Pallavi Tricks Raghav For The Shop Keys. Light Of Love 3 March 2023, Friday: Episode 55-56

Episode 55 of Light of Love began with Sulochana hiring Jagdish’s son for a job. Meanwhile, Krishna and Pallavi discussed their plan to defeat their enemies with their intellect and strength. They also decided to take the color off the shutter and write a message on it.

Later, Jagdish’s son delivered a package to Jaya, which contained photos from a photo shoot. Sulochana was happy with this development and felt that it would lead to Pallavi’s downfall. Meanwhile, Raghav was working out when he heard a commotion outside. He discovered that some women had barged into his home, claiming that he had invited them for a saree sale. Pallavi had written the message on the shutter, and Raghav was annoyed with her. Pallavi asked for the keys to leave, but the women demanded to see the sarees. Pallavi suggested that they go to her shop instead.

Meanwhile, Kirti and Jaya were looking at the photos when the police arrived with a search warrant. They accused Jaya of running an illegal business and Kirti of being involved. The police found a photo album with Kirti’s pictures in it, and both women were arrested.

Later, Raghav received a call from Harish, informing him of the arrests. Pallavi received a call from a lawyer who had obtained a stay order against Raghav, preventing him from keeping her out of her shop. However, Vijay threw Pallavi out of the house, and Raghav threatened to destroy her and her family if she caused any harm to his mother and sister.

In the end, Raghav promised to free Jaya and Kirti from jail, while Pallavi vowed to give Raghav’s family the same pain he gave hers.

In episode 56 of “Light of Love,” Pallavi arrives home to find Siddhesh leaving and asks him to stay, but he declines, citing important work. Pallavi then receives a phone call and tells Sharda she has urgent business to attend to before leaving. Siddhesh complains to his wife that Pallavi does so much for the family but they don’t appreciate it. Meanwhile, Raghav tells Farhad to get Kirti and Jaya out on bail as soon as possible, as the court will close soon.

Amruta talks to Yogesh on the phone and says they can’t make the same mistake again, but Sulochana overhears and takes her phone, slapping her when Amruta protests. Amruta decides to run away with Yogesh to escape her troubled life, but Sulochana insists on arranging a marriage for her with a wealthy family after taking revenge on Raghav and Pallavi.

Pallavi goes to the court to meet her lawyer, but sees Raghav and worries that he will interfere with her stay order. When Raghav tries to enter the court, Pallavi blocks him, and Raghav raises his hand to hit her before stopping himself and pushing her aside. Raghav’s lawyer tells him that he’s here for bail work, not Pallavi’s case.

Jaya and Kirti get bail, and Raghav takes them home, promising to stay with them and make sure the incident doesn’t make the news. Raghav beats up some men who make fun of Kirti and Jaya, and Jaya asks him to let them go. Kirti and Jaya cry and hug Raghav, who vows to make the person who harmed his family suffer.

Pallavi completes the stay order, and Vijay and Sharda congratulate her and show her their social media page. Vijay apologizes for his behavior, and Pallavi tells him not to apologize since she considers him her father. Sharda asks for the shop papers, and Pallavi assures her they’re safe with her.

Raghav and Farhad follow Jagdish’s son and confront him, threatening him with a gun to find out who ordered him to hurt Kirti and Jaya. The son says it was Pallavi seeking revenge for what happened to her sister, angering Raghav.

Sulochana receives a call from Jagdish’s son, who demands extra money and goes into hiding for a few days. The episode ends with Raghav vowing to destroy Pallavi, Vijay throwing Pallavi out of the house, Pallavi seeking to inflict the same pain on Vijay’s family, and Raghav warning he’ll kill anyone who gets close to Kirti and Amma…Read more

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