bedroom missing Pallavi. Pallavi was also in her room not able to sleep, they were both missing each other. Pallavi was in tears, Raghav on the other hand started drinking. Pallavi was looking at her ring. Jaya saw Raghav in pain and went to him but Raghav wiped his tears and left the room.

Ramya told the Deshmukh’s, this can happen but you will have to be with him as much as you can and Vijay said, Pallavi will be with him. Amruta told Pallavi that Sharda went to the Rao Mansion.

Sharda came to the Rao house telling them about Manglagaur and she noticed Raghav was upset. Jaya said, I will definitely come. Sharda said, Kirti you can come too, it will be fun with happy games and dancing. She said to Raghav, Pallavi is doing this pooja only for you, you will come right and Raghav nodded yes.
Raghav handed Sharda Pallavi’s luggage and Sharda said, Raghav you did a very big favor, trust me she is yours and will always be, once Mandar is fine, I will get her back but till then, keep your trust and love. Make sure you come, Pallavi is waiting for you and Raghav smiled at her.

Farhad said, this is your final outfit and Raghav said, I want to look perfect. Sulochana was with Mandar and said, here is breakfast, you scared us yesterday but today you will be completely fine, it just Manglagaur pooja that’s all, Raghav will come too and Mandar became shocked. Sulochana said, Pallavi is here right, so she will keep calling them here, anyways have your breakfast and she left.

Mandar said, Raghav is missing Pallavi a lot, make sure you come because I will destroy your self- respect.

Precap: Raghav was with Pallavi and Pallavi hugged him. Mandar saw them and became very angry so he added some powder to Raghav’s kheer, Pallavi fed the kheer to Raghav and Mandar was very happy watching…Read more

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